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My thoughts on Sonic Boom Designs "Dr Eggman"

Updated on March 27, 2015

Greetings Sonic Fans

Hello and welcome we are now on my third Sonic character to have been given a redesign for the upcoming Sonic Boom series Dr Eggman. I know Eggman is not a playable character in the game but having been a huge part of the Sonic The Hedgehog series I felt that Dr Eggman deserved just as much attention has sonic himself. Also among the characters Dr Eggman is the only one as old Sonichaving first appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog in 1991 alongside of the blue blur although back then he was called Dr Ivo Robotnik instead of Dr Eggman. I personally love Eggman as a villain and I look forward to checking out his new look in Sonic Boom which brings up the next item.

What is Sonic Boom?

Sonic Boom is an upcoming game coming out for the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. It is meant to be a sub franchise to the main Sonic the Hedgehog games not a reboot but a whole new thing altogether. For the game the characters have been given new designs and in some cases whole new abilities. There are at least five playable characters, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and a new character Sticks the Jungle Badger (Only on the 3DS). With the newbie being the exception, they have all been given a new look for the game as a means of trying reconnect with children today and in a since reintroduce the world to Sonic the Hedgehog without completely throwing out the old method and design in which some of us have in fact grown to love.

Like Before?

Just like the last two, I am not going to look at them all at once instead I am going to look at each one of them separately so that I may take my time with them and really focus on each one, lets face it there is allot there with each one Dr Eggman and Knuckles particularly and I don't want to skip out a thing. And with that let's look at Dr Eggman.

Enjoy the Eggman and all that he is.

Dr Robotnik before the name and design change in Sonic Adventure
Dr Robotnik before the name and design change in Sonic Adventure

Dr Robotnik (Classic)

This is how Dr Eggman appeared to the public when he first appeared along side Sonic in 1991. Back in these days he was referred to as Dr Robotnik rather then Dr Eggman. I honestly like the name Robotnik more, Eggman sounds like an insult that Sonic would use rather then a persons name. This lovable design was used for many and all games before Sonic Adventures and it was seen again in Sonic Generations. I have nothing against this fat round evil doctor in fact just picturing him running around and performing even the most simple of acts makes me laugh a little that being said unless you have played something that predates the game disk or perhaps a retro set you probably have never experienced this version before.

Dr Eggman as he appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006
Dr Eggman as he appeared in Sonic the Hedgehog 2006

Dr Eggman (2006)

In 2006 Saga released Sonic the Hedgehog for PS3 and XBOX 360 however this was not a reboot in anyway yet Dr Eggman was given a new design anyway. I suppose the main perpose was to give him a more realistic face that could interact with the realistic human cast in the game, however given that Eggman was the only one given a make over and he didn't interact with allot of people given that he was the bad guy I feel that there was no point or reason for this. I mention this design only because it happened not because I liked it or anything.

Dr Eggman (Sonic Riders)

In the game series Sonic Riders everyone was given a makeover including Dr Eggman. his attire is similar to that of his standard look except a slightly different coat and a scarf to blow in the wind as he rides his bike across the tracks. This isn't a standard by all means but is his official outfit for the Sonic Riders series and as been seen in more then a couple of games. There is not much to say about this outfit and design for the design is really the same as the Sonic Adventure look and the cloths are not too dissimilar to that of the Sonic Adventure style.

Doctor Eggman as he appeared in nearly every game sense Sonic Adventure.
Doctor Eggman as he appeared in nearly every game sense Sonic Adventure.

Dr Eggman (Modern)

Dr Robotnik has gone through many changes throughout the years maybe even more then Sonic. However like most of them, we first saw this design in Sonic Adventure, this was also the first time he was ever refereed has Eggman instead of Robotnik. With his red lab coat and black boots and pants (maybe they are part of the same piece I can't tell) sunglasses and goggles, this is the Eggamn. Over the years it would seem that eggman has become his name instead of Robotnik, which seems stupid to me sense "Eggman" was meant be an insult by Sonic in reference to his obvious Egg shape. However Dr Robotnik has taken the insult and truned it into a passion naming everything after Eggs earning him the title of the Eggman.

Doctor Eggman as he will look in Sonic Boom.
Doctor Eggman as he will look in Sonic Boom.

Dr Eggman (Sonic Boom)

In Sonic Boom Eggman was given a huge makeover,still having the goggles and sunglasses and even the white gloves, he now appears slimmer and he has some kind of device on his wrist possibly so that he may call back up when he needs it. To put is simply, he looks more like a general then a doctor here then he did before. Perhaps that is cutting to the chase of things but I am having a really hard time coming up with words to describe this new outfit, the difference is gret enough that they could have made him a whole new character and called him General Robotnik brother of Doctor Robotnik and I would have bought it.

My Rating

1 star for Sonic Boom design "Dr Eggman"

The Verdict

How is this Eggman? There is nothing egg shaped about him at all, so the only way you could still call him Eggman would be if you dropped the name Robotnik from history. This is an alternate series so maybe he was never known has Robotnik, but I don't understand why lose the perfect villein name like Robotnik to began with? To me this is not Dr Eggman, this is something else maybe you can call him Robotnik at least then he would have a name that doesn't call out his shape.

Since I have written this hub I have played the game and watched the cartoon and I must say that the new look does grow on you although I still feel that this Should be Dr Robotnik while Sonic Adventure should be Dr Eggman

What do you think?

Do you like the new look?

See results

Final Thoughts

Maybe I am being a little hard on this one but when you go dissing one of my favorite villains of all time, I get a little upset. Next I am going to do Sonic's number one strong guy Knuckles the Echidna, untell then I hope you enjoyed this let me know what your thoughts are and see you next time.


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