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Need for Speed Shift for PS3 and Xbox 360

Updated on January 24, 2013


The new Need for Speed shift, for the PS3 and the Xbox 360 takes this excellent franchise to a whole new level, and the player to the edge of their driving abilities.

Need for speed shift
Need for speed shift

Improved Driver Experience

In Need for speed there is a hugely improved driver experience.This includes visual & audio cues, and there is now a 3d HUD that mimics the head of the driver, with g forces and the inertia being visible.

When you are driving and your speed increases, so does to your depth of field on the screen. This is great it encourages you to go as fast as you can, just to get a better view from the cockpit. This is a loud and intense experience just like a real driver on the race track.

The cockpits are accurately recreated,and when the racing is least chaotic, you can see every little detail inside the cockpit, but careful, don't take your eyes of the road. Even the windscreens, show the dirt , and scratch with contact, cracking and almost breaking.

As always with the other need for speed games, the AI of the computer players are very sophisticated & tough. They react to your driving styles, so if you are aggressive in your driving then expect no mercy from them.

There is a new Dynamic Crash Effect feature also in need for speed shift, different from any other driving games.This is great, you really feel like you are taking damage when your crashing into other objects, as the visual & audio cues are chaos.


You can Customize your car I any way you want, turbo chargers, nitros, roll cages, racing dials, Super charges, and much more.

You can customize the styling of the cars too, like paint, rims, and vinyls . Everything is customizable. You just have to win the races and collect the dollars. Its also easy to get the dollars now, as races pay tons of cash so you can get started upgrading right away.

Everything you do is tracked and analyzed in your driver profile, and goes towards your points & dollars.

A Huge range of real cars and tracks too. There is almost 70 licensed cars to choose from including Bugati, Audi, Porsche, and ferrari. 

The game has been programmed with real-world physics, cars with details down to a pixel.

Need for speed cockpit
Need for speed cockpit

Race Courses

18 Tracks & city courses, with multiple layouts, and challenges.

You can race in london, tokyo, and willow springs, and as well as the single player modes, you an also play online with upto 7 players.


Defiantly the best driving game out there, and Forza will be struggling to beat it.

If you want to race like the professionals then you have to buy this game right away.

Checkout the links below for both 360 and the PS3, and get ready to put on your driver helmet!

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