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Neko Atsume Kitty Collector: Guide to Rare Cats (Foodie Cats Edition)

Updated on February 9, 2016

Food Lovers

There are rare cats in Neko Atsume that I classify as Foodie Cats, because their descriptions are closely related to food. These cats are Tubbs, Guy Furry, and Sassy Fran. Here are some insights and tips on these food-loving kitties based on my own experience playing the mobile game. Also, feel free to add your own tricks and cheats in the comments below.

For the other rare cats, you can check out the links to their guides at the end of this article.


Tubbs Pillow Cushion


In the Catbook, Tubbs's profile appears on the upper-left of Page 11. When you click his photo, the profile on the right will appear.


He is a Fluffy cat with a Finicky Feaster personality. Tubbs will visit everytime you have food out. He may be described as finicky, but he's fine with any type of cat food other than Thrifty Bitz (the free one). He is a chubby white cat who would lie on his back with crumbs all over him after finishing a whole bowl of food all on his own. This empties the bowl, which discourages other cats from visiting.

His power level is 130. He will leave a memento of Fish Jerky described as a "Piece of dried fish covered in claw marks." Apparently, he will also appear on the Giant Cushion (costs 25 gold fish). [I haven't bought this item yet, so I can't attest to this.]

Interesting Habits

Some players find him a menace, but, he does reward you with a lot of fish after visiting. Let him leave when he is ready and refill the bowl after he has left to get the maximum number of fish. He is the only cat who appears beside the food bowl. However, he seems to only eat from the bowl set outdoors and not inside the house of an expanded yard. So, if you're trying to lure other rare cats with more expensive food, keep it inside away from greedy Tubbs.

The Catch

In terms of number of visits, he's not as elusive as the other cats. Peaches, the Tan & Orange cat, appears less often than he does. He is the first rare cat that showed up to my yard and consistently visited me since then.

Tubbs after he ate all the food--again
Tubbs after he ate all the food--again | Source

"Tubby" is slang for a chubby or plump person.


Guy Furry

In the Catbook, Guy Furry's profile appears on the bottom-right of Page 11 diagonally across from Tubbs's. When you click his photo, the profile on the right will appear.


He is cat type is described as Apron and he has an Artisan personality making him the perfect chef cat. He wears a chef's uniform and poses with his arms crossed. He has a friendly look. His power level is very low 30. He will leave a memento of a Custom Rolling Pin described as "A rolling pin custom made to fit cat-sized paws." Guy Furry will come out if you have either the Heating Stove (costs 600 silver fish) or Glass Vase (costs 750 silver fish) in your yard.

Specialty Recipes

Guy Furry will make food for you depending on the goodie he chooses. If you have the Glass Vase out, he will whip up an ice cream sundae inside it (see best photo in the profile). If you have the Heating Stove out, he will bake you a pizza on top of it (see yard photo below). No other cat does something similar, so it is always a nice surprise whenever he visits.

The Catch

I catch Guy Furry with a sundae more often than with a pizza. I have a theory that he will make a sundae when the weather is warm and a pizza when it is snowing in the yard (as the heating stove is pleasant for the cats in cold weather). This might just be all coincidental, though, so I'll observe his habits further. As for food, he will come out even for just Fritzy Bitz (costs 30 silver fish for 3 bowls).

Guy Furry baked a pizza!
Guy Furry baked a pizza! | Source

Guy Fieri, the inspiration for the Guy Furry cat, is an American celebrity restaurateur.


Sassy Fran

In the Catbook, Sassy Fran's profile appears on the bottom-left of Page 12. When you click her photo, the profile on the right will appear.


She is a cat type described as Waitress with an Enthusiastic personality. She wears a French maid outfit and stands like a person. She also appears to be waving and has a friendly smile. Her power level is an average 180. She will leave a memento of a Coffee Cup described as "A dainty coffee cup with cute designs." [I haven't received this from her yet.] Sassy Fran will only visit to man the Cardboard Cafe (costs 50 gold fish). She can occupy the cafe along with other cats.

The Catch

Sassy Fran is one of the last rare cats I caught along with Lady Meow-Meow. This was surprising because I had the Cardboard Cafe out for a very long time. She will not turn up for just Fritzy Bitz. She prefers Ritzy Bitz (costs 3 gold fish for 1 can) or more expensive cat food. The first time she turned up, I had Sashimi (costs 5 gold fish for 1 plate) out.

Sassy Fran finally!
Sassy Fran finally! | Source

"Sassy Fran" is the title of a song by the 50s rock and roll group Danny & the Juniors. It is about a cat, which is slang for a really cool chick at that time.

Neko Atsume Foodies

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Guides to Other Rare Cats

I hope you liked the Foodie Edition of this Neko Atsume Rare Cats Guide. Next up is the Superstars Edition (Joe DiMeowgio, Lady Meow-Meow, Billy the Kitten)! You can also check out other guides:

  • Royals Edition (Xerxes IX, Kathmandu, Ramses the Great)
  • Adventurers Edition (Senor Don Gato, Chairman Meow, Bob the Cat, Conductor Whiskers)
  • Legends Edition (Saint Purrtrick, Mr. Meowgi, Ms. Fortune, Frosty)


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