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My Thule Ridgeline Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Updated on June 20, 2013

Thule Ridgeline Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Thule Ridgeline Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Thule Ridgeline Hitch Mount Bike Racks

This is a review of my Thule Ridgeline, rear hitch mount bike rack. First of all this is one of the best car or truck bike racks that I've used. For a family it will hold four normal sized bikes easily. If you have radical geometry or kids bikes you will need to get creative but all of my bikes fit. It's pretty tight but nothing touches and most important it doesn't damage my paint because it sits far enough away and the tires don't spin into the back of the car, truck or suv.

The Thule Ridgeline Is a 4 Bike Rack

The fact that this was a four bike rack was very important to me. I don't aways need a 4 bike rack sometimes just two but if you have a family and take the kids for a ride, or you take your riding buddies with you somewhere then having the option of taking four bikes is pretty important. You don't want to be the person that just ends up strapping their bike to the end of their friends two bike rack and hoping for the best. Let's face it most bike nowadays cost upwards of a thousand dollars to several thousand so don't lose it on the freeway.

Unpacking The Thule Ridgeline

Unpacking The Thule Ridgeline was pretty simple, literally three main parts to it. The bike rack hitch, the part that actually goes into your receiver both it has both 1.25" with a sleeve removed or if you leave the sleeve on it's two inches. This will fit most hitch mounts. Then there is the mast section that mounts onto bike rack hitch section and goes up. The mast goes one with only two bolts and is very sturdy. Then you attach the top section of tubes that will actually carry your bikes. This section as well mounts on with only two bolts. Great now you have a working Thule bike rack you just need the little things on and your done. so now put the plastic cradles on. You will have extra parts don't worry about that mostly cradles. They just slide on to the poles that hold the bikes. Now that you have eight cradles on the arms put a bike on their pretty good huh. Get one of those rubber strap looking things with all the holes in it and put it across your bike frame on the cradle and push it over the little nub on the edge of the cradle. Then do the same on the other side of the cradle. Do the same for the other cradle holding your frame and your bike is secure. Congratulations you just put together your Thule bike rack. Now take off the bike. One of the great things about the Thule Ridgeline rack is that it folds up nicely out of the way when your not using it or when you need to open the hatch of your SUV. To fold the mast out of the way or to open the hatch just pull the lever at the bottom and the mast folds out of the way. Simple as that. When you are driving with no bikes on your rack just pull the lever at the top of the mast and the tubes on top fold straight down and ride out of the way, so you don't back them into things. The package also comes with a long blue nylon strap. This strap goes around the top tube of all your bike on the rack then down to the bottom of the mast there are two holes put the strap through one of them and pull it as tight as you can this keeps your bikes together and also makes sure they stay attached should they fall off. But hey at least you might get a new bike out of the deal. If you are looking for a new helmet to go with your rack check out my hub on the fox flux helmet.

Why Buy The Thule Ridgeline Bike Rack

Thule Ridgeline Bike Racks

The reason we use the Thule Ridgeline bike rack is so we can safely carry our bikes wherever we go. Simple enough yet you still see people going down the freeway with horribly overloaded bike racks. Or, bikes only strapped on or roped on. Not always but sometimes you will see the result of this being bent steel and aluminum and broken carbon fiber all over the freeway. Always use a rack of some type.

4 Bike Rack

Thule Ridgeline Locks

Thule Ridgline Locks

The Ridgeline comes with two locks one for the bikes that comes out of the tubes that hold the bike frames and one on the bike rack hitch. This is to protect against thieves. You can buy this rack without either of these locks and it will be cheaper and you can purchase the hitch lock that locks the rack to your hitch at a later time and just use a cable type lock to lock the bikes to your bike rack.

Thule Bike Rack Parts

As I mentioned above if you have strange geometry on your bike you will have trouble using this rack without an adapter that is available for about twenty dollars you can also buy the hitch mount lock if you don't buy it at time of purchase. So good luck with your new rack.

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