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NBA 2K11 Cheat Codes - Team VC & China Squad

Updated on May 9, 2011

NBA 2K11 Review And Cheats

NBA 2K11 is one of the best basketball simulation games ever developed. NBA 2K11 simulation details are so spot on even down to the mannerisms of the players. I hit my 6th three-pointer in the 1st half and Jordan did his popular shrug. I almost got goose bumps! Of course, my favorite aspect of the game is the Jordan Challenges. In this mode you can relive all of Michael Jordan's famous games. This game is a must for all basketball fanatics but I would recommend it for anyone looking for an awesome sports game but you may not appreciate the subtleties of the players’ mannerisms, which I think makes this game the best of all basketball simulation games.

NBA 2K11 Cheats
NBA 2K11 Cheats

NBA 2K11 Cheat Codes

The game makes it a breeze to enter cheat codes. You can input these codes outlined below by selecting Features --> Extras --> Codes.

"2ksports" - Get 2k Sports Team
"2kchina" - Get 2k China Team
"Payrespect" - Get ABA Ball
"nba2k" - Get NBA2k Development Team
"vcteam" - Get VC Squad


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    • profile image

      SIX 7 years ago

      GO to Game sliders and put all your skills at 100% and it's a WRAP


    • profile image

      Brittney 7 years ago

      if i am a 11 yr old little girl who is about to play my older 15 yr old today at basketball..... how would i win?