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NHL 14 Hockey Video Game Review.

Updated on October 13, 2013

My Thoughts on NHL 14 The Video Game

The latest installment of the NHL hockey video game franchise lunched on September 10, 2013 in north America. As a fan of the franchise I was very excited and was counting down the days till the game came to the public. The game was released around the world and fans are very pleased with the final product. Martin Brodeur was awarded the cover and was the first goaltender since NHL 97 to be placed on the cover. NHL 14 did not disappoint, below is my thoughts and review of the NHL 14 Hockey Video Game.

NHL 14 Gamer Info

NHL Video Game Series ( NHL 14)
EA Sports
X-Box 360 / Playstation 3
Release date
Sports / Ice Hockey

NHL 14 Video Game

Hits / Fighting

In NHL 14 there is a new feature known as the Enforcer Engine, and collision physics and the fighting in NHL 14 has a new look and feel. The enforcer engine is where a player is seeing the fight through a third person view, instead of the classic first person view. Inside the enforcer engine, the fight controls are easy to use and understand, and experts say that the fight controls are very similar to EA Sports, Fight Night boxing games. Also they added a new feature where if a player lays a big hit on a finesse player, then a fight will ensue, just like if it was to happen in real life. The body checking system in the game is awesome and is very cool.

Skating and Player Movements

In NHL 14 the skating features are roughly the same as the NHL 13 installment, but with a few twists NHL 14 players can gain speed while skating in a straight line or slow down based on where the puck lies, also you can stop and skate in the other direction with ease. you can switch from skating forward to backwards with a smooth transition, and players have different speeds depending on the style of player you are controlling.

Shooting / Goalies

The shooting is practically the same as before, where u have full control of the style of shot and placement of the shot. The goalies on the other had, are harder to score on and seem to play better as the game goes on. The goalies play smarter and the in game moving are so realistic its scary, sometimes I feel like as if I was shooting at real life goalies.

Remembering The Classics (NHL 94)

A cool thing about the new NHL 14 game is there throw back feature that was added to the game, in witch they are celebrating many years in the making, with the NHL 94 Anniversary Mode. Inside the Anniversary mode there is an old school look to the game, and the controls mimic from the NHL 94 game, even the original song from 94 is in the game. The sad thing about this feature is that the old rosters are not added to the game, but the anniversary mode is still pretty neat.

Final Thoughts

Gaming experts say that NHL 14 is one of the best games of all time, and I cannot disagree. The game is easy to control, with a clean crisp feel. The graphics are un parallel, after fights players have bruises under their eyes and on their noises. The sound effects are awesome you can hear every body check and also hear the puck smash off the boards. NHL 14 is an awesome game, I am very happy with the styl of play the EA Sports club brought to us.

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