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My review on call of duty black ops

Updated on July 28, 2011

Black ops multiplayer

A fellow Black-ops player playing what looks like a Team-deathmatch on 'Cracked'.
A fellow Black-ops player playing what looks like a Team-deathmatch on 'Cracked'.

First impressions


When first inserting the disc, a number of clips appear consisting of classified documents and red numbers which dart across the screen. If you do not know what happens in the game, you will definitely not know what's going on in the clips.

After a number of clips, you are presented with the start screen (three guesses what to do next..) The main menu looks great, good graphics and is easy to navigate, you can customize your controls, change your appearance and (new to the Call of Duty series) play 'Combat Training'. This game type enables you to test yourself against bots of a difficulty of your choice which is great for newcomers of the series.


The single-player campaign of Black-ops I thought was intense, admittedly not as long as previous games in the series but still a thoroughly dynamic experience, the story is more gripping and grabs you as the audience.

The first intro video for the Single-player campaign begins the character you play as being strapped to a chair, it looks and from a minute into the intro you realize is an electric chair, obviously you are under interrogation. (At the end of the game you realize why you are strapped to an electric chair). The game is set in the Vietnam/Cold war era and focuses on three presidents (Fidel Castro, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon). The start of your characters (Mason) journey begins in Cuba where you are joined by a number of your squad men, including 'Woods' and 'Bowman', these two characters play an important role in the developing story line of the game. You are heading to assassinate the Cuban President, Fidel Castro. The reasons are unexplained and the game immediately throws you into a fight in Cuba, this engages the audience and catches their attention.

Further on in the game, you meet up with Reznov (the cool Russian dude from Call of Duty: World at War) as you are sent to imprisonment by the Russians to a camp called 'Vorkuta Gulag' (the reason why you are sent to prison is because the Cuban military have formed an alliance with the Russians, you didn't actually kill the real Castro, it was a double which means the real hands you to the Russians as a gift of their alliance) you and Reznov break out with a whole mini-army of prisoners, after the breakout, you are sent on a mission to investigate a gas known as Nova-6 on a Russian ship.

At the end of the game, you realize that Reznov wasn't real the whole time and that you have gone mental. oh well.

So my review? yeah it did kinda drag on a bit...

So to kick it off lets talk about the visuals and audio of the single-player campaign, it was a fantastic experience playing through the whole campaign and looking at the graphics and thinking 'WOW', the bloom effects were great and I loved the shadow and lighting effects on the more natural areas of the game. The detail on the many guns was to a professional standard but could to with more textures. The view distance was...OK but it could be better but lets be can't expect a 60 frames-per-second game to have the best graphics in the world. Character detail was not the best, up-close it was really blocky and blurry but from a distance the textures really stud out for me, it's a shame looking at a character and seeing all the jagged lines all over the characters body..oh well.

The audio has been an important aspect of all the Call of Duty games, since the first ever game they have used real gun sounds to create most realistic and atmospheric gun sounds you'll ever hear on a first-person shooter, every gun on Black-ops sounds much different from the next (discounting explosives of-course). Songs were chosen to be played in the background as you played in the single-player campaign which is a different approach from previous Call of Duty games, the songs were more distortion and almost a 'metal' approach which suited the game very well. The voice acting in the game was surprisingly good, the Call of Duty games have always managed to do voice acting very well, even from the very first game. The ambiance in the game was very.. ambient, it added to the atmosphere, every mission was different therefore they the developers needed to change the atmosphere of every mission..they did it well.


All I can say it wow...I still to this day play Call of Duty: black-ops because of it's polished multi-player, I cannot get enough of getting the heart-wrenching dogs and seeing my poor victims being torn to shreds before my eyes. The new game mode, 'Wager Matches' was one of the best new update to have for the series, it consists of four game modes (Gun Game, made famous on CounterStrike, Sharpshooter, One-in-the-chamber and Sticks and Stones)

Gun Game is a game were you need to be on your feet the whole time running around trying to find people to kill, you need to rank up 20 levels, you do this by killing 20 people with 20 different guns.

Sharpshooter is similar to Gun Game but the guns change every 45 seconds, you also need to be on your feet, the person with the highest score at the end of the game wins, also, for getting kill streaks you get perks such as sleight of hand and lightweight.

Sticks and stones consists of you carrying a crossbow, ballistic knife and one tomahawk, the ammo is limited so you need to be careful with your shots, if hit by the tomahawk, you lose everything, all you points are drained..BANKRUPT.

One-in-the-chamber is pretty self explanatory, you have a gun, it has one bullet, you have 3 lives, you kill someone you get a bullet, miss and you only have your knife, the person with the most points wins.

My favourite wager match game type has to be Gun Game, it is such a classic but for sheer intensity, it has to be one-in-the-chamber.

The multiplayer servers have been good for Black-ops (players on computer have dedicated servers). Although recently I get disconnected due to the servers failing almost every 5 matches which is disappointing, nevertheless, you can simply rejoin another game!

Kill-streaks have been overhauled and in a good way too! I love driving the RC-XD into an un-knowing enemy and blowing them up into smithereens, it provides me with such satisfaction, and it only requires a 3 kill-streak! On the other of the kill-streak scale, the attack dogs and gun-ship are my utmost favourite, due to the gratifying feeling you have of accomplishment you receive when gaining an 11 kill-streak.

Perks have been over-hauled..In a good way (believe it or not!), Commando-GONE, Juggernaught-GONE, just shows you that they do listen to the public, all the perks that no-one liked have gone and instead re-placed with a whole new set of perks such as Scout and Warlord.

Customization of the character has been introduced, pretty lame but still handy to have, basically you can change your facepaint and you can now have emblems and clan tags displayed on your guns.


This is a fantastic must-buy game, you cannot miss what is has to offer, from blowing up enemies to being mental! This game provides you with such a feeling that is rare to find among other games on the market, professionalism. You can tell that this game has had a lot of tweaks and adjustments made so that it is perfect (it isn't perfect..but better!). The visuals have been upgraded, the new guns are awesome.. You simply need to get this game!

Flying a choppa!

A special moment in the singe-player campaign, I loved it!
A special moment in the singe-player campaign, I loved it!


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