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Never-Ending List of the Best Free Browser Based Games

Updated on December 18, 2010

There are thousands and thousands of browser based games on the net. But it can be so hard to find the best and most importantly free browser games. That's why I've set out to build a list of some of the best ones that I've come across. Check back frequently for new additions. Have fun and happy gaming!

Cyber Nations

First up on my list is a personal favorite that I've played for several years now. It's official title is Cyber Nations or CN for short. CN is a browser game based on building a nation from the ground up. As the ruler of your nation you are in charge of war, peace, technological and economic development.

The best part of about this game is that you can play it how you want to play it. The time it takes to do the basic upkeep of your nation is about 15 minutes a day. But if you really get into the game, there is so much more you can focus on. If you let it, the community revolving around Cyber Nations can pull you in. The in game alliance building and constant warfare and backstabbing of the thousands of players make this relatively simple browser game, into one of the most in depth found anywhere on the internet.

Tribal Wars

There are many imitators but only 1 tribal wars. This game got everything right when it comes to browser based strategy games. The game is based around medieval warfare, with knights, bowmen and siege weapons. Players build up their villages into towns and then cities, and expand into other lands and eventually move on to attacking other players. In order to better organize and defend themselves, players band together forming massive tribes.

One nice feature of this game is that new game worlds are constantly being created, so there is no need worry about being behind when joining. The community is large too with lots of guides and help for new players.

It's totally free to play tribal wars. However you can gain some small enhancements if you are willing to pay a monthly fee. This isn't game breaking as it doesn't affect any in game mechanics, it simply streamlines the interface and makes it easier to play. Sign up and expect to waste hours and hours on this free browser game.

Domain of Heroes

Promoted as the web based "MMO for working people," Domain of heroes is a great way to pass the time in a rich fantasy world while still having a life. It has so many classes and races to choose from all with different skills and abilities, its not even possible to list them all here. The number of skills, character classes, and races make the possible variety of character combinations in the thousands. The combat system is simply to learn at first but difficult to master. 

The game is free, but there is a way to pay real money for in game enhancements. However these enhancements are not game breaking for free players. Enhancements for example increase inventory size or allow to to make more characters on your account or reset skills. 

This game is also constantly evolving as the developers have a reputation for being over achieving perfectionists who listen closely to fans of the game. This game is almost as good as the big 3d MMO's like WoW. Sign up and give a it a try

Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems!

Along with a whole host of other browser based gaming goodness at, I found Cursed Treasure to be very addictive and fun. 

It's your standard tower defense game, but with a twist. In this game you play the role of the big bad guy defending your evil realm and it's powerful gems from obnoxious treasure hunters and heroes. You can place a variety of towers and level them up in certain ways on each map. As the towers level they gain added abilities and do more damage. Heroes attacking your defenses on the other hand also have abilities. Some can heal, others have shields and some have spells that increase their speed. If they manage to get to your gems and fight their way back from where they entered you lose! 

If you manage to keep all those thieving heroes away from your gems you beat the level and then are awarded experience points. Upon level up you get to add 3 points to 3 unique skill trees that each govern the 3 types of towers in the game. Some of the skills add extra damage or abilities to towers, or unlock powerful spells you can cast during the game. 

All in all worth trying out! Oh and it's free! 


I will be adding more of the best browser based games to the list as I continue to explore what the web has to offer. Thanks for reading, please leave some of your gaming recommendations in the comments section below. If you know of something good let me know!


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    • WNJohns631 profile image

      WNJohns631 5 years ago

      Cyber Nations seems like a pretty cool BBG! It looks like more of a text-based one then the flash or graphics oriented games... but I kind of like that! It tends to build the communities around the game better, in my opinion. I'm more into the scifi or space combat genre's myself, but its all good stuff : )