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Nancy Drew: The Secret Of Shadow Ranch Game Review

Updated on January 20, 2015

Established in the literary world as a brave, and clever young detective, Nancy Drew takes to the gaming world in the interactive games from Her Interactive. Relive all your favorite adventures while you play as Nancy Drew herself!

Set in Phoenix, Arizona the tenth installment in the game series takes us to Shadow Ranch. Planning on spending two weeks with her best friends, Bess Marvin and George Fayne, Nancy is instead met with a dilemma.

Arriving at Shadow Ranch, Nancy finds out that her hosts are temporarily unavailable and her friends are stuck at the airport. Being a good sport, Nancy agrees to help out around the ranch and at the urging of her friends, enjoy her time there. But amid horse back riding through the country and helping with chores around the ranch, Nancy finds herself knee deep in another mystery.

On her first night on the ranch, Nancy is enjoying a meal around the campfire when a phantom horse comes galloping past. Curious as always, she begins to investigate and learns of a local legend involving a outlaw from the 1800s who fell in love with the sheriff's daughter. Is the phantom horse somehow tied in with the dangerous love story, or is someone after the gold that legend says the young outlaw left behind?

Saddle up and ride out to learn The Secret of Shadow Ranch!

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Facts and Information

Game Setting: Phoenix, Arizona

Number of Players: 1

Game Play Options: Junior and Senior Detective

Hints: Play as Nancy Drew and uncover the mystery of Shadow Ranch, with help from Bess Marvin, George Fayne and even Frank and Joe Hardy!

Challenges: Game offers lots of puzzles and challenges that must be completed before the game ends.

Clues: Using clues left by the outlaw, uncover the secrets he left behind and learn about how much he really loved the sheriff's daughter.

Extras: Experience simply ranch chores such as gathering eggs, feeding the horses, and learn some simple barrel racing and other techniques while testing your knowledge.

Explore a ghost town and cave dwellings while being wary of danger.

Recommend Ages by Her Interactive: 10 to Adult

Game Rating: E (Contains Mild Violence)

Availability: Game is available in downloadable form or disc form.

Requirements and Space Needed (as stated by Her Interactive):
Windows 7/ Vista / 2000 /ME / XP
400 MHz Pentium
300 MB hard drive space
16-bit color graphics video card with at least 16 MB of VRAM
16-bit Windows compatible stereo sound card
Mouse and Speakers

Great Gift Idea For Nancy Drew Fans!

Know someone who is a fan of the Nancy Drew mysteries? A game and book pack is a wonderful way to surprise them and give them a chance to read and virtually experience the adventure!

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