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Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower Walkthrough

Updated on May 6, 2016

Treasure in the Royal Tower Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough for the junior level of the PC and Nintendo Wii game Nancy Drew: Treasure in the Royal Tower by Her Interactive. WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS.

Meeting characters and doing chores for Dexter

The game starts with Nancy writing a letter, saying she is staying in an old castle while on a ski vacation in Wisconsin, but is not able to go outside because of a snowstorm. You start in Nancy's room with this letter in your inventory. Another mystery begins for Nancy Drew. The radiator is also making a bubbling noise. Before you go out of the room, look at the magazine on the round table; it contains information on fingerprinting which you need to know later. Pick up Nancy's room card key from the desk and the menu from the dresser draw.

Go downstairs and you will meet Dexter Egan, the caretaker. Ask him to fix your radiator, then ask for a stamp and he'll take your letter. He'll tell you the library has been vandalized, you can't go in it and Professor Hotchkiss, (another guest) says her room has been robbed. Ask if you can help, he will give you an errand to do: fetch Professor Hotchkiss' ski boots from the basement.

On the way there, you meet Lisa Ostrum in the lobby. When you go into the ski rental area, you meet Jacques Brunais, the ski instructor. Talk to him and he will give you the ski boots. Take them to room 214 and leave them by the door. Talk to Dexter again, he will ask you to check the circuit breaker now. You can turn on the light he mentioned as well.

You put the marked switches to the right as shown.

Go back to Dexter and he will give you more chores to do. Ask Professor Hotchkiss what she wants for dinner. Unfortunately, she doesn't order something off the menu, so when you go back to Dexter to tell him the answer, you have to take her a menu and ask her to order something off it. She orders fifty chicken drumsticks??? (I have no idea either!). Fortunately, you don't have to ask her again. Instead, you have to ask Jacques to get the chicken drumsticks out of the freezer. After you have done all the chores for him; Dexter will have fixed your radiator and you can pick up the oilcan that's there now.

Stuck Elevator and Exploring

When you go in the elevator and it gets stuck, you have to climb out the top, that's when you notice an open vent above. For now, you just have to get out of the elevator shaft through the door.

Talk to Professor Hotchkiss, she will ask you a question, if you answer it correctly you will be able to talk to her face to face in the lobby between 3am and 6am. The easiest way to do this is say "What was I looking for again?" until she asks you:

"What is the model number on the elevator?"

The answer can be found on the inside of the elevator, above the switches. 

The Library

 Take the elevator to the basement floor, climb out of the top and up the ladder to the open vent. You are now in the library. When you climb out of the vent, don't go far as Dexter comes in. Climb back into the vent before he gets into the room. There is a short cutscene where Dexter turns off the alarm, and looks for something, then goes out of the room.

Now you can explore the library. There are a few books to look at. In the atlas it tells you Wisconsin is 45o North and 90o West. Turn the pointer on the globe to 90 and it will open, revealing this piece of paper.

This is the answer to the puzzle above the mantelpiece.

A secret room opens. Light the candle so you can see. There is a key on top of it as well. Here we learn some things about Dexter from the books and the poem. He was the original owners adopted son for a while. The poem contains clues about where to find a keepsake left for Dexter.

While in the library, you can learn the code of the security alarm, which will be needed a little later. This is where you use the information from the magazine in Nancy's room. You need to acquire a paintbrush that is where Jacques usually is, when he's not there. You get dust from the desk in the library on the paintbrush; then dust it over the keys on the security alarm. The first number is the key with the darkest print, then the next darkest etc.

The path to the royal tower

When the elevator is at the basement floor, you might have noticed a hatch in the floor of the shaft. If you try the lever "it's stuck" (something Nancy seems to like saying). You can fix this by using the oilcan, but when you go down the hatch, the elevator is in the way. So, what you have to do is get the library door key from Dexter's desk when he's not there because "it's locked" (something else Nancy likes saying). Call the elevator to another floor, then go through the library door and enter the code into the alarm. Go through the vent, down the elevator shaft, and down the hatch. You come to a door with several bolts on. You have to guess the right order to open the bolts in. There is no set answer to this puzzle, so you just have to guess when you come to it.

