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New Apocalypse 40k Mission Special Rules

Updated on July 13, 2013
New Apocalypse 40k Mission Special Rules
New Apocalypse 40k Mission Special Rules


Murphy, here, (Twitter: @BenMurphy) and this time I will be delving deep into the new Mission Special Rules for the new Apocalypse 40k release. Really, these rules are part of what makes Apocalypse games special. None of these rules are present in a normal game of 40k, as these rules are here to make the game more epic, daring, and strategic. For an overview of what's inside the main Apocalypse Rulebook, click my review below to catch up.

In a standard game of Warhammer 40k 6th edition, you command what amounts to a single detachment of a much grander army. You may be fielding a few dozen troops and supporting vehicles, and thus the resources available to a battlefield commander are rightfully limited. This is not so in a game of Apocalypse! The stakes are higher, the destruction grander, and the options more open.

Let's dive in!

New Apocalypse 40k Mission Special Rules
New Apocalypse 40k Mission Special Rules

Mission Special Rules

Come the Apocalypse, the skies will burn with fire, the earth will shake from unless impacts of artillery rounds, and great heroes will answer the call of destiny to alter the course of history. Grand battles require grand rules and Apocalypse has these in spades. The new Mission Special Rules are listed below, and I will go into greater detail after this overview.

Divine Intervention

Each race in the 40k universe can call upon their deity or their collective will to make miracles happen. Each race has its own special effect that is triggered in a unique way. These are some very cool rules that will players will be eager to trigger.

Finest Hour

Each player's Warlord can activate a special ability to enhance him or herself and the surrounding army. These are very much like Warlord Traits, but on a grander scale.

Sons of the Primarch

These are the Finest Hour rules reserved for Space Marines and their Traitor brothers of the Chaos Space Marines. Each of these different powers is tailored to reflect the character of a chapter's founding Primarch and, unlike the Finest Hour tables above, these are not random.

Strategic Assets

These are cards given to players at the beginning of the game and represent additional strategies and resources at the disposal of the players. There are several generic Strategic Assets available to any army and then 3 - 6 strategic assets available to the specific races of the 40k universe. These cover everything from mine fields, orbital bombardments, webway portals, and more!

Strategic Reserves

The standard, random reserve rules of a regular 40k game have no place in the Apocalypse. Certain types of units have specific reserve rules and units are generally more available than in a regular 40k game. This represent the access to greater resources and the higher level of command that generals of Apocalypse battles hold.

Unnatural Disasters

The battle rages on, even as the planet comes apart at the seams. These events affect the entire battlefield and progress in seriousness through three stages. You may battle during a Warp Breach and fight off invading Daemons, maneuver across the battlefield even as it collapses beneath your feet, or fight for survival as the planet's surface is smothered in viral bombs. These effects are truly terrifying!

New Apocalypse Mission Special Rules
New Apocalypse Mission Special Rules

Divine Intervention

Ten thousand years prior to the current timeline, the Emperor of Mankind spread an age of reason and science across the galaxy in a Great Crusade. While they ruthlessly crushed xenos empires they also encountered a universal truth: there are gods between the stars . . . and they are angry!

Fast forward to the 41st millennium and a crippled Emperor is worshiped as a god, himself, the Empire fights against the tainting influence of the Ruinous Powers, while C'tan shards raise their spectral armies and the Eldar devote martial practice to the red-handed god, Khaine, and the galaxy resounds with the drumming of greenskins shouting Gork! Gork! Gork! (or is that Mork?). The universe is home to billions of mortal souls and several powers of such unknowable power that they might only be considered as divine.

In games of Apocalypse, your armies can call on their divine patron to aid them in battle. Sometimes this is a rallying call to aid in a moment of darkness, sometimes it's a furious scream towards final victory. Each race has its own "triggers" that must be checked at the beginning of every side's turn. If those triggers are met, one player from the side can invoke the Divine Intervention. Note that each races' Divine Intervention can only be called once per battle. For instance, two Eldar players must decide who and when to call for Divine Intervention, as they can only do so once. However, if an Imperial player is allied with an Eldar player, both may call on their separate Divine Intervention.

I wont go through exactly what each trigger is, to save time, space, and to give people some incentive to read the book! However, I can tell you that each race has a different trigger and some are based on losing a portion of their army, causing casualties to your opponent, or the status of your objectives. I will, however, describe the effects of each Divine Intervention. These effects will last until the start of that side's next turn.

Imperial Units

All armies from the Imperium can call upon the God-Emperor of Mankind in their moment of greatest need. As a result, all Imperial units gain Furious Charge and Fearless.

Forces of Chaos - CSM and Daemons

Calling upon the Ruinous Powers of the Chaos Gods, all Chaos units can choose to treat To Hit and/or To Wound rolls of 1 as a 6 instead. This works great for units with special melee attacks like Rending or Decapitating Blow! If you think about it, Rending attacks have a 1/3 chance of being rending rather rather than the typical 1/6!


The orks call out to Gork and Mork, who rewards them with a giant green foot descending from the sky to squash their foes! You make a special Stomp attack, which is 3 massive 7" templates that don't scatter - inflicting anything from Str 6 hits to Instant Death, or Penetrating Hits on Vehicles to Instant Wrecks!

Eldar and Dark Eldar

Believe it or not, these cousins share the same pantheon of gods, though they might be called by different names. When activated, this Divine Intervention gives all Eldar and Dark Eldar units Hatred and Rage.

Tau Empire

While the Tau do not worship any deities, their sense of purpose and devotion to the Greater Good borders on the fanatical. When activated, all Tau units gain Feel No Pain (4+), Stubborn, and also the Counter-attack special rules.


The Hive Mind takes over and all creatures come under the direct control of the this collective consciousness. Tyranid units gain Preferred Enemy, may Run & Shoot, and then can also Assault in the same turn. Wow!


Strangely the Necrons are repulsed by the essence of an unchained C'tan and steel themselves from its influence, and the influence of all others. They gain Adamantium Will, Fearless, and their Reanimation Protocols work on a 4+.

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On to Finest Hour and the Primarchs!

That rounds out the Divine Interventions, but there is so much more to the new Mission Rules. The idea that the spirit of the Emperor inspires a company of space marines and their imperial guard allies is pretty epic, no less so than an entire army of Eldar warriors worked into a frenzy by the spiritual presence of their war-god, Khaine! This is epic stuff, and I promise you, it gets even more crazy!

Next on our list is the rules for Finest Hour, when your Warlord draws upon inner strength for a sudden surge of heroism. These are much like Warlord traits in that they are randomly rolled, but you can focus your chanced by choosing a Command, Personal, or Strategic table to roll on.

Unless you are a space marine, of course. There are no random rolls for our Imperial heroes and their Traitor brothers. They simply feel the genetic influence of their Primarch surging through them! Unfortunately we are out of room in this article, so click at the link below continue to the next page:

In the mean time, why not take the poll above and then leave a comment below? We've had a lot of great discussion in other articles, and I'd love to hear what the community is thinking about this new supplement. Otherwise, you may want to check out some my other 6th edition Warhammer 40k articles:

Thanks for reading! Until next time, Murphy Out!


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