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My review of the original Final Fantasy

Updated on March 17, 2015

How a game I hated became a game I love.

Ahh, Final Fantasy. I remember you at my friend's Jonathan's place. You seemed so innocent and epic. You promised a tale of grand adventure, to go out and save the world. But I was young, and did not know what you were. I remember talking to everyone in town, going to the castle, finding out I had to save the princess, going out, and dying by goblins. Why was I being attacked? And why can't I hit them? Restart. Weapons shops. Bought a few swords and armor. Go out, get attacked by goblins, and die. Seriously? Never occurred to my 6 year old mind to equip the weapons and armour. But alas, I'm older now, and wiser, and know how to play you. I am reviewing the PSP/Vita/PS3 version of this game. It is up to date, graphically superior, and fixes some bugs and issues from the NES game. I spent about 40 hours playing this game. You can complete it in less, but I like to level grind and get the best equipment. In one town, there is armour for your knights that cost I believe 40,000 gil. I had two knights, and bought one for each of them. That alone overleveled me. Though I'm sure you can play this game without a guide, it would be extremely frustrating. Seriously, using a guide is not cheating. How am I supposed to figure out that I'm supposed to take the glass eye not back to the elven village where I thought it needed, but to a cave near where I started out to give to a witch who then gives me the potion needed at the elven village? Ugh... I seriously think Nintendo Power was used to beat this game back in the day. But we no longer have Nintendo Power, so GameFAQS it is. This game is alright, if a little frustrating. You get your choice of party members, which increases replayability. I went with two knights, a white mage and a black mage. The difficulty curve is kinda steep at first. You go from one area where enemies do minimal damage and die in one hit, and are suddenly placed in an area where enemies can kill you in a few hits and take a heck of a long time to kill. The story is nice, but seriously, use a guide. Essentially, the crystals are being used to empower a villain and you have to stop him to save the world. The time traveling bit has laughable plot holes, but it's just a game. So don't take it too seriously; enjoy it for what it is, which is mindless fantasy. I did a high level run, so the enemies and later bosses were disappointingly easy. But, if you want more of a challenge, you can try at a much lower level. I just checked my Vita and my lowest level is a 65 black mage. The one truly disappointing thing in this game is the ending. After an epic story, a kickass boss fight, you are left with scrolling text. Seriously? No cut scene? I know the NES had limited capability, and this game was a last ditch effort by Square, but this is a remake. Why not add at least some pretty background scenes showing how the world is doing better while the text scrolls? Ugh, all that work for scrolling text. How unsatisfying. But, despite that disappointment, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. If you like Final Fantasy, or JRPG's in general, then play the game that launched the flagship that is Final Fantasy. Don't go old school, though, and play it on the NES. Play the updated version on the PSP or PSN store. Heck, it's likely cheaper and definitely superior to the 8-bit counterpart.

Rate: PSP 73/100


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