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My career as a Lower League Manager in fm Football Manager 2010 - Part 4

Updated on July 2, 2011

With huge success on my previous managing premier league or top flight league and continuing of my Football Manager 2010 series, I have decided to manage lower league football club. I have selected an English league for my new adventure as Football Manager. I have selected lowest active league from Coca Cola League 2.  This mean the following league is included in the game engine: Coca Cola League 2, Coca Cola League 1, Coca-cola Championship and Premier League.

Season 3

After successful 1st & 2nd season on Barnet, I managed to reach Coca-Cola Championship league. My board again has a very minimum expectation in this new league and suggests fighting bravely against relegation to Coca-Cola League 1 again. The board has provided £38K transfer budget and a wage budget of £48K per week for this expectation.  I also confirmed the board ambition of avoiding relegation on my first season in Coca-Cola League 1, though my personal ambition is to achieve mid-table finish. If possible may try to get promotion to Premier League. J

I also decided to let go most of my players, some of my coaches. I hired 4 coaches. I loaned 4 players such as Nlundulu Gael (Winger, Chelsea), Gokhan Tore (Striker, Chelsea), Luc Castaignos (Forward, Arsenal) and Danny Rose (Winger, Tottenham). I signed 12 new players for different positions for £170K. Again, getting all these players was not easy. I did offer about 30-40 players to join my Barnet team, only managed to get only 9 players to support my campaign in Coca-Cola Championship league. I also sold 13 players for £1.1 Million; I also let go 6 players to accommodate my new signees.

Player in

Again, I have a rough first 5 games which is very similar to my previous seasons (i.e. very inconsistent).  I lost 2 games to Coventry and Leeds. Then I won one game against Watford and drew 2 games against Charlton & West Brom. After that I’m smooth sailing again slowly ladder up thru the league table. By December, I achieved mid table position and still moving up until I achieved the playoff position.

During the mid season transfer opening, I signed additional 3 players to support my Barnet team. I signed Zlatan Muslimovic for free, Jon Harley from Watford for £30K and Radoslaw Majewski from Nottm Forest for £140K (the highest fee I ever paid). I also managed to go 16 games without losing from January till March 2012.  After 46 games, my final position was 6th and I managed to hold the playoff position among 4 teams (Reading, Hull, Bristol City and Barnet). Surprisingly, I managed to won the playoff and received the promotion to Premier League for next season. This is very surprising. However if you have following my previous 2 seasons it shouldn’t come as surprise by now. 

So, my final league position is 6th on Coca-Cola Championship League. I won 21 games, drew 15 games, and lost 10 games. Again, I did better on most of my home games than my away games. My top goal scorer is Rob Earnshaw with 19 goals. The top assister is Noel Hunt with 10 assists. My team managed to score 70 goals and conceded 50 goals.

I’m off to prepare my team for next journey in Premier League as Barnet Manager for the next season. I may need to loan and transfer several players to prepare my season as usual. 

last playoff result


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    • profile image

      Liam101 7 years ago

      No I just bought fifa 11 so playing that atm

    • chan0512 profile image

      chan0512 7 years ago from Camarillo, CA

      I have it on my PC. ans Yes, it is an addicting game. Have you tried FM 2011? it is as great as FM 2010 or better. Though, I hate the new media interacting features. :-) Enjoy your game!

    • profile image

      Liam101 7 years ago

      starting to get a bit consistent. haha. Love this game. do you have it on psp or pc?