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My Little Kitchen Fairies -Adorable Collectibles

Updated on August 14, 2012
My Little Kitchen Fairies
My Little Kitchen Fairies

My Little Kitchen Fairies is a range of adorable tiny porcelain figurines by renowned artist and designer, G.G. Santiago.

Highly collectible, My Little Kitchen Fairies come in a wide variety of styles and colors, all of which depict a cute little girl or boy fairy holding or wearing something from the kitchen, whether that be an apron, or a vegetable or fruit.

Collect them for display in a cabinet, or else to place among your kitchen produce, peeking out from behind the vegetable rack or hiding behind the kettle.

My Little Kitchen Fairies would make superb gifts whether for birthdays, weddings, Christmas or any other occasion.

With attention paid to details, those adorable little figurines with hand-painted colors are sure to brighten up any home, and if kept in good condition, to retain their value in years to come.

With over 200 My Little Kitchen Fairies already on the market, when new collections come out, older ones are retired, which inflates their value as those looking for them cannot then buy new.

G.G. Santiago, My Little Kitchen Fairies Designer

Artists and designer G.G. Santiago has already built a tremendous reputation in the fine arts world for her highly detailed designs and the collectible pieces she has already produced over the past 20 years.

She is the creator of the hugely popular Rainbow Brite collection, during her years with Hallmark Cards.

As a previous winner of the Award of Excellence from Collector Editions Magazine, she also produces fine arts collectors items for the big companies like Ashton Drake Galleries, Enesco and Seagull D├ęcor.

It is Enesco who she designed the range of My Little Kitchen Fairies for.

If you are looking for My Little Kitchen fairies to collect, look out for the name Enesco imprinted on the porcelain, because if it isn't there, it is not a genuine piece.

Invite Fairies into Your Home

According to the legend, fairies have to invited into your home.

They love garden flowers, so perhaps a bunch of bluebells may entice them in. Fairies love to be next to nature, just like their designer G.G. Santiago who lives in the wilds of Northern Indiana where she draws her inspiration from nature.

If it is out of season for bluebells, look for any pretty garden flower or toadstool that we know fairies are associated with..

Fairies can be mischievous, so once to bring your My Little Kitchen Fairy home, look out for that pot boiling over, or that fire going out.

They peek through keyholes too, so keep your keys in the door so they can't.

An Ode to My Little Kitchen Fairies

My Little Kitchen Fairies wanted to go out to play

But it was raining and was cold, I said "Another day"

I turned my back to do some work, and when I looked again

Those naughty fairies had sneaked out and were dancing in the rain

I didn't have the heart to say "Come inside here at once!"

'Cause Bless their little hearts, they were having so much fun

When I'm busy in the kitchen and I need a helping hand

All My Little Kitchen Fairies do is wave their magic wand

Dishes wash and dry themselves, and put themselves away

All neat and tidy once again ready for another day

My Little Kitchen Fairies - no home is complete without them!

This is a beautifully written poem about mischievous fairies that will take you right back to your childhood, to a time of innocence when you you really believed that if you listened hard enough, you'd hear those mischievous little fairies, hard at play.


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