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Nancy Drew Game Reviews

Updated on May 29, 2011

Review of some of the games from the popular Nancy Drew mystery adventure series by Her Interactive. Available on PC and wii.

I expect the gameplay will be very similar for both the PC and wii versions of the game.

Treasure in the Royal Tower

An interesting backstory linked to a real famous person from history leads you into the mystery and to the royal tower and it's treasure. Several tricky puzzles guard the royal tower though.

The fourth game in the series. One of my favourites that I have so far, you can really get into it. It has a good storyline that lets you find out about the characters without giving away who the culprit is, everyone is a suspect!

The music adds to the grand old castle feel, but does not make it seem spooky, like in some of the other Nancy Drew games (I would not want to play Shadow at the Water's Edge alone at night!) and the castle is a believable size, big enough to get lost in. The puzzles are not too easy or hard, and they get you thinking. By the end of the game, you feel that the game has been long enough (not over too quickly) and that you've solved enough puzzles to get there.

For a walkthrough of this game see Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower Walkthrough.

The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

In this game, discover the secret of the White Wolf seen around Icicle Creek lodge, (and the lodge itself has a few secrets as well!)

This game is less taxing than some of the other Nancy Drew games, but still enjoyable. The fox and goose game when you have to get the tokens in the right positions to open the gates can be frustrating though.

Good points:

  • You can go to several different outside locations.
  • Most of the puzzles are not too difficult.

Bad points:

  • You have to clean the other guests rooms every morning, and make meals in the kitchen every day.
  • Not as intricate as some other Nancy Drew games.


Message in a Haunted Mansion

Find out secrets as you investigate mysterious accidents in an old Victorian mansion.

Nancy is asked to stay at a Victorian Mansion undergoing renovation to find out who is causing a series of accidents, but that is not the only mystery to be solved. Nancy must figure out the message contained in a strange poem, and find out if the mansion is really haunted.

Could a ghost be causing these accidents?

Large mansion to explore filled with intricate puzzles, but can seem eerie sometimes, the music adds to the haunted feel. You really get into the game after you start to discover the house's history, find out things about the house itself, and solve the puzzles that are around the house.


The Curse of Blackmoor Manor

Nancy investigates a strange curse which seems to be coming true in a grand old manor!

The curse of Blackmoor manor, the ancestral home of the Penvellyns, seems to be coming true for Linda, after she marries Hugh Penvellyn and moves into the manor. Nancy is invited to investigate.

One of the longest and most elaborate Nancy Drew games I have played. I learnt a few things while playing it, you learn a bit of chemistry, history etc. while solving the complex puzzles and progressing in the game. You feel like you've acheived something after completing this one.

Large manor with long and complex secret passages/area to discover and explore.

The Secret of the Old Clock

Nancy investigates a fierce explosion at a 1930s Inn, which belongs to a teenager who may be losing her mind. A fortune left by an eccentiric millionaire could solve the inn's money problems, but where is the Will?

Go fishing, play crazy golf and snoop around as you search for the missing Will.

You can drive Nancy's car around the village, but watch out for the potholes. If you get a flat tyre, make sure you have enough money for the garage!

Surprise ending where the villain really gets their just desserts!


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