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My review of Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Edition

Updated on May 4, 2015

Final Fantasy IV: Complete Edition

Because I am essentially reviewing 3 games, this review will be a little different. Let's start at the beginning.

Final Fantasy IV

For some reason, SquareEnix loves to remake Final Fantasy IV. There are multiple editions of it on multiple platforms, and it is the only classic Final Fantasy game I am aware of to have a sequel. I will be reviewing the digital copy downloaded to my Vita, also available for PS3. This game is visually impressive. Graphics are bright, clear and vibrant. Much better than the SNES version. You start off coming back from battle on an airship, where you question why you were sent to battle in the first place. The king, who was once peaceful, is now sending his troops to take the crystals from peaceful kingdoms, whether it be by force or otherwise. Cecil feels guilty doing this, and begins to question the king he serves. When he attempts to confront the king, he is stripped of rank and sent to a village to deliver a gift. This gift is actually a bomb, meant to destroy the village. It is then Cecil casts off his loyalty to the king he once admired and begins to rebel against him. Betrayal, powerful crystals, death, and an evil tyrant manipulating the king is all part of the story of Final Fantasy IV. The gameplay is strict. Each character has a specific class, and if you want to play them outside that class, it won't work. While I found this frustrating at first, I got used to it. Never was much of a black magic user. One flaw in this game is the battle setup. You have a maximum of 5 characters, which can be 3 in the front 2 in the back or vice versa. If you want to use more physical characters, one may end up in the back row doing less damage. Minor irritant, and it forces you somewhat to use more variety of characters. While not my favourite Final Fantasy game, this game has great story and a satisfying ending. Why it has been remade so many times, I will never know, but hey, it's a good game and having it so readily available is a good thing.


This game is meant to tie in the original Final Fantasy IV with the sequel, The After Years. It takes place almost immediately after the ending of the original game, and honestly, it should have just been part of The After Years. JRPG's are meant to take days, if not weeks, to complete. I beat this game in a day, in one sitting. Spoiler warning. Cecil and Rosa have a baby boy, Yang's wife is pregnant. This is pretty much all you need to know about the Interlude.

74/100 A necessary tie in between IV and After Years, but unnecessary to have as a separate game.

The After Years

This game is long; longer than the original Final Fantasy IV. You play in chapters, which show the details of each individual character as events take place. If you play this, it is almost a requirement that once you complete a chapter, you make a separate save file for it. The last few chapters have characters come together. If you do not have a save file for each individual character, they start out at their original level, with their original equipment and capabilities. This was not known to me, and I had to level grind certain characters against enemies far beyond their capabilities. To give an example, Ceodore, Rosa's and Cecil's son, started out at level one against characters that he should have been facing at level 10+. When I finally won a battle where he survived, the amount of experience he gained from that one fight caused him to go from level 1 to level 7. No joke. One factor. of this game is the moon phase system. Depending on what phase the moon is, you will have certain advantages and disadvantages. Black magic may be more powerful, but physical attacks are weakened. The relief of this particular system is, it works on your enemies as well. Take advantage of it, as every time you rest, the moon phase changes. Spoiler alert; if you are unfamiliar with the story of the original game, play through it before continuing further. A second moon has appeared above the sky, the Lunarians are in slumber, Golbez awakes sensing dread, monsters are attacking, the eidelons are enslaved and Cecil, who once saved the crystals, is now attempting to take them by force. A mysterious girl is manipulating the once hero. She appears young, but is extremely powerful, has no regard for human life, and when defeated, 2 identical girls take her place. What is going on? Can Cecil and the world be saved? Does this new moon mean disaster? Why does this young girl desire the crystals so much that she is willing to destroy the planet to gain them? Play through this game to find out.

83/100 I enjoyed this story more than the original game.


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