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Updated on March 20, 2010

Spike tvs Deadliest Warrior is one of those shows that could go on forever because the possibilities are endless. There have been so many great warriors throughout history I doubt they will ever run out of match ups and if they did I'm sure the warriors used more weapons than the ones that are featured in the show. Besides that they could take two warriors from past episodes and put them against each other, I'm sure everybody is dying to see pirate vs ninja. However this is where I start to see dollar signs and if I see them I'm sure the Deadliest Warrior people see them too. What I mean by that is Deadliest Warrior has the makings of the next great mmorpg, see it now?

They already have the warriors, they already have the weapons, they already have the fan base, and they already have the data. The t.v. show is flawed only because the computer decides the winner and is usually controversial because the wins are based on how many kills the computer thinks each weapon will result in. If or when Deadliest Warrior gets turned into a game this aspect of things isn't going to matter because its will now be in the players hands to decides which weapons to use. Not only that, you could have a team of Ninja, Monk, Samurai Vs Knight, Spartan, Maori Warrior. The possibilities for the game are endless just like the show and I would be one of the first people in line to try it.

I have already seen a few rumors as to the development of a Deadliest Warrior video game. When asked about it, one of the people close to the show stated that "where there's smoke there's usually fire". Things are looking good but that doesn't mean it will be an MMORPG, that's the one that would make the most since but they could choose to just make it a regular fighting game. I could see them making it something like Dynasty Warriors but much better, I'm just hoping that they don't do what movie companies do and make a crappy game just so they can rake in a couple extra dollars and get some free publicity.

The concept has what it takes to be a powerhouse in the video game world but its all going to come down to what Spike TV and the Deadliest Warrior crew decide to do. I'm just hoping they decide to give us some great video games were going to want to play for years to come. Until I hear more I guess I'm just going to have to day dream about Viking Vs Maori, Ninja Vs Pirate, Knight Vs Spartan, and many, many more.


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