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My top 5 favorite video games for xbox360

Updated on January 3, 2011

Heres my 5 favorite xbox360 video games

 I used to play video games alot when i was in high school. In the past few years however i have not had a video game console or the time to play them but recently i have kind of gotten back into it. I'm not what you would call a gamer but i really do enjoy playing games in my down time. I don't have alot of games and have not played alot of games and the ones i do have i don't play alot so if there is a game you feel is way better than any of these, i most likely haven't played it yet. These are my favorite so far.

#5 Sniper: Ghost Warrior

This game didn't get the greatest of reviews in magazines I'm not sure why. The reason i like it is because i think the graphics are good, you have throwing knives, a gillie suit, and the game revolves around the concept of sniping. In other games you may have the option to have a sniper rifle but in this game your shots are not as simple as lining up ur sights and pressing a button. You actually have to take in the wind factor and your breathing when taking a shot.

#4 Battlefield bad company

This game is pretty cool for those of you who like call of duty, halo, or black ops. I have not played Black Ops yet so I'm not sure how it compares, but in this game almost EVERYTHING is destructible. Just about everything in your environment can be blown up or shot up. There is a wide variety of weapons. I also like the way your fire team works with you. they don't just always follow you around. Sometimes they lead, sometimes they follow, but you really get the feeling that they are kind of on their own and do their own thing but eliminate the targets with you as a team. You can also drive tanks and jeeps and truck or even fly helicopters. The graphics are outstanding.

#3 Madden 11

This game does not have to much that i can say about it. Every madden is about the same with the exception of new features in gameplay, screen set up, and players. I think the game plays very well. It's easy to get used to. It can be very challenging though with the right settings. I started a franchise mode with the Dallas Cowboys and I am addicted.

#2 Dead rising 2

I was absolutely drawn into the first dead rising game. You're dropped off by helicopter into the zombie infested mall i guess where they are trying to contain it. you are a reporter and you supposed to get as many good pictures as you can in 72 hours when your helo will be back to pick you up. You can slay these zombies with a variety a different weapons. In Dead Rising 2 you can combine weapons to kill zombies. One example is you can attach chainsaws to each side of a kayak paddle. In this one though your goal is to save your daughter who has been bitten by a zombie and you have to keep finding this medicine called zombrex to keep her from turning into a zombie.

#1 Red Dead Redemption

This is my favorite game of all time. Its the one i play the most. I bought it because i like the old west time period. This game is so unique and addicting. It is made by rockstar games but unlike their other games. In this one your character John Marston is actually a good guy and is fighting for something good unlike some of the other characters rockstar uses in their other games. In this game you can choose whether or not to be a good guy or bad guy. Your actions affect the way the game is played and what people think of you. You have an honor meter which goes up or down depending on what you do. Lets say you see some lawmen chasing a criminal. If you kill the lawmen to help the criminal your honor goes down, if you kill the criminal or hog tie him it goes up. You also have a fame meter which goes up every time you do something that affects someone else in the game. The people in the game are not random though they are all accounted for. So if you kill every one in a town it will become a ghost town. It is such an open world game. You can hunt animals like deer, falcons, vultures, songbirds, bear, coyotes, wolves, goats, horses, buffalo, armadillo, skunks, rabbits, fox, wild boar, cougars, bob cats, mule and others that i cant think of. You can sell these animals skins, meat, feathers, fur, claws or whatever. The game has a variety of different things you can do. You will never get bored playing it. It plays alot like grand theft auto, but alot more unique.


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