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My Lands: The Double Benefit Money-Making and Entertainment Online Game for Free Play

Updated on February 1, 2017


Few online games come with the welcome option of playing and making money while at it, without leaving the comfort of your house or risking anything. Most games are manufactured for commercial purposes and geared for sale. There are however, a number of multiplayer games that offer the double benefit of entertainment and also making money. While many people play for fun, opportunities are coming up where you can not only play freely for fun, but also make your playing worth the while.

Benefits accruing from playing gaming

There are several benefits accruing from playing games. The playing of games enriches a player’s intellectual experience, while offering mental stimulation. There are several documented findings on the benefits players get from playing fast action games.

According to doctor Daphne Bavelier of the Department of Brain and Cognitive Studies at Rochester University, New York, action game players perform tasks well above 50 percent better than non-players. They usually have a tendency to process information better. It has also been documented that they grasp and track more objects at once compared to non-players. Fast action game players out-perform non-players when subjected to the processing of fast-occurring information. Gamers are therefore more alert when it comes to dealing with life issues. We shouldn’t be very quick to write off fellows who are deeply engrossed in digital game-play.

Games offer the satisfaction of accomplishing a feat. Competitions in games provide a thrilling experience that only comes with real life experiences. Inbuilt game tournaments elate players when they emerge winners. Online games allow for competition with other distant players. This bridges the gap presented by space and time.

On the psychological plane, human beings need to vent their anger on something. Where the opportunity to ease ones anger in a sports field is lacking, one may achieve the same through playing a good game.

On the other hand, games have been blamed for taking too much of a player’s time, leading to ailments that accompany long-time play, creation of game addicts, instilling violent tendencies among the youth, promoting reclusive behavior in players who end up being anti-social, and among other vices, incurring heavy bills when purchasing high-end hardware that renders the best performance. There are always pros and cons to expect in anything created by man.

My Lands online game

My Lands log in screen
My Lands log in screen | Source

Gaming genres

Games come in a variety of genres depending on the player’s need. They include First-person shooter (FPS) games, Third-person Action games, Role-playing games (RPG), Action-adventure games, Simulation games, Multi-player online games, Strategy games, Real-time strategy games among many others. Players are spoilt for choice.

Basic gaming computer specifications

For a player to enjoy a good game in modern times, they need to purchase or upgrade their computers up to the highest specifications. You must be ready to spend in order to enjoy the good stuff. There are wonderful desktops and laptops that have specifically been designed for gaming purposes. Desktops greatly outperform laptops in performance due to the limited number of fast performing video chips. A desktop computer is best suited for gaming purposes and can be modeled to very high specifications to suit ones tastes and purposes. This will only be limited by your financial capability.

Speed :

The systems central processing unit (CPU) determines the speed of the machine. A moderate machine comes with a minimum speed of 2 GHz. A quick processor produces better output. The fastest machine gives the best performance.

Memory :

Games require a lot of memory due to the intense processing modes the machine has to go through. Computers that have lower memory tend to be slow, sticky and jerky as the machines seeks out space in which to store tasks. In order to produce less flawed graphics, one requires fast memory with effective data rates exceeding 2GHz. Storage in the range of 2GBs is sufficient for the smooth function of gaming machines. However, RAM is expensive and makes a machine a bit costly.

Hard disk space :

Modern software tends to be demanding and hence hungry for space. A good hard disk comes with ample capacity or space and will be in the range of 320GBs to 1 terabyte of space thereby presenting adequate room for gaming purposes without interfering with other software onboard.

Graphics accelerator card :

Graphics cards determine the quality of graphics the machine will display on the monitor or screen. Smooth displays of images are much more pleasant to the eyes. The best gaming experience is dictated by onboard graphics. Such cards will either come integrated with the motherboard or independently discrete and detached from the motherboard.

Eternal wars to qualify above 3D graphics rendering benchmarks are constantly fought between Intel, NVidia’s GeForce and ATI Radeon card manufacturer, AMD, with the later emerging at the top of the pack with the most brilliant performance in rendering 3D graphics.

Each manufacturer aims to excel above other partners in the battle for supremacy. This competition has gradually resulted in the production of good high performing graphics accelerator cards.

There are both high-end and budget 3D graphics cards on offer in the market for game enthusiasts to cater for pockets at either end of the economic divide. A good graphics card will render graphics at a reasonable processor speed that is acceptable to most modern games. It will also have good memory (at least 1GB) in order to render smooth life-like graphics that are void of jerky or sticky display tendencies when playing memory hungry games.

Although discrete graphic cards tend to use more power compared to integrated cards, their output is much more brilliant when compared to any other.

Input devices:

Input gadgets depend on specific games installed in the machine. Based on the type of games in one’s computer, one may require a game pad, joystick or other input device which makes communication with the game easier.

