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My Pillow Pets Unicorn, Whats your Favorite Pillow Pet

Updated on September 26, 2011

My Pillow Pets Magical Unicorn

My Pillow Pets Magical Unicorn, Whats Your Favorite Pillow Pet

 If you have children and watch any of the kids channels then by now you have probably heard of Pillow Pets. You can hear the song at any time of day and very often while watching any of the popular kids shows.

Basically pillow pets are stuffed animals that when lying flat are soft pillows. When you close the small velcro strap at the bottom they look like an ordinary stuffed animal. It's a pretty cool idea and kids love them. If you were looking for a pillow pet over the last holiday you know how hard they were to find.

My daughter wanted the pillow pet unicorn so I went to the website only to find they were sold out. This was still in the end of November too so now the search was on. Now I am not one of those parents that will spend a crazy amount to have a toy for the holiday but I don't mind doing some searching and maybe paying a little more then normal.

First stop was eBay and I couldn't believe it. The unicorn, that sells for $19.95 from the official site, was going for $100.00 and more.No matter what the tarting bid I couldn't find one for less then $80.00 and then shipping was usually jacked up. I tried other websites and they were either all sold out or ridiculously priced. It wasn't looking good for a pillow pet Christmas.

Long story short I bought a different brand pillow pet unicorn by Animallow. My daughter was 4 1/2 at the time so I figured this would at least hold her off until the official ones were back in stock. She was very happy with her Christmas pillow pet unicorn and I didn't pay an arm and a leg.

For the last few months she would watch the commercials and say she wanted the other unicorn to keep hers company, so I went to the official site and ordered it for her birthday. When she opened it she was again ecstatic and would not let go of her pillow pet. She sleeps with it every night and has been thanking me for weeks now. Christmas was Santa so I didn't get the credit for that one lol.

The official pillow pets site is great. I got it to my door in less then 2 weeks and in perfect condition.Ordering was really easy online and they also have some new items like blankets and backpacks.Once you place an order you are put in a club to get discounts on future orders which is nice too as these do make great gifts. They are very well made, sturdy and realy soft. My wife will sometimes steal it to lay on on the couch as well, I may have to get her one soon.

My daughter loves her Pillow Pets Magical Unicorn. So whats your favorite. Check out the pole below and vote for your favorite pillow pet. Also leave any comments if you have ordered a Pillow Pet.

Whats your favorite Pillow Pet

Choose your Favorite Pillow Pet

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Pillow Pets Commercial

Pillow Pets, Where To Get Official My Pillow Pets As Seen On TV

With the huge popularity of Pillow Pets it's no surprise that there would be knock offs coming out everywhere. Especially when the real one's were sold out for the holidays. As I mentioned in the above article I bought a different brand of pillow pet for my daughter for Christmas but, I knew what I was buying and figured it would at least keep her happy until the official ones were back in stock. I bought it on eBay and the seller advertised it exactly as it was with the brand name and pictures.

On the flip side there were a lot of fake ones being sold that looked similar and were falsely advertised. The sad thing is there are some people that will just plain take advantage of a situation to make an ill gotten profit. I always check before buying from a seller to make sure the items are legit or at least advertised as what they are. If you find yourself in dire straights and going through eBay here are a few things to look for.

Feedback should be good and preferably a lot of it.If a seller has great feedback but only 10 or 15 they still have not been all that active. Not that this means they are not good sellers but you may want to research a little more on what their feedback is from. A great way is if they sold another of the item you are looking for. You should get an accurate rating on that item if they have sold more then one of them.

Next is how long they have been a member. If it is a fairly new account your probably better off with someone that has an older more established account.

Always check the shipping and include it in your final price. I saw many pillow pets with free shipping and some with shipping charges up to $20.00. Remember your final price is the winning bid plus the stated shipping price.

With all that said the best place to get your official Pillow Pet is at MyPillowPets.

This is the official site and your really not going to get a better price. They also have matching blankets and back packs which are pretty cool and once you make your first purchase they put you in a "club" to get discounts on additional purchases. The best part about the club is it does not involve getting a bunch of unsolicited ads. I have not received any emails from the company other then my receipt and tracking information. So if your looking for an official Pillow Pet go direct to the site MyPillowPets

Cleaning Your Pillow Pet

 As they say in the commercials, Pillow Pets are machine washable. There are a few steps you may want to take to make sure your Pillow Pet stays in perfect condition.

Although you can put it right in the washer a better idea is to put you Pet in a pillow case and tie it closed. This will add some protection and keep your Pillow Pet from getting too beat up. Some washers are a little hard on things like pillows and can rip them so this will help avoid any of those possible problems.

Let your Pillow Pet air dry, do not put it in the dryer. This will keep him soft and fluffy so he is as comfortable as the day you got him.

Not very complicated stuff but these few tips will help keep your Pillow Pet in top shape for years to come.

Very Happy Girl Lady Bug Pillow Pet

My Pillow Pets Squeaky Dolphin Could be Our Next

With the Pillow Pets commercial on every kids channel every few minutes it's no surprise that by now my daughter sings the little jingle along with the commercial. She is still totally in love with her pillow pets unicorns so I would have to say it has been one of my best buys when it comes to her to date.

She has now informed me that she would like the Pillow Pets Squeaky Dolphin as her next one. She has a few more in mind and has plans for a collection, we will have to see about that. In the mean time I just figured I would throw this up kind of like a 5 year old review on her favorites. Firts would be her Unicorns and next in line is the Dolphin.

I think she likes the Dolphin because she really loves the aquarium and also has dolphin earrings. We also have a few different dolphin pictures and crafts around the house so she is naturally attracted to anything with a dolphin.She has said that she will ask Santa for the Dolphin Pillow Pet next so we will see, they are great gifts and she does love her Pillow Pets so thats an easy winner for the upcoming holiday season. Just have to remember to order in October so nothing is sold out this year.

Another Happy Lady Bug Pillow Pet Customer

Mom Reviews Pillow Pets


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    • profile image

      paeshyns 7 years ago

      i love pillow pets

    • profile image

      Ebiz4u 7 years ago

      They really are great. I have been lazy but need to put pictures of my daughter with her Pillow pet up soon.

    • psycheskinner profile image

      psycheskinner 7 years ago

      That's adorable. I think I may need to get one of these.