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Rubik's Cube of the Future

Updated on July 19, 2018
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I'm a dental hygienist, pyrography artist, avid gardener, writer, vegetarian, world traveler, and many other things!

Chris Reda, inventor of the NeoCube
Chris Reda, inventor of the NeoCube | Source

NeoCube is the original neodymium magnet toy. It was originally created, somewhat by accident, by 25-year-old Chris Reda in 2008. He kept losing track of his pens in the Honda dealership he worked for, and oddly enough decided that magnets were the best fix to secure them to himself. "I ordered some of these magnetic balls to fit into the pen, but when I started playing with them, I was hooked."

The funny thing is, he couldn't stop fooling around with all the ball magnets, and ended up combining 216 of them to form a perfect cube. NeoCube was born, and has become an absolute hit on YouTube. Chris gives much of the success of NeoCube to his video on YouTube and the power of the internet.

This particular type of magnet has been around for a while, but until 2008 they'd never been marketed as toys. There are many companies that have followed the NeoCube, including Buckyballs, Nanodots, Desk Dots, and Zen Magnets. However, there's only one original, and it's great to support young entrepreneurs.

Neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent magnet made, and are also the most widely-used rare-earth magnets. They're formed from an alloy of neodymium, iron, and boron.

They were developed by GM (General Motors) in 1982 and have since been used for hard disk drives, motors, MRIs, magnetic bearings, headphones, speakers, and guitar pickups to name a few.

Now we can add toys to that list! And these aren't just toys for your kids or grand kids, either! They're entertaining for grandma, mom, dad, yourself, and Uncle Billy, too.


NeoCube is a totally original toy composed of magnetic balls which can be pulled, shaped, snapped, and molded together in unlimited ways. NeoCube as an original gift doesn't cost too much and can be enjoyable for a long time.


Video: Universe in Your Palm

The magnets jump together to form intricate patterns and geometric forms. They act like Legos, giving you the building blocks to create almost any shape you can imagine.

— NeoCube History

Benefits And Uses Of The NeoCube:

  • Therapeutic
  • Educational
  • Stress relief
  • Creative outlet
  • Critical thinking
  • Logic development
  • Billions of solutions
  • Learn about geometric shapes
  • Dual hemisphere brain stimulation
  • Learn about interconnectedness of shapes

Video: The NeoCube Hexed

People just love the NeoCube because it has that addictive quality like the Rubik's Cube or bubble wrap. Each magnet can be separated from the rest, but it will jump back into its place as soon as you let it.

— Chris Reda

Amazing Geometric Designs

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Christopher says he keeps his NeoCube in his pocket and uses it to help him think, or just pass the time. He says it is a good left brain, right brain exercise where you use your logic and your creativity at the same time.

— Chris Reda interview by Matt O'Donnell

NeoCube Sizes and Pricing

The Neo Mini
27 Spheres
NeoCube Alpha
224 Spheres
NeoCube G
224 Gold-plated Spheres
251 Spheres
Four (4) CubeTastics
251 (x4) Spheres
NeoCube Omega
1,027 Spheres
Two (2) NeoCube Omegas
1,027 (x2) Spheres

NeoCube Warnings

  • Only for ages 14+

Do not eat magnets.

Do not burn magnets.

Contains small magnetic parts that, if swallowed, may require surgery to remove. Magnets are so strong they can cause ruptures in organs, crimp organs, and even result in death.

Since 2005, rare-earth magnets have been linked to one death and 86 injuries.

Care should be taken around pets and young children.

Strong magnets will erase hard disk drives. Keep away from hard drives, computers, phones, credit cards, ATM cards, etc.

© 2011 Kate P


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