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Need for speed - Shift Game Review

Updated on May 17, 2013

Need For Speed Shift Review

After years of recycling the mechanical well-established and successful "Need for Speed Underground", Electronic Arts has promised a new beginning for the “franchise”, which has been losing more and more in number of sales and respect from critics and gamers.

Instead of keeping the easygoing spirit that has marked a lot the latest raids, "Shift" opts for a realistic approach, going head on with franchises such as "Forza Motorsport", "Gran Turismo" and many others that have the same proposal to simulate in detail auto disputes.

Fortunately, besides the proposal to be performed well, the title brings new features and enough personality to stand out in gender and promise a bright new future for "Need for Speed".

Realism with options

The main dish of "Shift" is the career mode, in which the player embodies a pilot that must progress in championships, winning awards, invitations to special races and the right to compete in more advanced categories. Mechanics following formula launched years for "Gran Turismo" and replicated in other titles like that: at first there are a handful of different competitions to compete. Victories bring stars, which give the right to enter into new disputes.

Go up a level and open challenges

As always, variety reigns, with evidence for common speed races, challenges to make the best time in a certain style and unusual and interesting races in which the riders take turns in rounds, with one pilot starting in front of the other, who must then past him and then reversing the roles. Styles also appear more common, such evidence only in vehicles of a particular continent or assembler.

 The variety is also present in the choice of cars, including passenger cars to specific running machines, also with a big number of manufacturers. Better yet, all are capable of customization and visible damage during the race. Moreover, the damage caused can be either cosmetic or only directly affect the performance of the meteorite - and that's another winner aspect of "Shift".

The degree of customization allowed by the game is wide and deep. Several aspects of cars can be changed in detail. Mechanic´s addicts will enjoy gauging how well the vehicle they prefer, but one interesting point is that the game does not require a dedication to achieving a high level performance in virtual tracks. That is, passionate about the subject will be able to extract good results, but who prefer to focus solely on steering also will not be disappointed.

However, it is noteworthy, even with the more realistic approach introduced in "Shift" and the various options to make the races closer to the real world the physics system is not the most complete of the market - but not also out of tune with simulators with such levels of detail.

The technical track at Laguna Seca

One factor that mitigates this it´s the fantastic view of the game, that does not measure the effects of light, shadow and distortion to provide a thrilling sense of speed, ably supported by a sound work that focuses on playing different types of sounds in the race, as snoring engine and overruns.

Moreover, "Shift" marks the return of the option to view the internal cockpit of the car, which also has the addition of inertia simulation acting on the driver's head, providing leaps and beats in which the vision is blurred - a detail that makes the game more sophisticated.

Complementing the extensive campaign and numerous adjustment options for vehicles, the online mode provides agile clashes, uncomplicated, with stable connections most of the time - even if punctuated by image delays, the so-called 'lags'.


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