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Games like Virtual Villagers? My Tribe - A Game Similar to Virtual Villagers But With Twists of Its Own

Updated on December 29, 2012

Preview of My Tribe

My Tribe is another game that belongs in the same family as Virtual Villagers, Gemini Lost and Farm Tribe. In fact, My Tribe’s concept is so similar to Virtual Villagers that it is hard to tell the two apart sometimes.

The goal of My Tribe is to explore different islands and expand your tribe, as the characters are a group of explorers who have been shipwrecked on an island. Unlike Virtual Villagers, there are many islands to inhabit and explore, which makes this game so interesting. Just like Gemini Lost and Virtual Villagers, your characters can specialize in skills such as farming, building, research, and you can expand your population. The cool things about my tribe is that your female characters will not need to take time off to take care of the babies and infants, as your babies can walk and swim once they are born.

Aside from making potions, and solving occasional puzzles, building huts.... one interesting thing about My Tribe is that you get to make clothes for your characters. This is especially cool for if you are the type of player that likes to play a larger role in your characters, and if you like games with visually pleasing graphics. My Tribe allows you to do that, and more.

In fact, the icing on the cake is that My Tribe has this exceptionally clever way of making the game fun and rewarding - by giving us star dust and moon dust. Star dust and moon dust are magical dust that fall randomly from the sky onto random parts of the island. When you collect Star dust and moon dust, you can use it on your constructed buildings or on your characters, your potions - you can try it on anything in fact! Moon dust is more powerful than star dust, and its functions are also very similar to star dust, just that its effects are magnified.

My favorite way of using moon dust and star dust in on the science lab. Star dust increases your science points by 100, and moon dust increases it by a whooping 500. If you are familiar with how many points you need to upgrade yourself in agriculture, arts, construction... you’ll know how useful and precious these ‘free’ points can be. In fact, I was pleased to discover that star dust and moon dust both fall from the sky frequent enough for me to move around the island and search for them without feeling bored.

In many ways however, I find that My Tribe is a more laid back version of Virtual Villagers and Gemini Lost. If you want a game that you can play in the background while doing some work, My Tribe is definitely a good fit for you. If you are looking at giving the game away as a gift, this would be most suitable for both the young and the old who like strategy games that use more brain over brawn.

Do you know? You can play My Tribe for free for one hour. Click Here for a free download available to both mac and pc users. Happy playing!

Have you played My Tribe before? Know of other games similar to My Tribe? Do leave a comment!


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