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My Pal Scout: The Talking Dog

Updated on November 3, 2010

Leap Frog My Pal Scout

My Pal Scout by Leap Frog
My Pal Scout by Leap Frog | Source

My Pal Scout by Leap Frog

 One of the hottest toys of the year, according to Toys 'R Us, My Pal Scout by Leap Frog has been in my house for over the past year.  Purchased when my daughter was six months old, "Scout" has been an integral part of the nighttime routine since he came out of his box.

My Pal Scout can be connected to the internet via an internal USB port and by visiting the Leap Frog site, you can quickly get Scout to say your child's name.  Although a bit odd at first, your child will love to hear, "Goodnight, (insert name)" and will be able to press Scout's paws for extra bedtime music.

Scout plays lullabies in 2, 5 and 10 minute increments simply by pressing his paw.  Scout has a small light on his collar and keeps your child company until they are able to drift off to sleep.  We don't leave the house without our Pal Scout.  At a price of less than $20, this toy has been the best purchase we have made so far for our daughter.


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    • Cindy Phillips profile image

      Cindy Phillips 7 years ago

      With a new grandson in my life, this was a great read for me. Think this may have to go on my shopping list.