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New Apocalypse 40k Mission Special Rules - Part 2 - Finest Hour & Sons of the Primarch

Updated on June 4, 2016
New Apocalypse 40k Mission Special Rules
New Apocalypse 40k Mission Special Rules

Welcome Back!

Thanks for reading on! Murphy, here, ready to continue with the new Mission Special Rules for the new Apocalypse 40k release! This is the 6th article I've written about Apocalypse so far, and if you'd like to get updated when I post a new review, you may follow me here on Hubpages by clicking my profile at the top, or follow me on Twitter (@BenMurphy). For a link back to my previous articles, follow the links below:

Now that we are all caught up, let's continue on with the Mission Special rules that we didn't cover in the last article!

New Apocalypse 40k Mission Special Rules
New Apocalypse 40k Mission Special Rules

Finest Hour

The universe of Warhammer 40k is filled with heroes; from mighty space marine captains, treacherous dark eldar archons, and of course, hulking ork warbosses. Driven by a myriad of emotions such as courage, zealotry, or vengeance, these characters stalk the battlefields of the far future, leading armies to violent crashes of force and domination.

In games of Apocalypse, our characters on the battlefield really have a chance to shine. While both sides of the conflict have a single character that represents their Warmaster, each player has his own Warlord, which is the leader of his or her personal army. As a Warlord, each character has a standard Warlord Trait, rolled like normal at the start of a game. However, each of these Warlords also has an opportunity to prove his or her metal in the heat of battle.

At the beginning of each side's turn, any player can declare that his Warlord is taking his Finest Hour. There is no roll to active; it is simply declared. In addition to a special rule that will be invoked, the Finest Hour also grants the Warlord a 3+ invulnerable save and Eternal Warrior. These effects and others generated will last until the start of that Warlord's next turn.

Now, there is a downside. If the enemy manages to kill your Warlord while under the effect of their Finest Hour, its effects will immediately end and the enemy is awarded a bonus Strategic Victory Point.

New Apocalypse 40k Mission Special Rules
New Apocalypse 40k Mission Special Rules

Finest Hour Charts

Alright, so you've declared it's your Warlord's Finest Hour and fist-pump the air, roaring. Now what? Well, let's take a simple questionnaire:

  • Is your Warlord an Imperial or Chaos Space Marine? If yes, skip this section and head down to Sons of the Primarch. If no, then proceed reading to the next paragraph.

Alright, not running a space marine Warlord (of either beaky or spikey variety)? You've come to the right place. After declaring the use of Finest Hour, you now much choose one of three charts to roll on, much like choosing a Warlord Trait. I will go into detail for each result in a moment, but first know that the Command Exemplar chart will grant your Warlord and all friendly units within 24" will gain a special rule. The Personal Exemplar chart will grant your Warlord some amazing boosts, but it will only affect him. Last, the Strategic Exemplar chart can actually hurt an enemy unit or allow some sort of unit manipulation on the battlefield. Intrigued? Read on!

Command Exemplar - all effects are granted to Warlord and friendly units within 24"

  1. Implacable Advance: gain Relentless.
  2. True Grit: gain Feel No Pain.
  3. Never Give Up, Never Surrender: gain Stubborn.
  4. The Great Push: the ability to Run and then Shoot, and can charge if the unit already has Fleet.
  5. Inspiring Oratory: gain Crusader.
  6. Kill 'Em All: gain Preferred Enemy.

Personal Exemplar Table - all effects target the Warlord only

  1. Exceptional Display of Skill: re-roll all failed To Hit rolls.
  2. Bloody Rampage: attack characteristic is tripled (before any modifiers).
  3. Violent Display of Power: re-roll failed To Wound rolls.
  4. Hero's Might: double your Strength and Toughness.
  5. Temporarily Unkillable: Toughness 10 and 2+ invulnerable save.
  6. None Can Stand Before Me: +2 Attacks, melee are Instant Death and AP1

Strategic Exemplar Table - Wildcard effects!

  1. Additional Asset: gain an new Strategic Asset card for your side.
  2. The Whites of their Eyes: friendly units within 24" use full BS during Overwatch.
  3. Coordinated Firing Solution: Pick an enemy unit in line of site and everything can re-roll failed To Hit rolls against it.
  4. Set Piece Kill: Pick an enemy unit in line of site and everything can re-roll failed To Wound or Armor Penetration rolls against it.
  5. Zone of Death: Pick a Strategic Objective in line of sight. Friendly units within 12" of it have the Zealot special rule.
  6. Perfect Timing: Return one completely destroyed unit back to Ongoing Reserve. Yes.

That's some great stuff. I see several great traits that could benefit an Imperial Guard commander or even an Eldar Farseer. Imagine a beefed-up Ork Warboss with some of those Personal buffs? Whew! Yet, what about our space marine friends. Why are they left out of the party?

