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My review of Final Fantasy III for the PSP

Updated on May 1, 2015

Final Fantasy III

This game I originally played on the DS, and gave up quickly. While there are minimal differences between the PSP and DS version, I chose this game because it was available for the Vita. This game has one of the best stories ever in an rpg, though it is cliché. Once again, the hero's must save the crystals and therefore the world. You are the four heroes of light, chosen by destiny to save the crystals from darkness. What makes this game interesting is that in the past, it was the four heroes of dark that saved the crystals from light. I wished their was a prequel to this game, as I would have thoroughly enjoyed playing the heroes of dark. You start out dropping from a hole into a cave. Once you escape the cave, you go to town and realize everyone has been cursed; turned into ghosts. This is where I gave up. The first major dungeon has you battling monsters that have high hp, high defense and high attack. They will kill you. I thought I had to level grind on weak monsters to get through. You do not. It did not dawn on me that these are undead monsters; cure spells and potions slay them with minimal effort. Once you get past that, the rest of the game is challenging without being frustrating. This is a hard game, but it's the good kind of hard that rewards you for getting through such difficult challenges. As you progress through the game, you find out that the world was split into two continents, and you must travel to both in order to restore balance to the crystals. My favourite part of the game is at the end, where the heroes of darkness ally with you to defeat that which they once saved. I dabbled with the NES version of this game, and trust me, the PSP/DS version is superior. It not only has updated graphics, but added text and cutscenes. The ending for the PSP version leaves you satisfied; on the NES, the ending is rather disappointing and bland. You can get this game on the DS, PSP, PS3 and Vita. PS3 and Vita are digital copies and cost approximately half of the DS and PSP carts. This game is beautiful, and I highly recommend it if you are a fan of the genre. It's challenging, engaging, rewarding and satisfying. In fact, it may very well replace Final Fantasy IX as my favourite Final Fantasy game. But, I won't make that claim yet until I replay IX. Been a while since I revisited it.



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