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NBA Live Mobile Full Review

Updated on October 16, 2017
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Cameron Eittreim has been a licensed Bail Bondsmen for five years, and he is the author of American Bondsmen ISBN: 978-1-365-49244-0

Going All In With The Best Mobile NBA Title Around

Mobile phones have changed the way that we play handheld games forever, bringing the console quality graphics and gameplay straight to the palms of your hands. Gone are the days of carrying around a grey brick of a Gameboy and a collection of games, and struggling to sit in a well-lit area due to a lack of a backlit screen. The android platform has revolutionized handheld gaming, and it continues to do so every day. With the release of NBA Live Mobile, you are able to experience console quality NBA play right in the palms of your hand. NBA Live Mobile is part of EA Sports mobile series of titles, which also include the Madden Series and the Tiger Woods series. If you have been a fan of the NBA Live series you will no doubt enjoy the stellar gameplay of this title, combining crisp graphics with the signature attributes of the console titles.

EA Brought Console Quality Graphics:

The first thing that you will notice about NBA Live Mobile is the console quality graphics, looking much better than a comparable PS2 and XBOX titles. The game moves quite fast with no glitches or pixel tears, performing amply well even on a $30 Alcatel One-Touch. The court quality is also top notch down to the ball, which looks very clear and easy to keep track of during fast paced gameplay. The players are also well designed, with nice and crisp uniforms and visible player details.

The visual quality extends all the way to the arena as well, with each team arena having a different look and feel. There is nothing generic about the look and feel of NBA Live, and it is not just an average mobile game. NBA Live Mobile is a full featured rendition of the console version, but with added features and a stellar online gameplay function. The fact that the game looks so great as well is an added benefit, because nothing is better than having something beautiful to look at.

The Gameplay and Controls is Spot on:

NBA Live Mobile has taken the best aspects of gameplay and put them into a stellar mobile title. The most unique thing about NBA Live Mobile is the addition of an on-screen joystick, a much different approach than any other NBA game. The on-screen Joy Stick is very responsive, and surprisingly tactile considering that it relies on the touch screen. The Joy Stick play really adds a level of depth and control to NBA Live, and it makes the game perform very similarly to its console brethren.

There are the usually modes of gameplay such as exhibition and 1-on-1, but the main draw to NBA Live Mobile is the aspect of online gameplay. NBA Live Mobile will not operate without network connection, which is also a drawback especially if you are trying to enjoy this on your tablet and you are not near a Wi-Fi connection. Nevertheless, even without the game working while not connected to a network the gameplay is very intuitive and it has a minimal learning curve. NBA Live Mobile is in a way addictive for the Die-Hard NBA fan.

This game also plays well with a Bluetooth controller, and it is actually preferable to play it with a control if you have access to one. I also was able to test NBA Live on a Bluetooth keyboard as well and the game performed equally as well, and I like that this game has so many different ways to control your players.

Impressive Sound and Player Roster:

Another impressive feature of NBA Live Mobile is the impressive player roster, which is continually updated. EA is constantly updating the game with new features, and the roster is constantly updated to coincide with real life team changes and trades. The sound is crystal clear whether you are using the built-in sound or you are using a pair of head phones. The digital sound replicates the big console versions, while still being in line with the hand held feeling. The game is overall well put together in every aspect, which makes for a completely well rounded basketball title.

The Best Basketball Title on Android:

There aren’t a lot of great basketball titles for the android platform, so NBA Live Mobile really sets the bar. From the feature rich gameplay to the beautiful handheld graphics, NBA Live Mobile is a truly groundbreaking title. If you are looking for exciting basketball gameplay right in the palms of your hands, look no further than the NBA Live franchise for feature packed fun.


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