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My top 5 games of all time!

Updated on June 23, 2014

We love it!

It made the people happy!
It made the people happy!

Lets get moving! Number 5.

Mario Kart is just awesome, simple as that really. Mario Kart 64 had it all, good tracks, good graphics and the most important thing for me personally, a fantastic multiplayer experience.

In the days before Gran Turismo, Forza and Need for Speed there was something a lot more simple yet more memorable that any racing game to date. There was no better feeling than seeing your best friend being cocky leading a race on an outrageous unrealistic racetrack before being hit by the infamous red turtle and finishing 4th. The 4 controller ports on the Nintendo 64 made it all sweeter when playing with friends and that's why it's not the only Nintendo 64 game on my list!

Shoot! Oh no wait, reload!

God bless you Dreamcast, You are sorely missed!
God bless you Dreamcast, You are sorely missed!

Number 4. House of the Dead 2 (Dreamcast)

House of the Dead 2. Wow. This game still hides in the corner of amusement arcades up and down the UK and for me was one of the most fun games to play on your own or with friends. When the Sega Dreamcast was released, it was literally too good for the consoles of that time. Unfortunately the PlayStation 2 came about boasting its DVD drive and everybody went crazy for them. Those lucky enough to have a Dreamcast and play the likes of Sega Bass Fishing and Crazy Taxi really know what i'm talking about here. House of the Dead was a Time Crisis style game in gameplay and physics but with a horror shooter makeover. I personally played it with the plastic gun controller that came with it and had endless hours of fun shooting zombies and monsters and endless of frustrating waiting to reload or dying stupidly. Either way, the only 2 words I have for this game are instant classic!

Oh how we miss you Overgrown!

Picture showing multiplayer map Overgrown, which was also available in the Beta of the game.
Picture showing multiplayer map Overgrown, which was also available in the Beta of the game.

We're getting closer. Number 3.

It felt like Activision and Infinity Ward changed not just the way shooting games appeared to be played, but how they looked, felt and sucked you in. It felt like they changed the whole world.

Of course, I'm talking about the 4th installment in the Call of Duty series, Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare. The breathtaking campaign and exhilarating mulitplayer left everybody speechless. It was always going to be a hit when it released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2007, selling pretty much everything bar Halo 3. Playing with friends was so much more competitive than ever before, as they didn't have to be sitting next to you while playing each other, even if you had no friends online to play with at the time, the in-game leader boards always haunted you as it showed you your best friend was a whole prestige ahead of you. Just the amount of life I spent glued to my console and TV when this released is what gives it the 3rd spot in my top 5!

I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky!

Look at me mummy, I'm flying! San Andreas and its beautiful cheats.
Look at me mummy, I'm flying! San Andreas and its beautiful cheats.
Nice view overlooking the Los Santos downtown area.
Nice view overlooking the Los Santos downtown area.

Number 2. Rockstar get a double whammy!

I'm tied on this one so I've chosen both. (yes, I know it's cheating)

Lets talk about the older brother of the series first. Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas bought the PlayStation 2 from a console, to a history book. This game pretty much broke every rule and record there was to break. Playing as the poor street gang member Carl Johnson, or as we all know him as CJ, was right up there with one of the best gaming moments in history. The cheats made it fun, I mean come on, who doesn't love spawning random fighter jets in the middle road or a random appearing jet pack to just get over that overly large fence? I think 95% of the people that played San Andreas if passed a Playstation 2 controller today, would be able to perfectly type the famous cheats for weapons, health and vehicles.

As we're still in the sunny district of Los Santos, Grand Theft Auto V is the youngest sibling of the series and I loved playing every second of it, I mean i loved playing it so much, i got excited about the next-gen port and wrote a whole hub about it on my profile! After the teething problems of the GTA:Online portion of the game, I still waited for those darn servers to just connect me to something, and when they did, my goodness it was worth it. It's going to take literally a gaming legend to stop Rockstar claiming number 1 on my list.

Golden in everything it does!

The first mission of the game, where the guns all make that 'PEW PEW' noise!
The first mission of the game, where the guns all make that 'PEW PEW' noise!
I can still hear the whistling noise of the karate chop!
I can still hear the whistling noise of the karate chop!
Big head mode kinda made Natalya look slightly more attractive?
Big head mode kinda made Natalya look slightly more attractive?

Number One is literally golden!

Another classic Nintendo 64 game is in my list and its golden, it's beautiful and it isn't Zelda or Turok. That's it then, it must be 007 GoldenEye. For the time of its release the graphics and gameplay of this beauty were absolutely mind-blowing! 4 players, that slightly uncomfortable big grey controller didn't matter if you were lucky enough to play this game. I maybe be slightly geeky to have it but lucky enough to have my Playstation 4 and Xbox One on my shelf of my TV stand, then my cable TV box and my beloved Nintendo 64 on the other shelf. Best of all, it works perfectly and I can play Zelda, Mario Kart, Turok, Mario 64 and GoldenEye whenever I get sick of seeing games in 1080p and using comfy controllers. Even now when I have friends come around, it's not your usual 'can we play FIFA or CoD?' it's always '4 player GoldenEye' in a commanding voice. This is simply one of those games that can't be remastered, ported or built up to be released on a next-gen console. It has to be left alone, it has to be admired, it has to be loved for all the happiness, sadness and simply frustrated times that it has given me. 007 GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64 is simply the best! (Cue music, 'Simply the best')

Watch this, relive you're inner Bond!


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    • Aaron Lawton profile imageAUTHOR

      Aaron Lawton 

      4 years ago from Newcastle under Lyme, United Kingdom

      I know right! Luckily i have my Dreamcast and N64 set up on a different TV so if I get sick and tired of next-gen i can always go back to the old school! Long live House of the Dead! Thanks for commenting, man!

    • dailytop10 profile image


      4 years ago from Davao City

      House of the Dead was our past time during college. My friend even carries an installer wherever we go so we can play it regardless of our sitting arrangement at the com lab. haha Those were the days were gaming was basically centered on fun and excitement and not on extremely realistic graphics that are intended to make your eyes pop! haha


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