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My Girlfriend And I Tried Pokemon Go

Updated on July 14, 2018

Live the Dream!

My Girlfriend and I had a chance to explore our city in a new way today, through the eyes of our virtual selves in Pokemon Go.

Our Profiles

Mandi's Profile
Mandi's Profile

The game is not without its' problems, but overall we have thoroughly enjoyed our experience so far. Opting to venture into the hot Texas sun on a Wednesday afternoon in the summer is not something I would normally do, but that Poliwag wasn't going to catch itself! The animations are "cute" and "pretty" (her words) and watching her frustration throwing pokeball after pokeball at an elusive zubat has definitely been fun. Although,

Where Is The Gameplay?

I hate to be too constructive on a game that is in its early stages, especially one that we have both been extremely excited to see. The game is pretty. The pokemon look great, and the animations are nice. But- the complete absence of interaction with other players definitely makes me cringe a bit. I am unable to see my girlfriends character on the map (she is two feet away from me) and unable to communicate, or interact, with her or other players in any way possible. Again, it is early, so I have to remain hopeful for the future of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go- Need For Speed Edition

I got a chance to play the game while my girlfriend was driving and had a few laughs about my avatar galloping at 60 miles per hour on my phones screen, (and I have been tempted to play while driving to be honest.This game will kill me.) Although trying to catch a pokemon or use one of the "pokestops" is next to impossible at that speed in the car, as you have to be within a few feet to interact with either.


Enormous Doduo
Enormous Doduo


So far, I have only experienced one bug. For some reason, occasionally a Doduo's crotch will be right up in my face, and I'm unable to do anything other than toss pokeballs- to no effect. It has only happened to me twice, but it is impossible to escape without restarting the game altogether. There also seems to be a problem with the servers, as they seem to almost constantly be having problems- but again It's early.


Mandis Avatar Outside
Mandis Avatar Outside
Pinsir "battle"
Pinsir "battle"

Do's and Dont's

I wouldn't expect you to go into this game expecting the greatest game ever- it's a work in progress, and a relatively new style of game play that will take some time to get through the bugs. Do- enjoy the game, be respectful of other players (if you can even find any) catch a bunch of pokemon, and try to live out the nostalgic dreams of actually becoming a pokemon master! Dont- Expect too much, think that this is the finished product, rage at Nintendo for screwing up your dream.


Although I haven't gotten into any actual pokemon trainer battles, the new way to catch pokemon is a lot different, you don't send out a pokemon to fight it, you will just hurl your pokeballs at the pokemon instead of trying to fatigue them first. I hope the battle system is fun for when we can start playing together, because the monster catching system is underwhelming, but I have to say- it is fun to have a friend with you!

Daniels Pokemon
Daniels Pokemon


Unfortunately, in my apartment complex there seems to be a massive infestation of Doduo, and Pidgey. I have to go for a walk with my girlfriend for other pokemon. I can't complain though, we have had a lot of fun running around in parking lots (and areas we probably shouldn't be) looking for pokemon. Plus, Releasing multiples of pokemon you have already caught to the professor results in extra exp and a bonus candy to help level up the same pokemon that you already have, eventually using the candies to evolve that pokemon. I don't really want to catch 30 Doduo- but I definitely want that Dodrio.



Daniel was able to catch THREE Eevee's today, Amanda is extremely jealous- as she wasn't able to find any. We have also been taking over gyms in our area as the BLUE TEAM! (Team Mystic) and having a ton of fun with it. We are in love with the game so far.


Amanda and I both had a chance to explore our area a bit more today, and found quite a few gyms. The battles leave much to be desired- tapping an enemy results in an attack, swiping to dodge, this is not the Pokemon I fell in love with. The ray of hope is the Gym system, which we both actually enjoyed a lot, we are both on "Team Mystic," and battling red and yellow team players over gyms felt exciting and worth walking a few extra kilometers for. Going to local hotspots in our town (Houston) to battle over territories was something that really went a long way with us. Today was a good day with Pokemon Go, and we'll definitely be back.


Daniel's Pokedex has been making a lot of progress, and now sits at 64 different kinds of pokemon caught. Here are his best finds.


How do You think Pokemon Go will turn out?

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Thank You!

I hope you guys have enjoyed my article as much as I enjoyed playing the game and writing it. This will definitely be a game that I will keep checking up on- and I will make sure to update this posting as often as possible and checking on your comments! And please, if you have any questions or comments for me, or my girlfriend, don't be shy! We would absolutely love to see them. We Would also love recommendations for future reviews- for betas or games that have already been released! Anyways- Let us know how you feel about Pokemon Go, I gotta go catch em all


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    • GaminCouple profile imageAUTHOR

      Daniel And Amanda 

      3 years ago from Florida

      Thanks a lot, David! We really appreciate the feedback

    • David Ortega profile image

      David Ortega 

      3 years ago from Altoona, Iowa

      Thank you for your updates. I write about pros and cons of the game in my Hub. One of them is the lack of interaction. You say about your girlfriend that you are, "unable to communicate, or interact, with her or other players in any way possible. " Although the game gets people off the couch, there is little if any connection with other players. I appreciate your advisement for gamers to be respectful. Nice job.

    • GaminCouple profile imageAUTHOR

      Daniel And Amanda 

      3 years ago from Florida

      Thanks for your comment, Ravinrau. We were able to start getting to gyms today and it has been pretty glitchy, but still a lot of fun. Thanks again for your comment!

    • ravinrau profile image

      Ravin Rau 

      3 years ago

      Although you can't view other player on the map but it is really cool when you already have a team (the blue,yellow and red team). With a team your game will get more interesting as you can conquer gym and your team can help you by placing their pokemon in your gym. This will make your gym's defensive even stronger. Happy gaming.


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