New Apocalypse 40k Mission Special Rules
New Apocalypse 40k Mission Special Rules

Sons of the Primarch Chart

All space marines, whether loyal or traitor, are the gene-progeny of the 18 Primarchs, themselves gene-sons of the Emperor of Mankind. The Primarchs were demi-gods of scientific birth, their very genetics enhanced to enable mental and physical performance beyond any normal mortal. Yet, mortal they were . . . and flawed; filled with deep emotions, convictions, and contradictions. Ten-thousand years after their departure, their genes still grace the endless battlefields in the form of their space marine progeny.

We all know space marines are special, so special that they are the heroes of the majority of the 40k fiction, and so special that they earn their own chart for their Warlord's Finest Hour.

Instead of choosing one of the three charts above and then rolling for a result, space marine Warlords (loyal or traitor) simply look on the chart for their Chapter and/or Primarch. For instance, if you are a Blood Angels player, you simply find the army on the list. What about Salamander or Imperial Fists, who do not have a codex of their own? They are still on the list. Chaos Word Bearers? They are on the list. What about strange chapters with no clear founder? Well, if you can't trace the chapter back to a specific 1st Founding chapter, you simply default to the Ultramarine rule. No rolls, just right.

  • Dark Angels - gain the Hail of Fire Strategic Asset (all bolter weapons from all Space Marine armies are considered twin-linked for the turn).
  • Emperor's Children - Warlord and friendly Mark of Slaanesh units within 12" gain Feel No Pain (4+).
  • Iron Warriors - Warlord and Iron Warrior units within 12" gain Tank Hunters and Armorbane.
  • White Scars - Warlord and all all White Scars within 12" double their Run or Turbo-boost movement.
  • Space Wolves - Warlord doubles is Attacks; if in base with an enemy, also double his Strength.
  • Imperial Fists - Warlord has +2 Toughness and Imperial Fist units within 6" gain +1 Toughness.
  • Night Lords - Warlord gains Fear and all Leadership tests passed by enemies within 24" must be re-rolled.
  • Blood Angels - Warlord changes unit type to Flying Monstrous Creature.
  • Iron Hands - Warlord and Iron Hands units within 6" add 1 to their saving throw dice rolls (but a 1 still fails).
  • World Eaters - Warlord and World Eater units within 12" have +1 Attacks
  • Ultramarines - Warlord and Ultramarine units within 12" choose one from Tank Hunters, Split Fire, Preferred Enemy, Stealth, Fearless, or Relentless.
  • Death Guard - Warlord and Death Guard units within 12" gain Fearless and Feel No Pain.
  • Thousand Sons - Warlord gains the Pskyer rule and +2 to Mastery Level, gaining 2 new powers from Biomancy, Pyromancy, Telepathy or Tzeentch. He loses the bonus to Mastery Level, but retains the new spells.
  • Black Legion - Warlord and Black Legion units within 12" choose one Monster Hunters, Furious Charge, Fearless, or Crusader.
  • Word Bearers - Pick an enemy within 24" and you become its controlling player for that turn. Uh huh.
  • Salamanders - Warlord's melee are Str 10 and his weapons gain Concussive and Strikedown.
  • Raven Guard - Warlord and Raven Guard units gain Fleet, Move Through Cover, and Hit & Run.
  • Alpha Legion - Warlord and Alpha Legion units within 12" gain Counter-attack, Hatred, and It Will Not Die.

So what do you think? I love this chart because it brings the background of the 40k universe into the rules and onto the tabletop. I have noticed that 6th edition has done this more and more with every book they release, whether its the Veterans of the Long War special rule in the Chaos Space Marine book or the Ancient Doom rule in the new Eldar Codex.

Which of the Finest Hour Tables look the best?

See results

On to Strategic Assets!

In my last article we looked at how the divine forces can intervene on the Apocalypse battlefield. In this article, we've brought the focus down to the personal level of your army's commander. You can tell from these new rules that Apocalypse battles are all about big things happening, brought about by judicious use of special rules and proper timing. It's all about timing and stacking the chaos of probability in your favor.

In our next article, we are going to look at the new Strategic Asset cards. These cards are passed out, one to each player (plus sometimes extra) at the beginning of the game. Players choose any card they like from the deck . . . it isn't a blind pull. There is strategy here, both on what to select for your side and when to use it. Minefields, sneak attacks, sudden reinforcements, spore chimneys, and ork tides . . . it's all there! Click below to discover the rules and some highlights!

Before you read on, why not take the poll to the right and drop a comment below! You can also select from a variety of other 6th edition Warhammer 40k articles.

As always, thanks for reading! Murphy Out!


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