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My Favourite Lego Minifigures

Updated on February 20, 2015

When I first saw the Lego minifigures in the shops, I didn't see the appeal. The idea of buying blind with the possibility of getting the same figures repeated was a little off putting. But somewhere along the line I got hooked.

I love collecting. I have since I was a kid. Whether it was Soccer stickers, Return of the Jedi stickers, Star Wars figures, badges, bookmarks, coins, CDs, books, videos, DVDs or most recently comic books, I have always been a sucker for a good (and sometimes bad) collection. I loved Lego as a kid and this seemed a good way of enjoying collecting with my daughter. Here are some of my favourite Lego Minifigures from the numerous series released so far.

The Lego Movie Minifigures

These were the figures that got my daughter and I into minifigures. she was already a big fan of Lego Friends, but the trailers for the movie got her interested in the original Lego. As someone who loved Lego as a kid, I encouraged this by buying a handful of the figures for her reward box at home. We quickly decided to collect the whole set!

The series comprises of 16 figures who all feature in some way in the movie. Some are main characters like Emmett and Wyldstyle, others are fairly minor characters who only have a brief cameo such as the Barista.

There are a number of great figures in the series. Obviously Emmett is instantly recognisable in his construction gear, but my personal favourites are 'No Pants Man' in his Hawaiian shirt and 'Scribble Face Cop' with his rotatable head. The Shakespeare figure is also a good one and probably has the most unique accessories of the series.

Lego Movie Mini Figure Blind Pack

The Lego Simpsons Minifigures

The Lego Simpsons minifigures is a series I was really looking forward to. It consists of 16 figures based on some of the most recognisable and popular characters from the TV series. There are some great figures in this series, although it is a little surprising that there was no 'Mo' or 'Comic Book Guy' in the series (although the later will feature in the Lego Simpsons series 2 minifigures).

The figures are a little different to the usual lego figures with specially moulded heads rather than the regular Lego 'cylindrical' style heads. There are several great figures, including all the Simpson family, however my favourites are Mr Burns with his radioactive rod and fish bowl and Apu with his Slushie cup.

The great thing about this series was there seemed to be a more even distribution of figures in each box, so I wasn't left with too many repeat figures to get rid of. I'm looking forward to The Simpsons Lego series 2 which is due for release later in 2015.

Series 13

This is the series I am currently collecting and I still need four more figures to complete the set. There are some nice figures in this set although there are a couple for which the figure design doesn't feel that new. I have also read a few complaints online about the fact that many of the figures do not have any printing on the back of their bodies. Despite all this there are some good figures in the set, two of which I am still waiting to get.

When I first saw the set there was one figure I knew I wanted to get hold of the most and one which I knew my daughter would be desperate to get her hands on. For me, the Hotdog guy stood out. There have been a number of these costume themed figures recently and they all look interesting and different. This figure is dressed in a giant hotdog suit. It looks great! The best thing is that it is easy to feel this costume through the pack on the shelf. My daughter wants the Unicorn costumed figure. Unfortunately this is a figure I have yet to obtain, but I must admit, it looks good. The King and the sorcerer also look interesting and include plenty of accessories.

Just two of the figures from this great set.
Just two of the figures from this great set.

Series 12

I really liked this series as it contained a lot of interesting figures. One or two were variations on previous figures but even these figures looked great. My personal favourites were the lifeguard who reminded me of watching 'Baywatch' when I was younger. I also liked the man in a pig suit, pizza delivery guy, jester and the gamer. probably the most different was the spooky girl dressed in gothic clothing, with pale skin holding her teddy bear. Again my daughter favoured different figures to me, and was so pleased when we finally got the genie and the princess figures.

All the figures I haven't mentioned were also great and I would consider this one of the better series to collect if you are thinking of starting a collection of minifigures as they are interesting and relatively recent, meaning there prices will not have gone up too much yet (although the Spooky Girl is already relatively expensive for a minifigure).

'Dunk Me' on the Gingerbread Man's mug is a nice touch!
'Dunk Me' on the Gingerbread Man's mug is a nice touch!

Series 11

This series had some good figures but I found that there were very few that my daughter was really interested in. I loved the English style police constable which reminds me of my Dad and the 35 happy years I spent in the UK. I also think the Island Warrior is one of my favourite Lego minifigures I have collected. But there were a couple of fairly uninspiring figures too. The old lady with the cat is a concept they repeated in the Lego Movie set. Furthermore the scarecrow, pretzel girl and robot while not being bad figures were not that interesting either.

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Love the expression on this figures face!
Love the expression on this figures face!

Series 10

This set was slightly different to the others as in addition to the usual sixteen figures to collect there was also the (very slight) possibility of finding one of the very limited edition Gold Lego figures in the pack. Again there were some good figures in this series. There was the usual costumed figure, this time a man dressed as a Bumble Bee. There were are also the usual historical soldier themed figures of which I liked the Roman Commander the best.

The Medusa figure looks great although I have not picked one up yet as its price seems relatively high online. My favourite two figures were the paintball guy with his paint splattered clothes and the skydiver because of his facial expression. The good news is these figures were both relatively common so can be picked up for a low price.

Series 9

There are a lot of great figures in this set, although I must admit I am yet to pick up any of them for my collection so far. I do however intend to eventually add some of the figures, if not all of them, to my collection. Again there is a man in a costume, this time a chicken suit which looks great. There is also a knight in ornate armour with sword and shield which I will definitely track down on line. I think my favourite is the judge with wig and gavel in red robes, a plumber with mini plunger and a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde type figure called Mr Good and Evil.

This series also includes a couple of figures that appeal to my daughter, particularly the mermaid and the Forest Maiden. Another great set!

Series 1 -8

I know a lot less about these series as they were out long before I began collecting. I have managed to pick up a few of the figures, but there availability over here in Australia is patchy at best, particularly for the earlier series. If you want to check them out, there are images on the official Lego minfigure site which is linked below. I have put my favourite figures into a table below for easier reference.

Favourite figure
Score out of 10 for series
Samurai Warrior
Hazmat Guy
Alien Villainess
Chicken Suit Guy
Paintball Player
Island Warrior
Lifeguard Guy
Hot Dog Man
Lego Movie
"Where are my pants?" Guy
Lego Simpsons
Mr Burns

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