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Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster Review

Updated on March 26, 2015

The Vulcan EBF-25 is one of Nerf’s biggest, baddest foam dart war machines. It’s a fully automatic machine gun capable of firing multiple shots per second. Although feature-rich, the Vulcan has a few flaws that prevent it to living up to its potential. In short, it’s unwieldy and is prone to jamming problems. Most kids will prefer the more recent Stampede ECS which has managed to iron out the kinks. Nonetheless, unique characteristics like the belt ammo system and it strength as a stationary gun make it a good choice for kids that already have light-weight Nerf guns for milling about.

Rambo fans will love the look of the 25-shot belt. Also included in the box are Sonic Micro Darts for feeding into the belt. It’s silly that only 25 darts are included. You’ll have to run around the yard gathering ammo instead of merely reloading. Since the gun fires so quickly, you’ll go through those 25 darts in as little as 10 seconds so it’s recommended to either step up to the value pack or to buy an additional belt and ammo.

This gun requires some patience but offers big rewards once it is properly utilized. There is nothing quite as thrilling as nailing an opponent several times in a quick blast. It is sure to bring on laughter both from the gunner and the ‘victim.’

Loading is easy for some and a chore to others. Carelessness will result in jamming and frustration. Kids will need to take the time to get a feel for the Vulcan before putting it to use in ‘battle.’

With an extra ammo belt, kids can really sport the true Rambo look by wearing it across the chest. It’s a fantastic prop that in this case is 100% functional. The set includes an ammo box which provides a neater solution as opposed to having the belt hanging down from the gun loosely. The box is handiest when you grab the gun by the handle and shoot it while standing up.

The gun itself is striking with brightly coloured yellow, orange and army green components. This baby is huge. Weighing in at 7.6 pounds, Nerf’s Vulcan is heavy for a toy gun. Adding to the weight are the six ‘D’ batteries that are required to shoot off rounds. Unless your kid is a miniature iron-man, it is too heavy for run-and-gun attacks. The included tripod provides a better bet as you to set up the gun on the ground or on a raised surface. Bigger kids won’t have a problem shooting it while standing up, as there is a nice handle mounted along the top of the Vulcan. Alternatively a strap can be added to make it easier to hold.

Nerf N-Strike Vulcan EBF-25 Blaster Review Verdict

The Vulcan is a unique automatic dart gun, ideal for Nerf enthusiasts that already own a few smaller guns. It’s huge and heavy so for most kids the Vulcan is best left on the ground or propped up on a raised surface with the included tripod.

Unless you opt for the value pack the included accessories have been skimped on. 25 darts and one belt won’t get you far. Additionally, it would have been better if Nerf included a strap to make the EBF-25 easier to carry. Of course, it’s pretty easy to make your own strap from denim around the house.

Jamming problems are a hindrance for those who carelessly and impatiently load the gun. In this respect the Stampede ECS is a better gun as it uses an innovative clip system that does away with jamming woes. At this point it is tough to recommend the Vulcan as the Stampede trumps it in every way. The novelty and ‘cool factor’ of the belt system only goes so far.


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    • profile image

      nerf addict 6 years ago

      u r an idiot!!!

      vulcan rules

      stampede does NOT trump in every way

      epoxy ammo box and vulcan is UNBEATABLE