Go down the tunnel, and you find...


Trying to break into the royal tower. He is trying to saw through the gate. He says he wants to find a journal that was hidden in the tower with a medallion and return it to France. It was found by his great grandfather who kept the medallion and put the journal back. He asks you to get the medallion from his locker, and you agree, as long as he tells someone about what he was doing. If you go up to the gate now, Nancy has reason to say it's locked again. Get the tip of the knight's staff before you go back up to the basement.

Look at the papers in Jacques locker before you get the medallion because as soon as you touch it, Nancy gets knocked out. The medallion is gone after that and Jacques isn't very pleased you lost it.

Exploring outside

Talk to Dexter. Tell him where you have been and he will tell you the key to the black gate is in the shed outside. You can also ask him about the secret place mentioned in the poem in the library. The snowstorm should have stopped now, so go out the door in the basement, get the key from the shed, then go to the left of the shed to the hidden entrance of the secret garden. Turn the circle in the gate to open it. Turn the arrow to face the opposite direction and the statue head will have turned so you can see a lever on the back of it. Pull the lever to reveal a secret compartment with a box in it. "It's locked" so use the black key from the shed to open it. It contains a medallion with a red gem in the middle. Do all this quickly as Nancy gets cold outside.

Talking to Professor Hotchkiss

Now it's time for more randomness talking to Professor Hotchkiss. Set the alarm for 3am and go to the lobby. She will give you her spare passkey so you can look in her room. You can read some of her research on Marie Antoinette, though I don't know what sort of research she is doing. It says "Born Nov. 2nd - a Scorpio, like me!" and "I wonder if she adored chicken drumsticks?"

Look at the letter in the suitcase, it says Professor Hotchkiss has been given a medallion. Behind the cushion on the chair, there is a medallion that looks exactly like Jacques. (Also, it seems Professor Hotchkiss didn't actually get 50 chicken drumsticks!). Look at the footage on the video camera. You will need to charge the battery and come back the next 2 nights though, it runs out before you have seen the whole video.

You can have a look through the peep hole Professor Hotchkiss was "having a peep" at, but if you look through the medallions, you can see a couple of things you couldn't before.

Window seen through blue medallion

Window seen through red medallion

 When Lisa says she's seen a medallion in the shed, you can go and get a green medallion there, but find you're locked out! Go back to the shed and activate the ski lift. Dexter will come in and take you back inside the castle.

Window seen through green medallion

The royal tower

Go to the black gate on the path to the queen's tower and use the black key to open it. For the next puzzle, you need to get the chains in a pyramid shape.

Then you come to this puzzle.

 Next, you have to get the tokens to their spaces as shown.

Repeat what is shown in the picture above for the other tokens. Then follow the directions in the picture below.

At the top of the stairs, there is a button that takes some stairs away. Then you can finally get into the royal tower, there is a picture that looks like a face on the floor and a picture puzzle on the wall. It should look like this when finished.

Inside a secret compartment is Marie Antoinette's journal. You need someone who understands French to translate it for you though, and there just happens to be someone who can do that in the castle: Professor Hotchkiss. Show her the journal and ask her to translate it when she is in the lobby. When she has, look at the paper and decoder in her room. Look up the symbols you saw on the window through the peephole through the medallions. It says "purple rose holds diamond key of queen!"

Now where is there a purple rose? Here, in the picture of Marie Antoinette. Use the tip of the knight's spear to remove the tiles. Behind them is the key that goes in the middle of the face. Put the medallions in 'the eyes', then put the square key in the middle to find out who the culprit is. The diamond appears from the floor and the villain comes in. It's Lisa! She sprays you with pepper spray and runs down the stairs with the diamond. Press the button at the top of the stairs to trap her and enjoy the ending.

Video of some gameplay

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