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My last poker hand

Updated on June 25, 2011

Another Cold Deck

I used to be a semi-pro poker player, at one time I made 100% of my income gambling playing Texas Hold Em poker, I didn't get rich but I had alot of fun and met a bunch of good people playing poker anyway I guess since the WSOP )world series of poker) is going on now in Las Vegas, I decided I would got to my local casino which is 3 hours away and try to win some cash to go to Las Vegas and play in the WSOP but it just didn't work out.

First I started playing a slot machine because if I got 80 players points on my.players card then they would give me $50.00 in free slot play, Mistake #1 ;0( it cost me $300 of losing on the slots to get the 50.00 not a good start but trust me it gets worse.

Finally they called my name to come to my seat to play 1-2 No limit Texas Hold Em.

I bought in for $200.00 and was doing quite well, I went on a heater and won about $1000.00

so I had a little over $1200.00 and I was gonna get up and go but I was in the big Blind and I already had my 2 bucks out so I thought well I'll just see what I got and if it ain't that great of a hand I will fold and leave a winner. Mistake #2

I look down and I have JJ or pocket jacks, not a super great hand but good enough for me to make a raise with so I make it $20 bucks and I get 5 callers.

I'm know that there was some big hands calling me but there also we're players calling me light with ragged hand trying to out flop me because I had been just running well and hitting every flop and they wanted a shot to get their money back.

So there is $100.00 in the pot and the flop comes down J 8 8

Bingo I have just flopped a monster hand, I have the 2nd best hand possible the only hand that beats me here is if someone has 8 8 and trust me, that doesn't happen often.

So I am first to act and I check - the guy next to me bets out $75.00 and gets called by another player and me, now I am thinking this is great because they both have a 8 or maybe a big pair like Aces anyway I am almost never gonna fold here so I call. That makes the pot $325.00

Then the turn come a 3 giving a board of J 8 8 3, that is a great card for me I'm thinking I'm going to win a big pot here.

I check and they guy beside me bets out the pot and get called again by the other player and me. Now there is $975.00 in the pot.

The river brings a K for a board of J 8 8 3 K

I didn't like the king hitting but I was not going to fold so I bet out ALL IN and was shocked that bother players also go ALL IN. the 1st guy turns up J 8 and then the other guy turned up pocket Kings for kings full winning a $5000.00 pot.

I did not even show my hand and folded it in the middle and the guy who had the J 8 goes crazy and called me a few select names, then the dealer took my card out of the muck and showed him I had JJ and he was shocked and apologized but it had already gotten the attention of the floor man and he came over and got me and the other guy and took us to the back and asked us to leave, I was in shock because I didn't say a word but he said that if he had to ask him to leave that I had to go to, so I told him that was fine I would go but I would never be back again.

I threw away my players card and had myself banned from all of their properties, I figure that if that is how they treat their players I don't need to gamble there anymore.

I do love playing poker but when you get a cooler like that and you lose what took you hours to make in one hand it is frustrating so I am officially retiring from any gambling, in fact I bet you $50.00 I can stop gambling. Wink ;0)

I need 20 people to help me reach my dream.


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  • manthy profile image

    Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

    @Bail up - Yeah me too, I love winning but I hate having to play with a bunch of jerks.

    Thanks for the comment

  • Bail Up ! profile image

    Bail Up ! 6 years ago

    Great story manthy! You get beat and then thrown out, not sure whether its good or bad for a gambling man. It's a love hate relationship between me and the cards :)

  • manthy profile image

    Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

    Thanks Susan, I love poker, it is fun.

    The link works for me, I think I will just post my username. Anyway you can add me @driftoff2dream

    Have a good day and thanks for the comment

  • Just Ask Susan profile image

    Susan Zutautas 6 years ago from Ontario, Canada

    I am a facebook zynga Texas hold em Junkie. I have always loved playing poker. My grandfather taught me how when I was knee high to a grass hopper. I have played for money but nothing like you have. I have had the exact thing happen to me on Zynga but thankfully I only lost virtual chips. Enjoyed your story. Oh and by the way your twitter link on your profile page is not working.

  • mattdigiulio profile image

    mattdigiulio 6 years ago

    manthy, What a story! I was just watching some old clips yesterday from a few years back of Ivey heads up with Negreanu, and some Gus Hansen, and the 2009 final table at wsop (which i highly suggest). Your recounting sounds like wild. you had jj and the dealer flopped you another jack. man, i am no pro, so i don't know, but I myself would have gone in all the way too. Sheer luck. I don't blame you for never going back either.

    Forget vegas. come out to foxwoods!

    Best, Matt

  • manthy profile image

    Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

    Hey Angelique - I also have had big swings playing BJ, it is funny on my 1st date with my wife, I won 8000 playing BJ in about 20 minutes... I couldn't lose, it was a blast, anyway I'm done with gambling for awhile anyway. Thanks for the comment

  • Angelique Loux profile image

    Angelique Loux 6 years ago from Ohio

    I can tell ya a story or 2 about my 5 yr. addiction to black jack. I had some big wins and big loses, but I love the game!!!

  • manthy profile image

    Mark 6 years ago from Alabama,USA

    That is where I'll be at next time writing.

    I think I'm gonna write about all the money I've lost & won gambling, it is a serious issue.

    God-Bless you & thanks for the comment

  • profile image

    Arlene V. Poma 6 years ago

    This is hilarious, and I feel for you. Most of my friends and family are addicted to slot machines with some KENO thrown in if you can get them to sit down and eat. I can't add or subtract, plus I'm a poor sport if I don't win. Imagine trying to play Blackjack at 3 a.m. because you don't want anyone seeing you count your fingers.

    Yes, it's that bad.

    Pity. I live close to two Indian casinos. And it's only two hours by automobile to Reno or Tahoe. So I hang out at gift shops, restaurants or the dance floor if there's a good DJ. Otherwise, I'm in the hotel room with my laptop--writing.