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My top 10 favorite DOTA 2 heroes

Updated on July 12, 2015
Dota 2
Dota 2 | Source

There are so many people that playing Dota or Dota2 nowadays, if you have no idea about Dota, I will quote from Wikipedia, ‘Defense of the Ancients (DotA) is a multiplayer online battle arena mode for the video game Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and its expansion, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne’ and ‘The objective of the scenario is for each team to destroy the opponents' Ancient, heavily guarded structures at opposing corners of the map.’ Dota has numbers of hero that are unique with their own skills and abilities, and every player absolutely has his own favorite hero. Here are my top 10 Dota2 heroes.

1. Barathrum, The SpiritBreaker

He is a strength type hero that excel at chasing an escaping enemy. His skill 'charge of darkness' makes the spiritbreaker moves at the exact or even beyond the maximum movement speed a hero could possibly get. The ultimate ‘nether strike’ is also an excellent skill at chasing an enemy because it teleports the SB to the back of the enemy and deals a 'greater bash', which cause the enemy to move to the opposite direction from wherever direction he is facing. His ability to bash also frightening, the damage based on the movement speed, and the ‘empowering haste’ is increasing his movement speed, so it's very very good. But the Spiritbreaker is not very good at a large 5 vs 5 war, and the charge of darkness can be easily dodged by eul or stunning the SB.

Barathrum, The Spiritbreaker in Dota2
Barathrum, The Spiritbreaker in Dota2 | Source

2. Lina, The Slayer

A hero (heroine?) that has a single target skill with the largest damage in DOTA, laguna blade. Lina the slayer is a horrifying mage that deals a lot of magic damages. Lina also has a very decent attack speed, thanks to her passive skill fiery souls; it gives 85 attack speed and stack up to 3 stacks so lina also have a potential as a DPSer. Some of her weaknesses are low HP and silence, and the stun is somewhat hard to use. Although the stun problem could be overcome by using eul or an item that slows target like rod of atos.

Lina, The Slayer in Dota 2
Lina, The Slayer in Dota 2 | Source

3. Nortrom, The Silencer

Probably the most hated hero in dota, all his skills are represented by his name, the silencer. 6 seconds of silence is very destructive, makes all the mages useless and every hero will feel the downside of not casting any spells for 6 seconds. His glaive of wisdom is also destructive, pure damage in every hit, makes the enemy cannot stay long enough no matter the armor and magic resistance. The silencer also will get 1 intelligence stat for every enemy hero that dies within 900 ranges, which maximize his mana pool, increase his damage and the bonus damage to the glaive. His weakness is probably in dealing with physical attack, so the positioning really important for him, and silence.

Nortrom, The Silencer in Dota 2
Nortrom, The Silencer in Dota 2 | Source

4. Doom

Has the most hated ultimate skill, silence + DPS, every hero that cast with this skill is really in doom. Doom is also good at tanking, thanks to its high strength stat, plus his skill ‘scorched earth’ that heals him and damages the enemy in the area at the same time. Doom can get money easily, at the maximal level of ‘devour’ he can get 100 gold every 40 seconds, oh wow! Plus he will get the creeps skill if they had any, such as the ‘war stomp’ from centaur, and the critical and attack aura from wolves that can be found in the jungle. That’s why doom can quickly hold expensive items, and very possible to hold aghanim scepter, radiance, and refresher orb on late game. His weakness is probably his low armor, low mana pool and lack of movement speed and silence.

Doom in Dota 2
Doom in Dota 2 | Source

5. Jakiro, The twin head dragon

The twin head dragon, an intelligence hero that has linear skills, he can be a nuker, although most of his skills are dealing great amounts of damage per second (DPS). He can be a pusher, his ‘liquid fire’ can be cast into tower and building and deals 24 damage for 5 seconds and has only 4 seconds cool down! He can destroy any building very quickly.

Jakiro, The Twin Head Dragon in Dota 2
Jakiro, The Twin Head Dragon in Dota 2 | Source

6. Dragonus, The Skywrath Mage

One of the very heavy nuker in this game, he has almost all that a nuker needs, a spammable skill, his own magic amplifier, and a high magic damage skill. Skywrath is very annoying in early game; most of the carry cannot withstand the magic damage he dealt. His ultimate ‘magic flare’ is very destructive; if you stay in its area you will feel the magic spears attacking you down for 1400 damage. Concussive shot is a skill that is great to chase escaping enemy, it slows them down and can be cast in 1600 range far. His weakness is off course silence, physical attack, and pugna's nether ward.

Dragonus, TheSkywrath Mage in Dota2
Dragonus, TheSkywrath Mage in Dota2 | Source

7. Kardel Sharpeye, The Sniper

Another easy hero to play, you have some high attack speed, enormous range, very enormous range ultimate, plus a decent damage. You also have an AOE (area of effect) skill that slows the enemy. His ‘head shot’ is great for harass, it deals extra damage and does a mini stun. But the sniper is very squishy; you need to position yourself well because you often will be targeted first, so a smoke of deceit or shadow blade or even dagger is recommended.

Kardel Sharpeye, The Sniper in Dota 2
Kardel Sharpeye, The Sniper in Dota 2 | Source

8. Slardar, The Slithereen Guard

Slardar the slithereen guard is one of my favorite strength heroes, although he is not as bulky as doom, but he is a physical damage amplifier, a good chaser, and a permabasher. You will find your armor reduced for 20 points for 25 seconds, make squishy intelligence and agility heroes even easier to kill; he also has a stun that affected anyone around him, and 25% chance to do 1 second stun in every normal hit, makes him has a potential to be a permabasher.

Slardar, The Slithereen Guard in Dota 2
Slardar, The Slithereen Guard in Dota 2 | Source

9. Harbinger, The Outworld Devourer

An intelligence hero that has skills like a carry, the harbinger deals great amounts of pure damage from his ‘arcane orb’, and the ultimate ‘sanity eclipse ‘ deals damages based on the difference of intelligence between the harbinger and the enemies(most of the times OD will have higher int than any other heroes due to his great growth int per level) and burn their mana. Having the highest intelligence stat growth, makes him will likely to have far more intelligence stat than any ordinary hero. His passive skill ‘essence aura’ gives 40% chances to restore 25% of his mana, it gives an advantage for allies beside him.

Harbinger, The Outworld Devourer
Harbinger, The Outworld Devourer | Source

10. Viper, The Netherdrake

An easy hero to play, every newcomer should try him. Normal attack modifier? Check, Damage? Hmm check, a little resistance to stay alive? Check! Vipers is not as squishy as any agility or carry heroes, his ‘corrosive skin’ gives him some magic resistances, and anyone who attacks viper will get his attack speed and movement speed slowed. If you give him mekansm and aghanim scepter, they will make him even harder to kill. One of his weaknesses is he has no stun, so your enemy can teleport away if they are sure they can stay alive within the channeling time.

Viper, The Netherdrake in Dota 2
Viper, The Netherdrake in Dota 2 | Source

Is there any your favorite hero in this list?

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