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My thoughts on Sonic Boom Designs "Sticks"

Updated on March 26, 2015

Hello Sonic Fans

Today I am going to have a look at Sticks the jungle Badger throughout the years and? Wait a minuet, This is the first game to ever include Sticks isn't it? Well in that case I am going to have a look at this new character and see just how she compares to the rest of the cast and see if she is worthy of the Sonic series. This may be a bit early as the game has not even been released yet nor have I had a chance to really see what Sticks is capable of, however I am going to give it a shot anyway. But first let me answer the question I am sure some of you are wondering, and if not then you can skip this part.

What is Sonic Boom?

Sonic Boom is an upcoming game coming out for the Nintendo Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS. It is meant to be a sub franchise to the main Sonic the Hedgehog games not a reboot but a whole new thing altogether. For the game the characters have been given new designs and in some cases whole new abilities. There are at least five playable characters, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and a new character Sticks the Jungle Badger (Only on the 3DS). With the newbie being the exception, they have all been given a new look for the game as a means of trying reconnect with children today and in a since reintroduce the world to Sonic the Hedgehog without completely throwing out the old method and design in which some of us have in fact grown to love.

Sticks among her new friends in the upcoming Sonic Boom.
Sticks among her new friends in the upcoming Sonic Boom.

How am I going to do this?

Not having a chance to play her yet I suppose I will just have to wing it. But I do know of a few things that already makes Sticks different frm the others and somethings that make her very much like the others too so I am going to have a look at what is there and see what we get.

Sticks the Jungle Badger in Sonic Boom.
Sticks the Jungle Badger in Sonic Boom.

Sticks the Jungle Badger

It is hard to know what to expect with a name like Sticks, so lets start with what we do know. Sticks has been living in the woods for a very long time in complete solitude uptill Sonic and his friends run into her I guess. Sticks in reality is very smart but she does say somethings that would make you worry such as, "You may doubt me but I will protect you anyway, because I am a good friend and because it will distract me from the government who are replacing my plants with violins!" Sticks is not by all means a damsel in distress, she can fight just as well as Sonic and his friends and can keep up with them unless of course Sonic hits top speed in which case no one can keep up with. Sticks has been alone for a very long time so to have all these friends all of a sudden is huge impact for her and she well let nothing happen to her new friends.

Play as Sticks in this great game!

Watch this and you will know what I mean.

Sticks' borrow makes her one of the few Sonic characters to have a known home.
Sticks' borrow makes her one of the few Sonic characters to have a known home.

My Rating

5 stars for Sticks the Jungle Badger

The verdect

I like Sticks, I hope she will appear in many more game to come however, Sonic Boom is a sub series and technically she has yet to emerge in a standard Sonic the Hedgehog game. If Sticks does well enough in Sonic Boom I am certain she will appear in many more games even if it is not in the mean story, and as long as she is playable and not just some useless background thing, I don't think anyone else will mind seeing the Badger a little more often.

What do you think?

Do you like Sticks?

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Final Thoughts

Sticks is a very interesting character even for Sonic, living in a forest reminds me of Big the Cat from Sonic Adventure, and her general appearance reminds me of Marine the Raccoon from Sonic Rush Adventure. If she is a combination of these two characters then it was a blend I was not expecting nor indeed do I think it was intended. Well that is the last of the Sonic Boom cast I hope you enjoyed them all and I will see with something completely different next time.


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