Sound system :

Serious gamers need a good sound system to enhance ones gaming experience. It creates a desirable environment containing sounds similar to real life situations, to accompany the graphic images on display via the monitor. There are many wonderful sound systems in the market to meet every player’s needs.

Cooling system:

Gaming produces a lot of heat. A good cooling mechanism is vital to the life of the gaming machine. Less intense gaming goes well with inbuilt fans. Due to the overheating that occurs as a result of lengthy game-play durations, some desktops have water-cooled heat sinks to dissipate excess heat that would otherwise fry the motherboard.

How to make money playing video games online

My Lands YouTube video

My Lands – The Double Benefit Online Money Making and Entertainment Game

My Lands is a massive multiplayer online game (MMOG) that provides the player with the double benefit of not only playing for fun or entertainment, but also, making money when playing online. There are no risks involved here. It is classified as a military economic real-time strategy game. It brings together thousands of other internet gamers through their browsers.

The game offers two options. Free play for ever at the end of a promotional stint (A free play account can never be used as a subscription account. However, Free play has access to a premium package that enables you to enjoy all aspects of the game without the option of withdrawing money) and timed subscription play which enables you to pay a fee that also activates your ability to convert earned gems to real currency.

The game is based in the browser where there is no need to download and install it on your computer.A player plays with an aim of earning currency in the game referred to as Black Gems which he or she can exchange later on for real currency. Those with experience of playing “Heroes” have a fore taste to this game. Players of this game soon discover another source of income gained during play.

This is a rare opportunity with online games because, no other game offers such an incentive. The game contains a guide within it where players learn how to play in a short time. It also has an encyclopedia that explains new aspects in detail for the benefit of new players. Variety is guaranteed through the constant development that takes place to make the game more interesting.

There is a forum where you can query about any issue and get instant feedback to help your play. There is a chance to build a city from scratch and develop it to high economic levels just like I have done often in the game “Rise of Nations” developed by Microsoft. The development of a city goes hand in hand with trade and commerce, education, exploration to discover resources, formation of pacts and alliances with neighboring nations to enhance commerce. Enlarging your military might to counter hostile nations by starting wars.

I love it where I am able to pose a threat against hostile nations using nuclear weaponry just like we do it in real life. There is even an opportunity to try out a full blown nuclear war with an offensive nation to find out what happens when such a thing occurs in real life. “Rise of nations” was a wonderful prelude to “My Lands”.

This game is educative politically, economically, psychologically, militarily and commercially, not to mention the entertainment and thrills one gets when in the seat of power. I wish all our leaders would give it a try just to improve their reasoning capacity.

You can register and start playing via My Lands website where you will not only enjoy yourself, but also convert collected gems into real money that you can withdraw from your account after accumulating at least $20. Cool huh! My Lands is for much better than “Moola” or “Friends for cash”.

Watch the YouTube video below on the free military and economic strategy game - "My Lands" where you not only play but also have a chance of making money as you play the game. A rather profitable past time for game players and non-players alike.


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  • Anjili profile image

    Anjili 5 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Hi shiningirisheyes,

    Thanks for loving the hub. Your mum will appreciate the monetary gains accrued from playing this game. She will never ask you for a dime. Most welcome

  • shiningirisheyes profile image

    Shining Irish Eyes 5 years ago from Upstate, New York

    My eighty four year old mother LOVES on line games, not the gambling kind. This was a well-researched article but I will refrain from sharing it with her as her addiction may lead to this as well! LOL

    Great write

  • Anjili profile image

    Anjili 5 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Hi teaches12345,

    I agree with you concerning the attraction games present. The earnings are a catch that was missing for a long time. Manufacturers are changing with time. We can only expect more varied incentives from them in future. Thanks for taking time to read through the hub.

  • teaches12345 profile image

    Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

    I am not a gamer, but I can see where this would really draw people into the gaming experience. It is amazing how many new games come out on the market these days. Good review.

  • Anjili profile image

    Anjili 5 years ago from planet earth, a humanoid

    Hi flashmakeit,

    Thanks for taking time to read through the article. I'm glad you enjoyed it too. Yeah you are right about's Flash games or animations not requiring a lot of RAM. Their idea was using Adobe's Flash animations to accelerate browser based games thereby making them run seamlessly.

    Modern heavy duty games tend to be a bit hungry when it comes to RAM.

    Titles like "Need for Speed-Shift" and "Need for Speed-The Run" refuse to run on low specification machines.

    A 1GB graphics card often does the trick. Modern technological advances are gradually revolutionizing things.

    It was nice having you around. You are most welcome.

  • flashmakeit profile image

    flashmakeit 5 years ago from usa

    I enjoyed reading this outstanding article on games and the computer. I love playing free flash games on Those games general do not use that much memory.