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My Most Favorite and Fun iPad Games

Updated on May 18, 2012

Angry Birds, Brickshooter, and Solitaire

I admit it - I'm addicted to my iPad, and while I use it productively much of the time, OK, SOME of the time, I'm also a bit hooked on playing games on it. Here are some of my favorites:

Angry Birds - all versions - nuff said.

Fishdom H2O - by Playrix - I can do without the fish tank decorating part but the main focus of the game is an item search, much like the I Spy books. Nice graphics can make some of the items fairly hard to find.

Pop Star - This one is actually an old, simple iPhone game but I go back to it frequently - I guess because of its simplicity and to beat my old score. Its purpose is to create as long a string of single color blocks as possible by dropping other colors. The levels don't get harder but you have to get more points per level to go on to the next one. So it behooves you to bank points at each level so that you have more as you go up.

Ponon! Deluxe - by Mybo Games - It's similar to Tetris but with additional shapes to manuever. The controls are easier to manage and the levels get harder and harder - not with speed - but with new shapes and varying obstacles to migrate around as the shapes drop. It also has different 'boards' so that as you go up in levels, you're not filling up the same blank screen over and over again.

SuperSolitaire - Pyramids - For solitaire lovers, this version has a handful of different games (Spider, Pyramids, etc) with different levels to play. So when you want to kill a few minutes with a solitaire game, this one has lots of variety.

Call of Atlantis - by Playrix - This game is a version of 3 way matches, similar to Bejeweled and others, but there are brick walls to swap around, chained and frozen pieces to break through and a variety of tools, like lightening and bombs, to win to get through the obstacles. The purpose is to drop puzzle pieces to the bottom of the screen to fill in a jigsaw puzzle before the clock runs out. So while the matching of 3 pieces to create a string is similar to other games, there are additional twists to keep it entertaining.

Brickshooter Egypt - by Playrix - This is my absolute favorite game that I've found to date. It's kind of a 3 tile match but you bring in tiles from all 4 sides to make the matches - they don't drop from the top and you're in control of which tiles you place and where. The purpose is to remove the original tiles that were on the board when it started. The first few levels are very simple but they get more complex as you go on. The last few can take many attempts to complete.

I hope you've found a new game or two that you can try out and have some fun!! Happy gaming!!!


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    • raniwrites profile image

      raniwrites 5 years ago

      I'll have to check it out!

    • profile image

      Nicole 5 years ago

      I love the FlySmacker iPad app, i think its on iPhone too -