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My Time In Mabinogi: Proposing a Daughter

Updated on March 19, 2018
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Writing has been a hobby of mine since...well since I could remember. It's only fitting that I devote more time doing so professionally.

“Mabinogi (Korean: 마비노기) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released by South Korean Game Distributing Company Nexon, and developed by devCAT studio. Although the name of the game is taken from the Mabinogion, a Welsh anthology of legend, the settings for the game are loosely based on Irish mythology.” -

At least that’s what I read when I first googled this game about 2 years prior. You see at the time I had been looking at this game (my birthday) I had just switched over from years of gaming via playstation. I have never had experience playing pc games, so when I was first introduced to Steam I downloaded all the games I could store and began playing them all. But the problem you see was system requirements. Most games required at the very least 4gb ram to run them, my pc however held only 2gb ram. This frustrated me and one way or another I discovered Mabinogi out of pure randomness and decided to give it a try.

I didn’t have much expectations for the game. It was about 11 years old at the time, it’s initial release in 2004, and honestly I didn’t think anything could beat the experience of Archeage and WoW. But little did I realize at the time that it would honestly change my life.


I remember the day actually. I initially found this game on June 4th, but wasn’t able to play it until the day after. My coming into the world’s a bit hazy, but what I do remember about that day is the sense of wonder I’ve never felt in any other games. I had spawned in Tir Chonaill as a giant (you have the choice of human, elf, or giant) and all around me were colorful characters many of which expressed themselves through cloaks, costumes, halos, and the most stunning of them all, Wings. These wings would soon become an inspiration for me, but putting the possibilities of this game aside, I continued on with my quests.


I was running past Trefor, an npc guard of the town of Tir Chonaill. I can’t remember what I was planning to do, but whatever I was doing was halted. What sounded like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was being played by a girl in the nearby fields, lulling the foxes to follow her. Upon hearing this I had to learn how she was doing this. This sent me to the town’s General Shop where I purchased from him a Lute and a Score Scroll. (And knowing nothing about how to write in actually music chords I googled low-ranking scores online and copied them so Shhhhh!!!)

For the entire day afterwards I went to Dunbarton, nicknamed Dunby by players, and played my score for about an hour straight in channel 1 (the channel mainly used to trade and make gold). It was at the end of this hour when a random player, to this day I still don’t know who this guy was, handed me a check of 500,000 gold with a message stating, “I’ll pay you to stop playing :P” Now that I’ve played for a while I realized this wasn’t a lot of gold, but it was a life changing amount for anyone of my calibur at the time (about 2 days now). I immediately quit playing, went back to Tir Chonaill, and cashed my check in the town’s bank. I figured if I played that horribly in Dunby maybe people would pay me to quit in that town as well. So I left the bank with my the Lute and Score Scroll in hand, but what I saw before me utterly shocked me.


This is was how I met my one and only in-game Daughter

Sitting alone in the center of the town was a little girl. Her name was Mikasa. She looked alone and upset, so deciding to be nice and friendly, not at all like a creep, I approached her.

“What’s wrong?” I ask her.

"Well, I just got into music and, well I don't have the money and means to work my way up."

Finding it a bit ironic that I had just came from playing a gig in Dunby and getting paid 500k, I decided to help her out.

"No worries," I assured her, "If learning to play is your only aspiration here then I'd be more than happy to help you."

...and this hint of generosity, without me knowing, would be the start of my long and dramatic journey.

Tir Chonaill's General Shop
Tir Chonaill's General Shop

So the two of us walked over to Tir Chonaill's General Shop where I bought her a Lute, as well as score scrolls, to help her start. And over the course of two days we traveled from Tir Chonaill to Dunbarton to the Bard's Camp. We were able to level our skills in playing instruments, but after a few days of helping her out I felt like a relationship was forming.

Now before I continue I should mention that I am a heavy role-player.

But with that said, I felt as though we were growing closer. I gained her trust and she mine. Granted I had only been playing for roughly 4 days now and had learned from her about Mabinogi's family tree system. This would allow for me to have her as my daughter in the case I were to get married, but knowing that I wasn't yet married, I wanted to ask her before anyone else had, so on my fifth day, I asked her to meet me back where I met her.

We had a long conversation that lasted about two hours, but eventually, I asked her, "Mikasa, I know I've just met you fairly recently, but would you consider being my daughter?"

I feared rejection, but before I could come up with a buffer statement she answered me, "YES!"

I was happy. Excited. Awkward as well as I had no idea where to go from there, but she continued for me. "But, you have to get approval from my brothers, Daedhrogon and Bobospirit.

Joisugi from 2016
Joisugi from 2016

I would provide a bio pic of Bobospirit, but he was hardly on then and is a whisper on the wind now.

Port Cobh
Port Cobh

Still, though, I had to meet them. I followed Mikasa to Port Cobh and that where I met Daedhrogon and Bobospirit.

But if you'd like to know more you'll have to wait until the next article. There's too much to write here, but am writing them all into novel of sorts that goes into further depths of the situations I went through.

So until next time,



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    • Relevancy profile image

      Hazel 4 weeks ago from California, USA

      Noted. Will be editing both the article and title.

    • Beigevenus profile image

      Clive Hicks 4 weeks ago

      Isn't it kind of a clickbait title if you're not actually talking about what the title refers to? I mean, I like the rest of the article but it seems like a bit of a mistake to me.