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Me as Barnet Manager in EPL Football Manager 2010 Part 5

Updated on July 6, 2011


With huge success on my previous managing premier league or top flight league and continuing of my Football Manager 2010 series, I have decided to manage lower league football club. I have selected an English league for my new adventure as Football Manager. I have selected lowest active league from Coca Cola League 2. This mean the following league is included in the game engine: Coca Cola League 2, Coca Cola League 1, Coca-cola Championship and Premier League. This is the fifth installment of my games in football manager 2010 PC games. Please check season 1 for details.

After successful 1st, 2nd, 3rd seasons on Barnet, I managed to reach Premier League during my forth season. My board again has a very minimum expectation in this new league and suggests fighting bravely against relegation to Coca-Cola Championship league. My board has provided £10.75 million of transfer budget and a wage budget of £58K per week for this expectation. I also confirmed the board ambition of avoiding relegation on my first season in premier league, though my personal ambition is to achieve mid-table finish. This is going to be though since I’m competing against the big boy, but I have achieved success before when I’m managing Xerez in Spanish League.J

To my surprise, my board build new stadium of 18000 capacities which will be ready for next season, season 5 (year 2014). The stadium will be named as Barnet Stadium. My team, Barnet, was given £29,400,000 for TV rights over the next season.

My team preparation

I also decided to let go most of my players, some of my coaches again. I hired 5 new coaches. I loaned 1 player Nicholas Hamm (Striker, Olympique de Marseille). I signed 16 new players for different positions for £8.25million. Again, getting all these players was not easy. I did offer about 30-40 players to join my Barnet team, only managed to get only 9 players to support my campaign in EPL. I also sold 9 players for £8.25 Million; I also let go 3 players to accommodate my new signees. The following is the list:

  • Lutfi Kaymak (Midfielder, Center) - Brondby
  • Ranieri Mirko (Goalkeeper) – Bristol Rovers
  • Bartosz Bialkowski (Goalkeeper) – Cardiff
  • Wojciech Spalek (Goalkeeper) – Lech
  • David Ratcliffe (Defender, Center) – Hartlepool
  • Ken Holmes (Striker) – Nottingham Forest
  • Alex Moore (Attacking Midfielder / Forward, Center) – Hibernian
  • Mads Andersen (Midfielder, Center) – Juventus
  • Darius Henderson (Striker) – Free transfer
  • Yaw Annan (Striker) – Manchester United
  • Giles Barnes (Attacking Midfielder, Right & Center) – Sheffield Wednesday
  • Michael Tonge (Midfielder, Left & Center) – Free Transfer
  • Jiri Pacak (Striker) – Slavia Prague
  • Igor Burri (Defender / Wing Back, Right) – St. Gallen
  • Tom Bender (Defender, Left) – Colchester
  • Chris Doherty (Midfielder, Center) – Shamrock Rovers

My season in games

So after managed to sign various players, I start my friendly games. I managed to win 3 games and lose 3 games. I started my season with a bang, I managed to win 3 games (Bolton, Portsmouth & Arsenal) and lose 2 games (Man City & Liverpool). And to my surprise, I managed to beat Arsenal twice at home and away J. The rest of the games play with ups and downs. More loses than wins.

So, my final league position is 13th on English Premier League. I was given £8,253,000 for my 13th position. I won 10 games, drew 12 games, and lost 16 games. Again, I did better on most of my home games than my away games. My top goal scorer is Nicholas Hamm with 5 goals which I thought is very pathetic J. The top assister is Shaleum Logan with 4 assists. My team managed to score 27 goals and conceded 46 goals.

My tactics

I mostly play with 4-1-2-1-2 formation with defensive/normal mentality. I play direct passing style and high speed tempo. My team position width is narrow and time wasting is played sometimes as well. Defensive line is playing deep. Focus passing is done through middle section of the playing field. The tactic is shown as follow. I also check the counter attack strategy.

Next season preparation

I’m off to prepare my team for next season in English Premier League (EPL) as Barnet Manager for the next season. I may need to loan and transfer several players to prepare my season as usual. 


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    • triosol profile image

      triosol 7 years ago

      Do You Support Barnet? I like your writting style :)

    • LillyGrillzit profile image

      Lori J Latimer 7 years ago from The River Valley, Arkansas

      You know a lot about this subject.