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My review of the original Super Mario Bros.

Updated on March 17, 2015

The humble little game that kickstarted a multibillion dollar industry.

Though this is not the game that started the video game phenomenon, it is the game that brought video games back into the homes of the world. Without this humble little game, games like Elder Scrolls, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto would not exist today. This is the game that brought gaming back. Back before my time, games were archaic, there was no standard, very few rental stores, no easy access to reviews and everyone was cashing in on them. Companies would make terrible games for a quick buck, and though there were a few diamonds in the rough, people were sick and tired of looking for them. So, after the E.T. fiasco, people just stopped buying them. Then along comes Nintendo, with the revolutionary d-pad controller, VHS like console, and Super Mario. But no, Nintendo just didn't give us a new game and console to play it on, they gave us Nintendo Power. Nintendo Power was important for the gaming industry, as it offered gamers easy access to game reviews and sneak peeks to what is up and coming. There was no internet back then, and this was pretty much all we had. Though Super Mario Bros. is simple and archaic, it caused a craze. Suddenly every kid wanted a Nintendo and Mario. The unfortunate thing was, this was seen as meant for kids. Adult gamers didn't take it seriously, and stuck with their computers. Now the kids have grown to adults, and adult console players are strong. But enough about the history, let's move on to Super Mario Bros. I've played this game on multiple platforms, and though you can find it cheap on the Nintendo Eshop, the SNES 16-bit Super Mario All Stars version is the best. But, for this review, I will be playing the Eshop version for the 3DS. This game is simple. You only really need 4 buttons. Left, right, jump and run fast/shoot fireball. But sometimes there is beauty in simplicity, and this game shines to this day. Yes, it's simple. You don't run into a lot of enemies, but the enemies become tougher and tougher. Those damn hammer brothers will make you swear in a language you never knew existed. And the boss fights are, well... Can they truly be considered boss fights? It's more of an obstacle. Either slay em with fireballs or hit the axe that instakills them. And once you drop them into the lava, you are greeted by toad, or a bunch of toads, who tells you the princess is in another castle. Damn toads. Am I really expected to save all of you. Screw you guys, I'm using the warp pipe and leaving you behind. In certain levels, you can access warp pipes to skip levels of the game. But be warned, if you use these, the difficulty curve will be steep. This game is short in distance, long in time. You will spend hours beating this game due to all the deaths you incur. Don't worry, we've all been there. Games were purposely difficult to the point of unfairness back then as a ways of making them last. Honestly, we didn't mind it. Hell, we even kinda liked it. The satisfaction you get from beating this game is nothing compared to the blandness of beating most modern games today. Isn't it funny that a game meant for children back in the 80's is significantly more challenging than a game meant for adults made today? Ahh, the good old days. If you grew up in my era, you knew the importance of this game. If you don't, you owe it to yourself to play this game; the game that started it all. Not only will it be enjoyable, you'll experience a bit of gaming history as well.

Rate: 8-bit, 66/100 16-bit, 70/100


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