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My Pillow Pets and Pillow Pet Dream Lites

Updated on November 26, 2012

My Pillow pets are a clever design of blanket and snuggly pillow. Kids love these pillows because they are in different animal shapes.Now My Pillow Pets are able to light up! My Pillow Pets Dream lights offer soothing lites for your child to fall asleep by! These pillows come in 11 inch and 18 inch sizes. There are over 200 styles to choose from. My Pillow Pets will be a great gift for any child. Take note that the original My Pillow Pets are much cheaper now with the introduction of My Pillow Pet Dream lites.

Pillow pets also come in Pillow pet blankets and back packs. Be sure to check them out.

The My Pillow Pets Dream Lites is one of the most popular in the collection and it is little woner why! This 11 inch rainbow colored unicorn can fold up into a pet or lay flat. He has a built in timer that lasts for 20 minutes. It has four light options including amber, green, blue and alternating colors. Parents state that they were initially dismayed at the size of the pillow, as it looks larger on TV. They do like the fact the lights are bright and vivid in a darkened room. Parents are generally reporting their children love the Dream Lites! One parent stated her child fell asleep still smiling!

My pillow pets dolphin is 18 inches long and features a snugly blue dolphin. Open his velcro closure and you have a pillow, close the closure and you have a furry dolphin friend. Thirteen customers gave this Pillow pet four and half stars out of five. Customers state this is a very cute pillow that is larger than it sometimes appears. One customer warns that this pillow may make your child sweaty if in hot climate. Other customers review that this toy is a favorite and their kids wont go to bed without it.

Take a look at the mythical unicorn. The My Pillow Pets Lavender Unicorn is 18 inches long. It is made of lavender plush and as the velcro hooks that turn the stuffed animal into a snuggly pillow.  22 Customers gave this unicorn pillow pet four and half stars out of five. Parents state their children absolutely love the pillows.  One parent was concerned that the pillow pet could not be put in the washer, however the surface is washable. Parents say its is a great toy for all ages.

My pillow pets dog is one of the more popular my pillow pets. This furry friend can make any child's day. It is 18 inches long and can be machine washed on gentle but not put in the drier. This pillow pet received four stars out of five from 15 customer reviews. Customers state their children loved it. A 20 month old carries this pillow around with her everywhere.

 The My Pillow Pets Ms Lady Bug is another popular Pillow pet.  This smiling little lady stands on all fours when she is not velcroed.  A very striking lady bug she is with er read back and lady bug dots.  The Ladybug pillow pet received an average of four stars out of five from 28 customer reviews.  Parents state  the My Pillow Pet  ms Lady bug was wort every penny.  One parent contemplated getting one for herself!

 The My Pillow Pets Panda is another great smiling friend your child may fall in love with.  This black and white Pillow Pet is very plush and comes complete with a tail.  This Pillow Pet received four and half stars out of five from 11 customer reviews.  Parents state their children won't sleep without it.  A thoughtful boyfriend stated it was a great gift for his girlfriend.

  I think this is my favorite.  The Pillow Pet Monkey  has such a cute smile!   Eight customer reviews gave this pillow four out of five stars.  Parents state they have no regrets when they bought this pillow.  They state purchasing a pillow pet is far better than purchasing nay of the stuffed animals in te past years.

 When you think of cuddly you definitely think of teddy bears.  Get the best of both worlds with this velor My Pillow pet teddy bear.  This is a very popular item as there are few left in stock!

My Pillow Pets Penguin 18"

 My Pillow Pets Penguin is a perfect Pillow pet for your little one.  This smiling penguin is 18 inches long and  a great snuggler.  it received four stars out of five  form five customer reviews. Grandparents and parents state this toy is highly recommended.


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