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Naruto Sadness and Sorrow MML & Midi music for ArcheAge and Mabinogi

Updated on December 2, 2014

Sadness and Sorrow from Naruto

This is one of the best songs for ArcheAge and Mabogini because it has no words and was created simply to invoke emotions. In the case of this MML song, Sadness and Sorrow invokes a lot of sad emotions when heard.

Songs such as these are great in ArcheAge where artistry music is one of the best ways to connect to other players. With a song like this anyone can surely impress their friends with amazing Naruto MML music.

How the ArcheAge MML sounds in-game

Sadness and Sorrow raw MML

This song has been split into multiple parts, each less than 200 characters, so any player in ArcheAge can create or play this MML song with relative ease.

If need be, just combine all 6 pieces into 3 pieces for 400 character artistry professions. Or with enough ArcheAge artistry, this MML could be converted into 1 or 2 pieces of sheet music.

To play the song, be sure to have the next piece ready after playing one, and start it as soon as possible once the one before it is over.

Sadness and Sorrow part 1


Sadness and Sorrow part 2


Sadness and Sorrow part 3


Sadness and Sorrow part 4


Sadness and Sorrow part 5


Sadness and Sorrow part 6


This song was always played in naruto scenes that were really sad, like at the third hokage's funeral. This is a great ArcheAge MML song to play when a friend dies in combat. It's also great when anything depressing happens, like being stuck inside the base in arena while the enemy destroys the base.

People always tend to create songs like Rick Roll, songs that don't invoke emotions. These songs are nice, but instrumental music that was originally intended to invoke emotions in it's listeners generally make better ArcheAge MML sheet music.

Naruto Sorrow and Sadness Midi file

Download the sorrow and sadness midi with this link

The midi above has all the tracks, the MML has certain tracks rearranged and sorted out in order to condense it all into the three tracks required by ArcheAge MML and Mabogini MML.

It's too bad that there can only be three tracks at a time. With the help of friends on voice chat, it is possible to play more than three tracks and make it sound great.


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