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EA Sports NHL 11 Part 2

Updated on August 4, 2010
Screen Shot Of The Ultimate Team Game Mode
Screen Shot Of The Ultimate Team Game Mode

If you like playing a little NHL Xbox 360 style then you are in luck.The guys over at EA Sports Vancouver have released some more news on NHL 11. This new bit of news is involving a new game mode that no other previous hockey title has ever seen. This new game mode is called Ultimate Team Mode. Ultimate Team let's players live out their childhood fantasies by collecting player trading cards and then using them in-game.

NHL 11 is taking this idea a step further by putting your Ultimate Team up against the world. They are calling this EA Ultimate Hockey League (EAUHL). This is what EA Sports is touting as the largest dynasty mode to ever be featured in a sports game. EAUHL divides everyone into three separate divisions once playoffs time rolls around. There will be three levels, Amateur, Pro, and Elite. Players will begin with the pre-season where you will earn your first deck of cards, and then they will play through the month long regular season. The playoffs will follow this and will carry you into the first three days of the following month. If you win the championship, every time another player enters your arena they'll be treated to a championship banner raising to your ceiling, Everyone will known they are playing the former champs. Just a little added something is extra is giving to the champs with a championship logo on the ice as well.

This is something that i have always wanted. Just to have alittle recognition for being champs, otherwise whats the point if you go all the way and win and then nobody ever knows who won last season. Now everyone will know that the defending champs are a team to be feared and that is awsome.

NHL 11 Ultimate Team Card Selection Screen.
NHL 11 Ultimate Team Card Selection Screen.

Once you actually get onto the ice with your Ultimate Team, things are pretty standard fare. The one difference that EA Sports emphasized to me was that fatigue will play a slightly larger part in Ultimate Team, with the goal being to get players to utilize all four of their lines instead of just one. Everything else is taken straight from the standard NHL 11 gameplay, gameplay, new physics system and all. Leader boards, trades and auctions are all built into the experience. You'll be able to compare yourself against the rest of the world or just your buddies, and you'll be able to trade away any of your cards at any time. You can also put your cards up for auction for the highest bidder to claim.

I can not wait for more news to come out about this awsome game. Look for the demo to hit sometime later this month on Playstation Network and Xbox Live. Until next update so long.


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