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My Top 10 Favorite Video Games in History

Updated on December 14, 2021
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Not much of a gamer, but here are ten games I think everyone should check out at least once.

We all have our own personal list of games we've played that we will remember forever, and every person would most likely have a unique list. For this article, this my top 10 favorite video games that I feel are most important to me.

10. Half-Life

Was never much of a fan of first person shooter games, but this one is an exception. This game focuses more on adventures, mysteries, plots and strategies versus the usual shooter games. The eeriness in this game makes for a fun experience and keep you on edge, even when you would least expect it.

9. Icewind Dale/ Heart of Winter

Icewind Dale and its expansion Heart of Winter will always remain important to me. While more hack and slash compared to its predecessor, it has that sense of vast adventure that immerses you into a world of wonder. The overall setting is what I think the best part of this game is. The high north, in the mountains, blizzards, traveling through caves, and even a tree house, gives this game something unique to explore and have fun with. What is unique about this game is you have the option to make your traveling companions how you want them, forming their identity for them. I cannot recommend this game enough.

8. Civilization III

The Civilization series has many fans, and I think this one was the best one made. Now that does not mean some of the others are up there ( I think Civilization II is equally as good), but this is the first one I played and the overall look and feel of the game I think suited this game best. The A.I. I think was the most difficult in this game. The technology progress I think went at a reasonable pace, some of the later games it seems like you can go from the ancient age to the modern age in a few minutes, and it removes the sense of adventure from the game. The only excuses I hear people give for not playing this particular game is solely based on aesthetic, which I think is one of the most disappointing reasons to give. If you haven't played this yet, today should be the day.

7. Rome Total War

This game is simply fantastic and was very revolutionary for the total war games. I don't typically play the vanilla version, mostly the mods and Rome Total Realism, but the original is great in its own way too. The best part about this game is their is so many different ways to play it and no two campaigns are typically alike. The expansions for this game (Barbarian Invasion and Alexander) are equally as good and add value to the game. The other cool point about this game is it really lets you dive into ancient history and gives you a basis on what to study on, many of the units in the game were real units in the time period. I would recommend starting off with the vanilla game, but if you are looking for something more accurate or more specific, definitely check out the mods for this game. The fact the modding community is still making new additions to this game after nearly 15 years as of the time writing this, it shows its a must play game. If you haven't tried this, you really need to today.

6. Medieval 2 Total War

Like Rome Total War, this game follows in the same footsteps, but with some more adventures and twists set during 1080 and the early colonial era. What I like about this game is the many looming apocalypses that await during the time period. The music helps complement this as well. The Crusades, the Jihads, the Mongol invasion, the black death, all these events are inevitable and present a challenge for everyone. It is fun as well when the Western European powers are sending armies to support against the Mongol Invasion in the Middle East, makes for a fun experience. Religion also plays a larger factor, having to convert neighboring faction's religions to see your side of things. Merchant trade is now a big economy boast, and can add a good investment, if you are good at business. Like Rome Total War, this game has many mods out their and do become more preferable to play over the vanilla version. Stainless Steel is one in particular to check out. The additional aspects in this game are why I list this game above Rome Total War. The game engine and overall style are close to the same as Rome Total War, so if you like that game, this one will complement it nicely for you.

5. Star Wars Battlefront (2004)

Absolutely never get tired of this game, and I have been playing it since its release. A lot of people rave about Battlefront II more than this game, but for me, the second game never had the feel I was looking for. Battlefront feels more like a strategy game versus a shooter, and the overall look and feel of the game doesn't give me the typical feel of a shooter. I always thought the maps very better in this game as well, Bespin and Rhen Var to be specific. Overall, this is a fun game, and one I think everyone should play at some point if you haven't already.

4. Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn/Baldur's Gate 2: Throne of Bhaal

Shadows of Amn and its expansion, Throne of Bhaal, are epic on many levels. Like many of the games I have mentioned, I truly feel like one of the team in this game, and one mission leads to the next that constantly places your party at risk. If you haven't played this game before, and you have no assistance, this is a very long game to play, so you will have many hours to go at it, but the best part is you probably won't have enough of it. Again, if you know this game, you already know how great this game is, but if you haven't, give this game a try and see what you think. I'm sure you will not be disappointed.

3. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Anyone who is remotely familiar with this game knows it may arguably be one of the best games in history, and you do not even have to have an interest in Star Wars to enjoy it. The characters, the music, the setting, and story are all perfect for this game. One neat aspect about this game is you can play this hundreds of times, and probably discover something new on every playthrough, no matter how small. This is also one of the few games where I feel immersed in the game and feel part of the team, and when the game is all said and done, I truly feel I accomplished something. If you have played this game before, you might know what I mean, if you haven't, well it is about time you do because you are missing out.

2. Baldur's Gate/Tales of the Sword Coast

This game and its expansion started a whole slew of RPG games that at this point can arguably be labeled timeless. What really sticks out to me with this game is how vast and open it is and how you can make the story and side quests go your own way. Their is also a sense of ambience and blissfulness in certain points in the game that reminds me that this game is fun. The adventures in this game are thrilling. It would be unfair to compare this game to its sequel, since they are both equally great games both in different ways.

1. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords

This is by far my most favorite game I have ever played and cannot get enough of it. Despite the controversy surrounding it, about the game not being complete, it is still a phenomenal game as the vanilla version. The story, the characters, the music, and the overall dark atmosphere to this game makes it unforgettable. I always though this was a very unusual tone for Star Wars, and it fits perfectly with this. It seems to make the events of the first game seem smaller and less significant, but the execution of it falls in perfect. I do not want to reveal much about this game if you haven't play it, and if you have, you already know what I mean about how great this game is. If you are a beginner to this game, I definitely recommend playing the vanilla version first, before the restored content and M4-78 mods, just to see the difference the two will make. Believe me, this is not a game you can play once and understand everything. After playing this for 15 years to this point, I still discover and try new things in it I never knew before, and that is one of the aspects that make this game so great.


I left many of these descriptions vague for two reasons: One is because if you have played these games, you already know what they are all about, and two, if you haven't played any of these, I would recommend getting them today and with little guidance, play through them with the sense of the unknown. That is what makes these games great, is the anticipation of what you might think is next. None of these games you could ever go wrong playing, and you might find that these are some of the best games in history as well.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.


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