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Narnia Toys For Sale

Updated on March 14, 2011

The Chronicles of Narnia is one of the most beloved children stories of all time. The series spans seven books and - although to some religious - the message in all them have transcended time. This is most obvious in the most recent release of the Narnia movies, the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian.

The next movie, the Voyage of the Dawn Treader, is set to be released soon, further adding to the legacy of Narnia. This means that a lot more Narnia merchandise will be released - and this means there will be many new Narnia toys for sale.

Narnia toys range in many different things; some Narnia toys are Narnia figurines; some are Narnia toy swords; some are Chronicles of Narnia figures; some are Prince Caspian toys; and some, with the release of the new movie, are Voyage of the Dawn Treader toys.

The fact is is that Narnia toys for sale are great gift idea for children and adults alike.


Narnia Toy Swords

Narnia toy swords are one of the coolest toys on the market.  Swords are a big part of the world of Narnia - most conflict is either solved or started with someone wielding a sword.  This means that many of the major characters in the Narnia universe use swords, making Narnia toy swords for sale a very popular item. 

The most popular Chronicles of Narnia sword to buy online is the Prince Caspian 24-inch long sword.  It's a very cheap Narnia toy that includes battle sounds.  It's 24 inches long, a very realistic length, and is very detailed to give you the most authentic feel.  

Another popular Narnia toy sword is the King Peter Long sword.  It has a similar design to the Prince Caspian sword but it a bit more pricey and bit more detailed.   It has 3 distinct battle sounds and is for ages 4 and up. 

Narnia Figurines

Toy Figurines are one of the best kind of collectibles for any fan of anything. Narnia figurines are no different. All Narnia toy figurines are fully detailed and fully themed; this means you can buy Narnia figurines online that are related to Prince Caspian, or buy Voyage of the Dawn Treader Narnia figurines.

My favorite set of Narnia figurines is the Prince Caspian 6 PC set. It features 6 distinct Narnia figurines, including Peter, Edmund, a few enemies, and the small mouse. They are all hand painted (making them very detailed) and of the highest quality.

Another popular set of Narnia figurines for sale is the highly exclusive Narnia collector set. More expensive, but more detailed, this set features a large Aslan figurine.

Chronicles of Narnia Figures For Sale

Chronicles of Narnia Figures

One of the best Narnia toys to buy are the Chronicles of Narnia figures.  These are the best Narnia toys for sale because they are the cheapest and come in the biggest variety. 

You can buy any type of Narnia action figure, from a Centaur to one of Aslan himself. 

All Chronicles of Narnia figures are extremely detailed; they are usually hand-painted and will include some kind of accessory.  For example the Centaur action figure includes a sword and shield. 

Many Narnia action figures for sale come in sets of two or three.  These sets usually include a Narnia figure that depicts are hero with the other one being one his/hers enemies.  This is a great gift idea for kids as it will allow them to use their imagination (bathtub battles!). 


The cast of Narnia.
The cast of Narnia. | Source


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