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My career as a Lower League Manager in Football Manager 2010 - Part 3

Updated on June 3, 2011
my team
my team

With huge success on my previous managing premier league or top flight league and continuing of my Football Manager 2010 series, I have decided to manage lower league football club. I have selected an English league for my new adventure as Football Manager. I have selected lowest active league from Coca Cola League 2.  This mean the following league is included in the game engine: Coca Cola League 2, Coca Cola League 1, Coca-cola Championship and Premier League.

This is the continuation of my journey as Barnet Football Manager in Football Manager 2010. Please check my preparation on the games on my previous article. as follow:

1. Preparation as Barnet Manager

2. Season 1 as Barnet Manager

After successful 1st season on Barnet, I received £375,000 TV right to start the season in Coca-Cola League 1. My board also has very minimum expectation in this league and suggests fighting bravely against relegation to Coca-Cola League 2 again. The board has provided £4K transfer budget and a wage budget of £28K per week for this expectation.  I also confirmed the board ambition of avoiding relegation on my first season in Coca-Cola League 1, though my personal ambition is to achieve mid-table finish.

My board offered me a new contract that pays for £800 per week for two seasons. I also decided to let go some of my players, all my coaches and my assistant manager. I hired 4 coaches and 1 youth coach. I loaned 3 players such as Emmanuel Frimpong (Midfield, Arsenal), Jacopo Sala (Midfield, Blackburn) and Gavin Gunning (Defender, Chelsea). I signed 7 new players for different positions such as Kieran Trippier (Wing Back, R), Steve Jennings (Midfielder), Alex Revell (Forward), Shane Cansdell-Sherriff (Defender, C), Joe Dudgeon (Wing Back, L), Michael Coulson (Forward), Simon Ferry (Midfielder).  Though getting all these players were not easy. I did offer about 20 players to join my Barnet team, only managed to get only 10 players to support my campaign in Coca-Cola League 1.

transfer in
transfer in

First 5 games started with the same result as my first season (i.e. very inconsistent).  I lost 3 games to Leyton Orient, Southend, and MK Dons. Then I won one game against Rotherham and drew 1 game against Yeovil. After that I’m smooth sailing again slowly ladder up thru the league table. By December, I achieved mid table position and still moving up until I achieved the playoff position.

During the mid season transfer opening, I signed additional 2 player to support my Barnet team. I signed Jake Buxton from Ipswich and Pablo Counago from Derby. I also managed to go 15 games without losing from January till April 2011. After 46 games, my final position was 5th and I managed to hold the playoff position among 4 teams (Southampton, Colchester, Barnet, and Peterborough). Surprisingly, I managed to won the playoff and received the promotion to Coca-Cola Championship league for next season. This is very surprising. 

So, my final league position is 5th on Coca-Cola League 1. I won 21 games, drew 17 games, and lost 8 games. Again, I did better on most of my home games than my away games. My top goal scorer is Alex Revell with 15 goals. The top assister is Jacopo Sala with 10 assists. My team managed to score 69 goals and conceded 41 goals.

I’m off to prepare my team for next journey in Coca-Cola Championship League as Barnet Manager for the next season. I may need to loan and transfer several players to prepare my season as usual. 


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