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Neopets Dailies All the best links here! Daily free items and neopoints!

Updated on April 11, 2011

All those websites, links, and hints can be confusing...

But, never fear. Here, I have a list of all of my favorite dailies for Neopets. Which, I LOVE. I love the excitement of the 2 AM Central Time (12AM Neopian Time) dailies reset! I love all the fun things to do, and all the stuff you can win. I have won things like a paintbrush (worth 60k?), codestones, neopoints, levels for my pets... As long as you put in the effort you can get lots of things just from your dailies!

If you don't happen to have a Neopets account, sign up for one NOW! I am 22, and I have been playing since I was 14. There is no age limit. I have friends who are in their 60s!

These are in order as I do them each morning:

First- I spin The Wheel of Slime. Most of the time, this will give me the neopoints I need to use for spinning other wheels or for other dailies.


If I happen to have the extra neopoints, or I was extra lucky on a daily, I will splurge a little on the following things:

You can win food, faeries, map pieces, neopoints, or even have more random events by playing:

  • Dice-A-Roo (food, more random events, the jackpot which gives you an avatar!)
  • Scorchy Slots (faeries, map pieces, neopoints, and the jackpot!)

For example, I loaded up Dice-A-Roo to get the link for this page, and within five clicks I had a random event that gave me a Deluxe Ixie Cracker, and then another one where a Zombie gave me a piece of Spooky Treasure Map! Awesome!
I mean, that isn't always going to happen, but you will get random events and cool stuff! You just have to play!


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    • profile image

      Zujahh(On neopets :) 5 years ago

      Although this is a good guide you have missed out some of the key dailies!