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My thoughts On Sonic Boom Designs "Sonic"

Updated on March 27, 2015

Hello fellow Sonic fans

Sonic is back with a new game and a new character design and we are going to talk about that, but first a little about myself so you know that I am not just some guy shouting his head off. I have played many Sonic games although my first was Sonic Adventure DX for the Nintendo Gamecube, since then I have played many of the games including some of the old side scrolling ones like the original Sonic the Hedgehog. My favorite would have to be ether Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle or Sonic Unleashed. I love Sonic the Hedgehog and along with the games I even read the comics (Which you should read too they are great) and have collected a few Sonic related items. So when it comes to Sonic I know a thing or two, which is why this new game it me the way it did, which brings us up to the next subject.

What is Sonic Boom?

Sonic Boom is an upcoming game coming out for the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. It is meant to be a sub franchise to the main Sonic the Hedgehog games not a reboot but a whole new thing altogether. For the game the characters have been given new designs and in some cases whole new abilities. There are at least five playable characters, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and a new character Sticks the Jungle Badger (Only on the 3DS). With the newbie being the exception, they have all been given a new look for the game as a means of trying reconnect with children today and in a since reintroduce the world to Sonic the Hedgehog without completely throwing out the old method and design in which some of us have in fact grown to love.

The cover to Sonic Boom on the Wii U.
The cover to Sonic Boom on the Wii U.

Not all at once?

Well I figured you all have other things you would rather be doing then just reading what I have to say and since it might take me a while to list everything that I want to cover, I thought it would be easier to focus on one and then come back for the others, that way we can take a good look at each one. And with that let us start with the main guy himself Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic The Hedgehog from the very beginning.
Sonic The Hedgehog from the very beginning.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Classic)

In 1991 when the world first met the blue blur, Sonic was depicted a little smaller and his spikes weren't as long as they would become later. Still this face is the first one that everyone fell in love with and everything that we see him in was in some way based on the layout that was set in the first game. This is good version and a slick design but unless you have played the old stuff then you may not be to accustom with this design. Saga solved that with Sonic Generations were we get to play with the old Sonic after a long absences however I will always think of him with the Sonic Adventures design.

Sonic as he appeaser in the Sonic Riders series.
Sonic as he appeaser in the Sonic Riders series.

Sonic The Hedgehog (Sonic Riders)

In Sonic Riders Sonic and all of his friends where given a new look for the game series. Sonic wears sunglasses slightly different shoes and bears black bands on his gloves. other then this not much of a change, sunglasses make since in order to keep all the bugs out of his eyes while running at high speeds however they do seem to be smaller then his eyes nor does he ever use them which means they are just for show. This is okay for a racing series but lets stick with the Sonic we all know and love.

This is Sonic's modern look in video games today.
This is Sonic's modern look in video games today.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Modern)

Sonic appears to be deep blue with six spikes on the back of his head and two smaller ones on his back with green eyes white gloves, red shoes with a golden buckle on them and white socks. The design is simple which befits to his free lifestyle type personality. Sega has been using this basic design for Sonic since Sonic Adventure back in 1998 for the Sega Dreamcast, there may have been a few teaks here and there such has coloring his eyelids blue or flesh tone but basically this is what they have been using for every game since. This was also used for his appearance in the Sonic X cartoon and the Archie comics series. Millions around the world have grown to love and recognize this look has being the blue blur, Sonic the Hedgehog.

This is how Sonic will look in the Sonic Boom series.
This is how Sonic will look in the Sonic Boom series.

Sonic the Hedgehog (Boom)

With all due respect Sonic wasn't changed that much really, his arms are now blue like the rest of him aside from his muzzle and mid section and he has a few more spikes on his head. His gloves are now covered with bandages along with his shoes (which look nothing like before) and he now he wears a brown scarf. I am not sure what is with the scarf, Sonic seems to be immune to the cold so the chances of his neck freezing from the high speeds seems unlikely. If Sonic should be wearing anything beyond his shoes and gloves it should be goggles or sunglasses like he does in the Sonic Riders series. All that aside, this is an alternate series much like Sonic Riders so maybe they have some different ideas. I will say that it will be very interesting to see this new Sonic develop from both the Sonic Boom game and cartoons, to see just how he deffers from the normal Sonic the Hedgehog.

My Rating

3 stars for Sonic Boom Design (Sonic)

My Thoughts

I don't personally like the new look, it seems like a little to much detail for someone who lives a fast and simple life. I really don't like the scarf, it is not even long enough to flap in the wind as Sonic runs which I guess would only cause drag but still. However I can see where some young kid on his skateboard might relate to this more then the other look maybe, Sonic looks more like that punk rocker you may not trust but is probably a really nice guy. I didn't like the Sonic Riders design at first ether but in time I grew to love it although I still like the slandered design more, what I am saying is that perhaps in time I will grow to like this new look too, I don't particularly hate this look ether it is just very different from what I am used to. But in the end I am glad this is only a alternate series and not a total reboot because I will always see Sonic the Hedgehog in the form from Sonic Adventure.

What do you think?

Do you like the new look?

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Editors Notes.

I feel as though maybe I should have included a picture of the Sonic Riders Soonic as this is another Sonic as well but I only thought of this when I was so close to the end and it would have only added to the overall length of the article that could have mix feelings. Thank you for reading and leat me know what you think of both versions and let me know if I should include Sonic Riders version, I will be doing Tails next so lookout for it.


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