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Mythos HD Minecraft Horror Texture Pack (32 x 32)

Updated on March 28, 2011
For more HD Minecraft texture packs, visit:
For more HD Minecraft texture packs, visit: | Source

Mythos 'Shadow over Minecraft' was described in its forum thread as 'Horror Noir'. That's probably the most apt descriptor for this texture pack, so it is the one I am going to run with in this review. I might add 'Steampunk' in there, but it would probably be awkward. Suffice to say, if you use this texture pack, you will be alternately awed and overjoyed and afraid, very afraid. The creator, Gestankfaust, based his creation on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft, a celebrated author of 'weird fiction'.

At first you might not notice the peculiarities of this texture pack. (I say peculiarities in a good way. A good, dark way. Did you hear that noise?) The environmental textures are fairly close to the original default textures, save for being a little bit darker than them.

The first element of real change I noticed was in glowstone. It is green. Green! It actually looks rather good green. Torches are still yellow / orange, but they're now covered in what look to be torturous devices of doom and I tell you now, if you accidentally walked onto one, you'd certainly know about it, on account of the harsh pointy bits they've been equipped with. Flame is apparently not enough of a deterrent in itself, no we need metal spikes to keep people away from the precious torches.

From there, the changes grow stranger and more mind wrenching. Black wool, for instance is now brown wool. Why? Because look out behind you, that's why. Ladders appear to be strung together with the innards of your enemies. That's the only explanation I can come up with for the red notes on the sides of ladders.

There's something very ominous and foreboding about this texture pack. As I wandered across my multiplayer server I expected to hear a piercing shriek any moment. This is either proof positive of the creepy powers of this texture pack, or proof positive that I am very suggestible.

Iron blocks have been re-textured to look like little iron cages. Pile enough of them up and you've put yourself in a prison of your own making. Obsidian, like glowstone has a greenish hue. Why? I don't want to know why. I'm not sure I could handle the truth, to be honest.

When the moon rose, things took a turn for the worse as the moon turned out to be an exploding planet Earth. We're stuck here now, stuck here on Mythos, land of the green texture. It is only a matter of time before the monsters come out. Oh dear lord! Have mercy on our square souls!

Is this texture pack worth the download and install? You bet your brass nose it is. This is one of the most pleasingly original texture packs I've ever had the pleasure of playing. The fact that it is HD is just a cherry on top of the cake that will probably turn me into a fearsome clockwork beast.

Download Mythos: Shadow Over Minecraft HD Texture Pack


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