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NHL 13: New Features/ Review

Updated on September 15, 2012

NHL 13

The NHL video game franchise is regarded as one of the best sports franchises to date. The franchise has achieved such success from not only having up to date information, but also by constantly improving everything they can in each new game. One of the reasons I love to play NHL is because every year when I find something I don't like, I can usually bet that next year that probably will be fixed, so here is a list of all the new changes for NHL 13.

True Performance Skating:

The NHL series has always been fun to play, but if you play hockey or even have a basic grasp of physics, you have noticed a few flaws with regards to momentum and speed, but now in NHL 13, many of these flaws have been fixed. The first aspect changed was explosiveness, now instead of all players being able to go from stop to start, it has changed so now some players have better explosiveness than others, allowing them to get the first step on their opponent. In NHL 12, if you were a forward attacking the zone, you could almost never beat a defensemen with speed, even though they are going backwards. But now in NHL 13, players moving forwards can reach a top speed that lets them blow past any defenders. The draw -back to going this full speed is that you have less ability to control your player and your shot is less accurate, which are the real life consequences of going all out. You can counteract these consequences by slowing into a glide just before you reach a scoring opportunity. In regards to revamped skating, you can now at anytime control which way your player faces with the puck, allowing for much more trickery plays. The final addition to NHL 13's skating is the addition of momentum. When going full speed forward it is harder to turn, because you have too much momentum forward, but also as a defensemen, if you time your pivot backwards correctly, you can use your forward momentum to give yourself an edge on any attacking forward.

EA Sports Hockey IQ:

Arguably the coolest new feature in NHL 13 is hockey IQ. In NHL 12, almost every single one of the goals that I scored was a 2 on 1 one-timer. Now goalies will actually keep track of all the players on the ice at once and will be able to recognise scoring threats before they get the puck, along with new movement options allowing each individual limb to be moved, it greatly increases their effectiveness of each goalie, and the same goes for players. Now if there its an odd man rush into your zone, the weak side defensemen will pick up the far side forward, preventing an easy pass across. Also, breaking out is a lot harder, since the defensive team now operates like a unit, the forward will push the puck carrier to the outside, and have the defense pick him up. While it may not seem like a big change, now it is impossible to skate the puck up the ice yourself, shot, and score. This new change not only forces you to play NHL like the actual sport, but it also keeps the games much more low scoring do to the advanced goalies.

GM Connected:

Now in NHL 13, multiplayer goes to the next level. You can now team up with six of your friends, enter into one of 30 human controlled leagues, and duke it out to see who gets top seed. Each member of your team any play any position, including goalie and coach, making NHL 13 a true team effort.

Presentation Overhaul:

New graphical imporvements have alos been made, with new lightining, staduim displays, player likeness, breath, and even skate spray. Also now the broadcasters just dont say random sound bits, but rather respond whats going on in the game, and give appropiate commentary. Even a brand new camera angle, the kind you see when you what a game on TV, has been added to NHL 13.

NHL Moments Live:

One of the coolest new features is the addition of NHL moments. Now in NHL 13 you can be challenged to live up to some of the greatest moments in the 2011-2012 season, such as Gagners scoring spree, or Lundqvist's epic goaltending preformance. And as the 2013 season gets under way, the best moments will be added to the game, literally allowing you to play though history in the making.

Hockey Ultimate Team:

Now creating your ultimate team has become better than ever, by taking away not only career length and salary cap, you can truly build a fierce repertoire of players. In the brand new layout system, you can manage team chemistry and lines with more ease than ever. You can then take your newly created ultimate team and play your friends in one on one games online. This is a prime example of how the NHL franchise makes constant improvement on prior mistakes, to make every game better than the last.

So while sports games always have to deal with the threat of repetitiveness, the NHL series never has to worry, because as each new game comes out, they not only will improve basic game mechanics and playable modes, but they will add even more features, just to make the game better. With all the new changes that have come into play in NHL 13, the franchise can now add another success to its resume.


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      6 years ago

      every 'ranked match' online is influenced by the game itself. if you're winning 2-0 going into the 3rd, the losing players team gets a handicap which allows them to easily tie the game and send it to overtime. its so obvious that the game simply 'lets' people score when it decides it wants to.


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