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NES remix 2 is it worth a 2nd look back.

Updated on May 23, 2014

my video of NES remix 2

4 stars for NES remixed 2

NES remixed 2 info

system Wii U

publisher Nintendo

year 2014

price 15$ only available on the Wii U shop channel.

Note: I took all the pictures myself with a Roxio gamepro capture, or off my tv screen with a camera. NES remixed is owned by Nintendo.

With NES remixed being released in January and being a big hit among Wii U owners, Nintendo decided to release a 2nd collection of challenges from old NES games, these coming from the post Super Mario Bros era to the last NES game ever officially released Wario Woods. If you’re wondering why I say post SMB that is because Super Mario Bros did to video games what talking pictures did to movies. After SMB games changed a lot, before they were arcade games that were short and about getting a high score. After SMB they were huge adventures with secrets to explore, and often times some story was also told (all though story telling didn’t really evolved into the PS2 era). So unlike the last one where we are talking about arcade ports, arcade like games or aging sports titles, here were talking bonafide classics almost anyone who grew up with an NES in their home can remember.

NES remixed title screen.
NES remixed title screen.

The games

The games from this collection include Punchout, Kirby’s adventure, both American and Japanese version of Super Mario Bros 2 (and they are completely different games), Dr. Mario, Open Tournament Golf (which is open too late in the game to really make it worth it), Zelda 2, Kid Icarus, Metroid, Wario Woods, and of course the cream of the crop Super Mario Bros 3.

Photo taken off screen of Dr. Mario from the VC

Dr. Mario is a fun game, but with Dr. Luigi also available on the Wii U with online play your better skipping Dr. Mario and getting Luigi.
Dr. Mario is a fun game, but with Dr. Luigi also available on the Wii U with online play your better skipping Dr. Mario and getting Luigi.

Now I won’t lie and say every one of these games are bonafide classics worthy of a purchase on the virtual console after your done playing NES remix 2, they are not. Open Tournament Golf suffers from the same aging has the original Golf did in the original NES Remix. Also Metroid and Kid Icarus have large age spots that might make it impossible for beginners to get into. Metroid was a game ahead of its time and the NES limitations really limit what it can do so repeating rooms, no map, and often time no clue where to go next makes this game a frustrating and often times confusing mess. Kid Icarus also has a way over the top vertical platforming with stages that can take several minutes to complete and a simple act of missing a ledge will get you killed and make you start all over again. So yeah I don’t recommend those 3 games being purchased if you’re new to NES games. That said the problems these games face don’t affect the fun of their challenges, and the rest of the games on this collection are worth purchasing. I should also say I am not the biggest fan of the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros 2 (aka has the lost levels) don’t get me wrong there is a lot of fun in this game, but there are plenty of times when Nintendo seem to be trolling it’s consumers with overly tricky jumps and even backwards leading warp pipes, the game challenges actually make use of these to make some pretty hard challenges in the later parts of the lost level stages. And finally I did do a review a few weeks ago on Dr. Mario VC and I would restate my position, Dr. Mario is a really fun, and a really addictive game. But I do not recommend buying the NES version when there is Dr. Luigi available for 15 dollars that has several different modes and online play.

Watching Demos=snore

Yeah you have to watch Wario Woods title screen, and demo has your first challenge zzzzzzzz.
Yeah you have to watch Wario Woods title screen, and demo has your first challenge zzzzzzzz.

The idea of NES remix two is pretty much the same has its predecessor you play a challenge based on the game, get stars, and unlock remixes and new challenges. The challenges this time though are a bit more mundane especially starting out. A few of the first ones cover just the basics in a similar way that the original NES remix did. However Kirby and Wario Woods make you watch there demos, I am not joking on this you have to actually spend about 2 minutes each just watching a demo on playing the game has part of a challenge. Fortunately you can rainbow these and never have to play them again. (Unless you decide you have to go back to recapture them for a you tube video *groan*)

Later challenges are pretty tough like beat Bowser with Mario’s frog suit, or fighting all the different kinds of Birdo in SMB2. Zelda 2 has some unique challenges like having to go through 2 side scrolling areas to reach a village to heal with only 2 hits. The frustrating thing is this wouldn’t be a challenge in the original game because you have full magic a simple press of the select button in the original NES game would allow me to heal but that’s not part of the challenge.

Still the regular challenges are a different way to experience the game, and for first timers I can see it has a way to ease them into it and maybe convince them to purchase off the virtual console.

dodging the sun was hard enough the first time.
dodging the sun was hard enough the first time.

The remixes

However it’s the remixes where the games shine and there is just not enough of them. You get things like having to deal with shadow clones messing you up in SMB 3. Or having viruses constantly change in Dr. Mario. There is also a running theme in several one where you use the Princess from SMB 2 to complete several levels of SMB3 and this even means rescuing herself at the end. (note not on my video but IGN already cut together showing this so I decided not to include it)

There are still bonus challenges but unlike last time where the bonuses were games that weren’t big or good enough to get their own challenge packs, this time there more remixes with a little bit of Hockey and Baseball thrown in. It definitely doesn’t feel like this collection is has big has the first despite having bigger name games. They did do one thing kind of nice and that is thrown in Luigi in several of the bonus games he is hidden in. For example he pops out of a pipe in a SMB3 meta game, or in Dr. Mario he comes and stands next to the doctor before leaving.

Of course the 2nd mode to this game is all about Luigi. So you think the year of Luigi is over? Is the Wii U selling well.

see the 2nd Luigi

he's doing his death animation and jumping out of the pipe.
he's doing his death animation and jumping out of the pipe.
the higher jump does not make things easier, it makes them harder.
the higher jump does not make things easier, it makes them harder.

Super Luigi Bros

Now this is the reason why I bought this game, it’s the original Super Mario Bros mirrored. Every stage, every secret in the original now mirrored with both players taking the role of Luigi. Of course it’s not just mirrored they also screwed with Luigi’s jump, while Luigi is not has hard to control has he was in the lost levels his extra jump does you to collide with enemies and even die in some places where Mario would be safe. It’s an interesting challenge and a great add on.

Championship edition.

If you buy both games there is another mode called Championship Mode. This is a takeoff of the rarest NES game ever made. Nintendo World Championship. Gray ones were given out at a tournament while even rarer gold ones were given out in Nintendo power contest. Only between 20-30 of the gold cartridges are known to exist. People are willing to fork over enough money to probably pay for a college education for a legitimate gold copy of this game. Before you get to excited I said takeoff, it’s not the original version. The original version contained Super Mario Bros, Rad Racer, and Tetris. Two of those are not Nintendo property so Nintendo switch them with SMB3 and Dr. Mario. In this mode you have 6 minutes to complete 3 sets of challenge. Collect 50 coins in SMB, collect 25 in SMB3, and finally clear has many viruses has you can in Dr. Mario until the time gets out. Now getting points in SMB and SMB3 gets you more in Dr. Mario, so the idea is to get points without completing the goals in those two games. However you will lose if you don’t get to Dr. Mario so you have a test of both skill and time management. There is also a leaderboard in this mode and it is addictive fun.

Final Recommendation.

NES Remix 2 gives us some of the best NES games ever made, while I do have some complaints against the likes of Metroid and Kid Icarus none of them are has bad has Ice Climbers, or feel has dated has Pinball like in the last collection. The remixes are still creative and a lot of fun to play. It’s not has long has last time but the two bonus modes really help lengthen the play time. In the end it’s worth 15 bucks to go back and experience these games again.


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