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My Favorite Casual Games

Updated on July 24, 2009

My Favorite Popcap Games Ever

 If it's the first that you hear about the name Popcap, and you love playing games, now it is time to learn real good games. For a
I played Video games for over 20 years, besides the big-size games like the most popular RPG & FPS & RTS games, I'd also like to play some smaller-size

games. Popcap is one of my favorite small game producers of the world. Now allow me to introduce you the best games presented by Popcap Games.

#1 Plants VS Zombies

From the image you probably would think it's just a kid's game. Wrong! For what I know, Popcap never produces dumb games. It's supposed to be better. The

thing is, it definitely is! I can't believe how interesting it is, though it looks like a kid's game. To me, an advanced gamer with 20 years' game playing

experience, it's a real RTS(Real Time Strategy Game) like Starcraft or Warcraft.Why?
1st, it has credit system, in which the credits are generated solely by sunflowers. With the credits, you can buy weapons known as various plants in the

game against the enemies, zombies, stop them from intruding your house. The battlefield is your garden. The various weapons you can choose from for each

battle are limited to certain items. You have to use the limited items of weapons to efficiently struggle against the zombies.
2nd, it is in real time. Like most other RTS games, you need to build up strong basis of economy to support your army. Once the fierce battle is on, there

will be no time for you to care about the economy. Every victory is on a strong financial basis which is a truth among all the RTS games. There're many

strategies you can use. My strategy is to build as many sunflowers as I can in the early time, using squash plant against the early zombies until the steady

income has been set up, basically, about 10 sunflowers planted. Then buy heavy weapons only to strike back owing to your strong economy. It's always fierce

and it's always my victory. Really goog game! I can say it's the best game for Popcap ever. I recommended it to you.

#2 Insaniquarium


It looks like a girls' game. It probaly is. The problem is, I have never seen any girl can clear the game. It's really a tough game. Still, you can choose

from many tools/weapons to fight against the aliens. You have to buy fish babies, buy food to feed them. The grown-up fish will generate coins which turn

into credits for you to maintain the whole system. The system is not too complex. Every stage, you can only choose limited items of weapons to fight. For

some fierce battles, you would probably feel painful as if the fingers clicking the mouse button become dead. You should imagine how fierce it is. I'm not

gonna say too much about it, play it yourself.

#3 Feeding Frenzy 2

 It's the second edition of Feeding Frenzy which seems much better in graphic. Since we have 2, forget about the 1st edition. Of course, this is definitely

a girls' game. But who can stop me a guy playing this? In this game, you are manipulating a small fish moving along the mouse, to eat smaller fish in order

to grow bigger. Bigger fish eat smaller fish.That's the basic rule here.You'll experience a fantastic time here I promise!

#4 AstroPop

 A really exciting game to clear the bricks driving a spaceship. Magnificent Visual & Audio Effect. When I feel extremely tired, first time that comes out

of my mind is to play Astropop. That's really relaxing. By the way, the high score I got is 5 Million, what about you?

#5 Heavy Weapon

 A game for man. I love it. Rank it #5 doen't mean what it appears. Actually many of the good games are of different types. You can't just rank them. It's

a tough game especial in the late stages. You are manipulating a tank equiped with many kinds of heavy weapons, which of course, cost you credits earned in

the game. The better, the more expensive. Magnificent visual & audio effect. It even makes you desperate when you can't handle the fierce battle. It's OK!

Let's play again!

#6 Mummy Maze

 It's a small game while it's not easy. A game requires wisdom. You are an explorer trapped in a pyramid against one or couple of mummies. There are

certain obstcles to take advantage of. While, the mummies are almost as intelligent as you. You must have a second thought before taking action which is like

playing chess. I was once mad about this game. I even thought that was a mission impossible of some stages but finally I figured all them out. That feels so


#7 Talismania

 A game for both genders that requires wisdom. You are asked to connect the two heads with a course by rotating the tubes. The more tubes you connect

validly, the more coins you will earn to build the Ancient Greek Wonders. A really nice casual game.

#8 Venice

 A girls' game. But I doubt if any girl can clear all the stages. Honestly, I tried very hard to accomplish the whole game. Not very easy. In this game,

you are saving the drowning city of Venice. Fill the gap with the stone that match the gap. That's it. However, there's a time that your stone cannot reach

the the gap directly. Then you'll have to use the border of the screen to bounce the stone which needs you to focus the angle you throw the stone. It should

be a work of accuracy. Enjoy playing it.

#9 Other Popcap Games

 There're many hot Popcap Games that are not to my taste. While here I introduce the name to you. Maybe they can satisfy your needs.
1.Bejeweled 2 (brick clearing game,deluxe)
2.Bookworm Adventures (word typing game)
3.Chuzzle (strongly recommended to girls)
4.Dynomite (brick clearing game,cute & lovely)
5.Zuma(World Famous Game, not to my taste)

21 Popcap Games Collection on Sale


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    • profile image

      Erik150898 6 years ago


    • silversilent profile image

      silversilent 6 years ago from Illinois

      Really nice, I've played most of those games, and as always, Popcap nine times out of ten, makes a hard game to beat. These are very addicting games that you will not beat in a day or two.

    • edw4rdcull profile image

      edw4rdcull 6 years ago

      are fun and entertaining games to be as simple

    • profile image

      We Game 6 years ago

      These games are indeed very nice ;)

    • profile image

      TheArcades.Net 7 years ago

      Thanks for this list! im much more of a casual gamer myself. I created a blog only dedicated to free games for this reason. Oh, and weekly contests are also held.

      Hope you keep updating this list!

    • profile image

      killer 7 years ago

      nice..finished plant vs zombies..have to try rest of the games...

    • kaoskakimu profile image

      kaoskakimu 7 years ago

      I have no time to play those game now... but Heavy Weapons was once my favourite... :)

    • DNemesis profile image

      DNemesis 7 years ago

      Heavy Weapon looks very inviting.. I have stayed away from gaming lately, but have been feeling more and more compelled to play once in a while again.

      Thanks for the hub.

    • profile image

      Abdullah 8 years ago

      Plant vs. Zombies BESSTTT CASUAL GAME EVER!!!

    • wARtist profile image

      wARtist 8 years ago from China

      To Satomko, I am happy that you like it. So what is your favorite game of Popcap?

    • satomko profile image

      Seth Tomko 8 years ago from Macon, GA

      Good Hub. I've been a fan of going to for a few years too.

    • wARtist profile image

      wARtist 8 years ago from China

      More updates coming soon ...